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Buy magic mushrooms from Speed Greens. From dried shrooms to edibles, we have what you need.

5 Reasons to Buy Magic Mushrooms in 2023

Magic mushrooms have been used for centuries by indigenous cultures around the world for spiritual and ceremonial purposes. Today, people continue to buy magic mushrooms for these purposes, while others use them for recreational purposes. While magic mushrooms in Canada have been historically stigmatized, they have

Shroom edibles available at Speed Greens.

Shroom Edibles: What You Need to Know and How to Use Them

The use of magic mushrooms dates back to early human recorded history. People used shrooms medicinally and traditionally for ceremonies and rituals. With popular recreational use gaining traction since the 60s, more options are available today, depending on your preference. People would microdose, cook, or smoke...

Cannabis concentrate live resin and shatter weed on a dabbing tool

Everything You Need To Know About Shatter Weed vs Live Resin

As time passes, more types of cannabis are making their way to physical and online dispensaries. A popular form is cannabis concentrates or "live resin". This is a relatively new cannabis concentrate introduced to the cannabis community as a type of BHO or butane hash oil,...

Dab Rig with smoke for Cannabis Concentrates. Speed Greens

5 Quick & Easy Steps to Clean Your Dab Rig

Dabbing is a popular choice of consuming cannabis concentrates for a potent high. You can drop a small amount of cannabis concentrates on a hot surface and then let it evaporate. After that, you inhale the vapour just like how you use a

Connect with cannabis enthusiasts on weed discord servers. Speed Greens

4 Reasons To Find and Connect To Growing Weed Discord Servers

Discord has made it to the top of the voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP) market, and it has become a tool not only for gamers but also for public and private channels discussing all kinds of topics. Topics range from school, NFTs, politics, sports,...

Three Glass jars full of Alberta Cannabis at a store. Speed Greens

Alberta Cannabis: The Ins and Outs to Sales and Possession

As marijuana becomes more legal, more people are enticed to try it out not only for medical purposes but also for recreational purposes. Thinking of joining the bandwagon? Here’s our Alberta Cannabis 101 with everything you need to know about Alberta Marijuana. Note: We’ve used Alberta Cannabis and Alberta Marijuana interchangeably...

Warmer Weather: 10 Weeds In Ottawa to Buy this Spring

Warm weather during Spring can be uncomfortable. People who are not used to the hot and humid weather might encounter difficulty in going out and can even experience heat stroke. What more if you need to smoke medical marijuana in Ottawa?  Smoking weeds in Ottawa during the

General cannabis Ontario sign on the front of a building. Speed Greens

How Cannabis Ontario Continues to Grow Despite COVID-19

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, all the countries around the world enforced lockdowns and various restrictions. Canada is no exception. Many businesses had to close down and/or enforced strict restrictions.  They cannot operate during the lockdowns unless their businesses and services are vital. Because of the pandemic,...

Hand holding a cannabis joint against trail and blue sky landscape at their 420 spot. SpeedGreens

How to Find the Best 420 Spot to Smoke Cannabis

Finding the right place for your future marijuana smoking sessions is pretty important. To enjoy your favourite marijuana products on the biggest day in the marijuana calendar, you need to find the perfect 420 spot. The perfect location requires some important things to consider before settling...

Concept of Medical Cannabis - 420 meaning, weed, and marijuana oil. SpeedGreens

Curious About the 420 Meaning? Here’s the Hazy History

If you are new here and to the cannabis culture, you might be wondering what the 420 meaning is. And the reason why your weed consuming friends celebrate and smoke cannabis together on April 20 every year. This is considered an unofficial pot holiday where all weed consumers get together...