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What You Need to Know About Live Resin Online In Canada

Potent Live resin online in Canada available at Speed Greens.

What You Need to Know About Live Resin Online In Canada

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The new rave in the cannabis concentrates market is live resin, which you can buy online in Canada! Do you want to be a part of the new consumer favourite but don’t know where to start? 

Have no fear, Speed Greens is here! With our helpful guide about live resin online in Canada, you can discover and explore a whole new method of consumption! Let’s start with the basics.

What is live resin?

Live resin is a full-spectrum cannabis concentrate. While browsing for live resin, you’ll notice that the texture is comparable to that of honey or thick sauce. Like honey, the colour of live resin can fluctuate from shades of yellow to white.

As with most cannabis concentrates, if you buy live resin online in Canada, you may need to purchase dabbing tools due to its stickiness.

The amount of THC in cannabis concentrates, such as live resin is significant. The resulting high is potent, powerful, and intense. Those who have used cannabis in the past may enjoy it more than those who have never tried live resin online in Canada. The potency and high terpene content of the live resin, which gives it its smell, it is an excellent product for cannabis users.

Where did live resin originate?

The introduction of Live resin came when the renowned Colorado Hash Hero, William “Kind Bill” Fenger and Jayson “Giddy Up” Emo, founder EmoTek Labs, collaborated in 2013. 

The two brought Live resin to the cannabis concentrates scene through trial and error with a specialized BHO extracting method. This method preserves the aroma, flavour, and terpenes to ensure maximum potency.

Without them, we wouldn’t be able to purchase live resin online in Canada today. 

How is live resin made?

One of the main issues with cannabis flowers and concentrates is how they are processed. The cannabis plant must be cut, set out to dry then cured. Unfortunately, the plant loses some of its terpene potency from this process. Luckily live resin addresses the terpene loss issue.

How does live resin address this issue exactly? Through its extraction process! We’ll let you know the steps the cannabis plant goes through to supply you with the best live resin.

Live resin online in Canada with a dabbing tool. Speed Greens

Step 1: Flash Freeze!

By freezing the cannabis plant, you’ll be able to preserve the essence of the “living” plant, and in the end, this will reflect in the extract you make from it, which is how the term live resin came.

Step 2: Getting the good stuff

There are steps to creating live resin that you can purchase online in Canada. Similar to that, there are steps in extracting the cannabis plant matter needed to create live resin. 

  • Recipe to Solvent: The solvent is a light hydrocarbon mixture of propane and butane. The more propane there is the more terpenes are present. Typical processors use a 50/50 mix, but that may depend on the outcome you want out of your live resin.
  • Solvent Igloo: Maintaining a freezing temperature is essential for the live resin process, which means the solvent must also be chilled. Of course, the cooler, the better! -40°C is the minimum temperature for the solvent mixture, but it can be kept as low as -80°C.
  • Closed Loop Extraction: The frozen cannabis plants go through a chilled solvent wash through a commercial grade closed-loop hydrocarbon extractor.

Step 3: Commencement of the first Purge

With the tremendous advancement of technology, a vacuum oven boils the remnants of the solvent at a low temperature without losing any terpenes! This step is necessary because any solvent extraction has remnants of the butane/propane solvent left. 

Step 4: Final Step for live resin

Your extract is free of impurities and ready to be turned into a batter, budder, crumble, sauce, shatter, or sugar! The next time you buy resin online in Canada, you’ll realize how much effort goes into creating a product that makes you feel great! The type of product your top shelf live resin becomes depends on the process of the manufacturer.

What are the benefits of live resin online in Canada?

The benefits of using top shelf live resin, like most other cannabis products, are highly dependent on the individual. Cannabis consumers will experience different benefits depending on factors such as dosage, cannabinoid profile, and terpenes. However, we will provide you with common benefits of live resin online in Canada compared to other cannabis concentrates.

Thick Vapor

The extract made from top shelf live resin is more dense and comparable to the consistency of syrup because it contains a more significant number of secondary chemicals. As a result, the clouds will be larger and thicker, and you won’t have to waste any of your cannabinoids to obtain a decent one. If you enjoy chasing clouds, the online live resin in Canada will quickly become your go-to vape product.

Better Deal

Live resin online in Canada is a more bioavailable product. You’ll get more for your money because the effect of each puff is more potent, and you won’t need as much to enjoy an excellent vaping session. You can take your time when utilizing the things you have purchased. A little bit goes a long way.

High Terpenes 

Top shelf live resin is an extract from a freshly frozen flower instead of a flower that has been dried and cured. Because of this, the resinous trichomes found on the plant can maintain a better form, resulting in more robust terpene and flavonoid profiles. Vaping or dabbing live resin will provide a far more potent, superior, complex, and rich terpene flavour. 

Cannabis live resin online in Canada in a jar. Speed Greens

Chemical Harmony

People frequently overlook the chemical stability of top shelf resin. Because live resin online in Canada is from flash-frozen flowers, it has a naturally higher level of freshness and quality. A higher level of freshness also means greater stability, which allows the product to have a longer shelf life and even be more resistant to the effects of the environment. 

This fact is always beneficial given that some of us store our vape carts for months and want to be able to vape something that always has a strong flavour and tastes fresh.

Potency Boost

Additionally, live resin online in Canada is superior because it contains a more significant concentration of terpenes and flavonoids. This is a factor that contributes to a more potent overall experience. 

The strain’s effects will be more pronounced, and the improved terpenes will interact more effectively with the cannabinoids you’re smoking. When you use a product that contains top shelf live resin, the effect is more potent and well-rounded than it would be otherwise.

How does live resin compare to other concentrates online in Canada?

The primary difference between live resin online in Canada and other concentrates is that top shelf live resin has higher terpene levels. The difference between these two amounts can be up to five times more. 

Because the curing process reduces the number of monoterpenes while increasing the number of sesquiterpenes, the terpene profile of live resin is more pleasant.

In other words, live resin is your go-to for a cannabis product that is higher in potency, terpenes, and intensity.

Where to buy live resin online in Canada?

Ready to splurge on some live resin online in Canada? Speed Greens has everything you need to try something new. Check out our assortment of top shelf live resin! We only source products that meet our strict standards to ensure quality and the highest satisfaction.

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