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A Simple Guide to the Best Pre Rolls in Canada

3 Best pre rolls Canada has to offer at Speed Greens.

A Simple Guide to the Best Pre Rolls in Canada

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Convenient, portable, and there when you need it most. Pre rolls make your favourite pastime much more anticipated for a fast-acting, flavourful delivery method of cannabis during your cravings. They take away the mess and time it takes to create those ganja sticks you know and love.

Though they provide some much-needed assistance, not all pre rolls are the same. The number of details and decision-making that go into selecting the perfect joint go deeper. There are different things that you should consider before buying. Here is a simple guide to help you buy weeed online and get the best pre rolls Canada has to offer!

What are the Best Pre Rolls in Canada?

Pre rolls are essentially ready-made joints that eliminate the need to buy the individual components to make one. The best pre rolls are perfectly prepared and pre-packaged, ready for you to smoke when the need arises – no need to fumble your grinder, rolling papers, and filters.

Why You Should Smoke Weed in the Best Pre Rolls in Canada

Finding the best pre rolls is a joy in itself. For starters, messing up when rolling a joint yourself is easy. When trying to prepare a joint, you might not grind your buds properly or not evenly distribute it across the paper. It’s all a waste of time and money! With the best pre rolls, you’re dealing with top-shelf products, tightly rolled for a smooth smoke every time.

It’s important to note that not all cannabis in Canada is grown the same way. A shady online dispensary won’t tell you the full scope of the products they sell, making it impossible to help make your decision easier. It would help if you familiarize yourself with what goes into making pre rolls, such as wrapping, weed, and filters.

Benefits of Pre Rolls in Canada

Pre rolls are an excellent and effective solution to calming your weed cravings. As their name implies, they take the rolling process out of your hands to save you the time and frustration of rolling your joints! There are a number of details and decisions that go into making some of the best pre rolls in Canada.

  • Portable and Easy to Store: Take your pre rolls when you’re on the go and store them discreetly in designated storage containers. Marijuana has a limited shelf life, making it harder to enjoy if you don’t have the time. Most pre rolls are packaged well enough that the lifetime of your product stays fresh for your next toking session.
  • Variety of Cannabis Strains and Sizes: Strain selection, moisture content, size, shape, and durability combine the best of art, science, and experience. You can find your favourite products packaged for readiness and convenience. Get limitless pre roll options that fit your preferences. Some pre rolls are strain-specific, while others are just designated ‘indica’ or ‘sativa.’

Cannabis buds and the best pre rolls Canada has to offer at Speed Greens.

The Best Pre Rolls in Canada

Strain choice is your best bet to get introduced to the world of pre rolls. If you already have one in mind, then do your research for mairjuana strains! If not, we have plenty of brands and products that we can suggest without too much financial commitment on your end.

Baxter Blunts

Baxter Blunts are handcrafted with locally sourced and premium-grade marijuana from British Columbia. It features an all-flower blend of AAAA indica or sativa flowers with 1/8 oz. in this 7-pack. Baxter Blunts meticulously hand-produces these blunts with the best materials and ingredients. It features Futurola blunt cones made in Brazil that give hints of cinnamon and cloves.

Baxter Blunts provides a smooth and refreshing hit that keeps you coming back for more. Whether you’re taking the indica or sativa strain, you can relieve symptoms associated with stress, pain, and discomfort. They are nicotine and tobacco-free and feature matte tea leaves with natural cacao and chamomile flavour.


  • Each tin contains 7 pre rolls with a premium blend of British Columbia-grown cannabis.
  • These products are available in indica, sativa, and hybrid versions.
  • They have the appearance of wooden matches, a tropical smell, and a smooth burn that pairs for a perfect smoking experience.

Moonwalker Premium Twax Cones

It starts with the best ingredients from people who don’t dare cut corners. Moonwalker Premium Twax Cones features a line of strain-specific pre rolls, each weighing a hefty 1.75g. Get the convenience of getting consistent hits while solving the hassle of rolling up a joint yourself. You have a dependable pre roll that you can spark up when those cravings hit.

These Twax Cones are long, hefty, and potent. They’re perfect for group sessions, multi-sessions, or if you dare, enjoyment by yourself. Each product is strain-specific, so you can try a new flavour if you’re curious. Moonwalker uses a safe-storage tube so you can store your pre roll for when you need it again.

Best pre rolls in Canada with quality cannabis at Speed Greens.


  • This product contains cannabis, kief, and oil wrapped in one roll.
  • Moonwalkers features a line of 11 strains that you can enjoy, pre-rolled to perfection.
  • Their mission is to encourage awareness, authenticity, and genuine passion for marijuana products.

Indica King Size Pre Rolls

What’s not to love about a King-sized pre-roll that features top-shelf indica flowers? King-sized pre rolls are the perfect length for your smoke sesh and aren’t too large where you might need to worry about storage options. They feature approximately a 1g blend of the highest quality flower packaged in discreet tubing for when you need it most.

Indica properties help relieve chronic pain, appetite loss, insomnia, and depression. Its relaxing characteristics will leave your mind buzzing with soothing sensations that last. Sometimes the best pre rolls Canada can offer are the simplest blend of high-quality ingredients and supplies.


  • Strains under this family typically affect more of the body than the mind.
  • Pure Cannabis indica strains are known to induce sleep and ease physical issues.
  • Its sedative effects depend on the percentage of cannabinoids that exist in the marijuana strain.

Sativa King Size Pre Rolls

Stimulate your senses with the consumer-ready experience of sativa pre rolls! These King-sized products offer the perfect smoke whether you’re enjoying it by yourself, with company, or in a party setting. The best pre rolls Canada offers feature a premium blend of AAAA sativa flowers ground with little impurities. They are rolled so you can enjoy an even, smooth burn.

Sativa pre rolls offer a consumer-ready experience of energy, clarity, and focus with all the aspects you love about marijuana. You receive uplifting sensations that help ease physical and psychological issues such as chronic pain, inflammation, stress, and depression. They’re an excellent daytime product when you need that little boost!


  • Most effective for treating mental health and behavioural issues.
  • An extremely popular option for those looking for a burst of euphoric energy.
  • Helps stimulate creativeness and deep thinking.

Woman lighting the best pre rolls Canada has to offer available at Speed Greens.

Hybrid King Size Pre Rolls

Immerse yourself into the complete experience that pre rolls can offer with the king-sized hybrids. It’s the perfect combination of quality, quantity, and volume. They provide a long burn that is excellent for any occasion. It contains 1g of the most incredible variety of hybrid flowers for a natural and memorable experience. Get fresh and potent buds rolled into quality papers and filters.

Hybrid flowers combine the best of both worlds from indica and sativa. Start with an energizing headrush that settles into body-buzzing sensations that leave you relaxed and mellow. The King size makes it great for social situations or if you want to be a little selfish and enjoy it yourself.


  • Contain similar levels of indica and sativa.
  • Offer the benefits of both sativa and indica.
  • Most widespread family of cannabis strains.

Where to Buy the Best Pre Rolls in Canada?

Whether you’re new to the world of pre rolls or have been a regular enjoyer looking for something new, you are in for a treat with the selection at Speed Greens! We take great pride in offering a wide-ranging selection of pre rolls sourced from trusted suppliers. We promise to deliver the best quality cannabis and cannabis-related products safely to ensure maximum freshness and security.

Find the best pre rolls Canada has to offer here at Speed Greens. There’s never been an easier weed delivery solution with our regularly updated inventory, top-rated customer service, and quality products. Buy weed online today!

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