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Is Shatter in Canada Worth It: 8 Fast Facts

The most potent Shatter Canada has to offer available at Speed Greens.

Is Shatter in Canada Worth It: 8 Fast Facts

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If you’re on the fast track to finding some of the most potent concentrates on the market, you’ve probably heard of shatter weed. Most people know it by its street name, but it’s also referred to as Butane Hash Oil or BHO

Why not dip your fingers into the world of potent cannabis concentrates with our eight fast facts on shatter weed? Here at Speed Greens, we provide a fantastic selection of shatter Canada can offer. Let’s introduce you to it first before you buy shatter online.

What is Shatter?

Shatter weed is a cannabis concentrate that undergoes extraction to separate the valuable cannabinoids (the active chemicals in cannabis) from the flower. Shatter has a glass-like appearance, amber colour, and high potency. People casually refer to it as the “crack of marijuana” because of its highly addictive nature.

Be mindful of shatter weed’s high potency since it can cause some unfriendly side effects and unpleasant experiences. Common side effects include:

  • Higher blood pressure and heart rate
  • Sore throat
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia

Its popularity makes it a valuable product in the cannabis industry. The unique properties of this cannabis concentrate make it an absolute treat for any cannabis connoisseur. If you’re thinking of buying shatter in Canada, here are 8 facts you need to know!

1. Shatter in Canada Has a High Concentration of THC

Shatter weed contains an incredible amount of cannabinoids, especially since the extraction process is done by professionals. It’s one of the most potent cannabis concentrates on the market that contains a THC concentration averaging above 70%. The extraction process removes most of the terpenes (what gives marijuana its aroma and taste) but preserves the cannabinoids. If you’re looking for a punch of THC, then shatter weed is your best friend.

Strong extract of shatter in Canada. Speed Greens.

2. Enjoy the Best Shatter Canada Offers in Two Popular Ways

Shatter weed is a great product to enjoy by itself or if you need to spice up your favourite cannabis products. You might need to invest in new gear or learn new techniques you’ve never done before. This uniquely looking product may look hard to enjoy, but here are two ways to help you conquer your need for weed.

Dab Rigs

Dab Rig: A specialized water bong designed for dabbing or smoking dense concentrates.

Shatter is usually vaped using a dab rig! This specialized accessory makes it easier for you to enjoy your shatter easily. Here are some supplies you need when using a dab rig as your method of enjoyment:

  • Dab rig
  • Dabber
  • Butane torch

It features a nail and dome that is a carrier for your cannabis concentrate and a heating plate. If you’ve never tried shatter before, start extremely small, seriously! Place this tiny piece on your dabber and use the torch to heat the nail on the dab rig. Allow it to cool a little, and slide the dome over the nail. Finally, use the dabber to place your shatter weed onto the nail and inhale.

Vape Pens

Enjoying shatter with your vape pen is a simple process that requires very little effort; all you need is your vape pen and shatter weed! Again, since shatter is a highly potent cannabis concentrate, starting off slowly is important. Here’s a step-by-step process that you can follow:

  1. Place a small amount of shatter on the coil.
  2. While the chamber is open, press the button so the shatter begins to melt (make sure it doesn’t burn).
  3. Close the chamber and put the lid on again.
  4. Press down the button on the dab pen and inhale freely.

 Shatter in Canada used in vape pens. Speed Greens

3. Hash Oil Is An Ingredient to Make Shatter in Canada

Hash oil is the concentrated cannabis extract that remains during the shatter extraction process. It is usually the start of many other cannabis concentrates, such as tinctures, CBD oil, wax, distillates, and more! The only difference between the other cannabis concentrates and shatter is how the final product looks and its consistency.

4. Shatter THC is Made From Cannabis Plant Matter and Solvents

The best shatter Canada has to offer is processed by professionals with the proper equipment and safety precautions. Starting with a particular cannabis strain, shatter producers can use whole flowers or trim. They put the nugs or trim into a column where they use a chilled solvent (usually butane) to release the cannabinoids from the flowers. This process creates the concentrate butane hash oil (BHO). The oil is then heated to remove the solvent from the product – a process called purging.

Another method to make shatter weed is using a closed-loop technique where the solvent is sealed off from the air. The removal of essential oils for perfume and food supplements also uses this process.

5. The Process of Making Shatter in Canada is Dangerous

Shatter is dangerous to make since it deals with high temperatures, harsh chemicals, and proper equipment. Making shatter should be left to professionals as all the safety precautions and equipment require specific expertise, precision, and accuracy. That also ensures that the shatter weed is safe for your enjoyment. We recommend that you buy shatter from reputable brands and, for convenience, an online dispensary.

6. Shatter in Canada is More Potent than Other Cannabis Concentrates

Shatter weed is fantastic in how efficient it is at its job – to get you absolutely plastered. You only need small amounts of this cannabis concentrate to feel the effects. Compared to other cannabis concentrates, shatter excels in these three categories:

Hands holding Shatter from Canada. Speed Greens

THC Content

  • Incredibly potent; contains an average THC concentration above 70%
  • Can contain 90% THC or more by weight
  • Potentially four times stronger than powerful weed strains such as Death Bubba

Quick High

  • You feel the effects nearly instantly
  • They linger longer
  • It may depend on how your body processes the cannabinoids (body composition, amount inhaled, tolerance level, or metabolism)

Intense Effects

  • Only need a small amount for full satisfaction
  • Its purity means lower chances of side- or after-effects
  • Effects can last for a couple of hours

7. The Trend and Popularity of Shatter in Canada Continues to Grow

Shatter weed is quickly on the rise in the cannabis market. Since processing methods are becoming more refined and safe, this cannabis concentrate is increasing in popularity. That means more affordable and accessible options! With its potency, purity, and cannabis experience, shatter is a recipe for success. It’s perfect for medicinal and recreational uses. The power of the internet also makes it widely available at online dispensaries to people all over.

8. Shatter in Canada is Safe to Use When Being Sensible

Before you start making your way to the nearest dispensary or if you’re looking to buy weed online, know that you’re responsible for the products you purchase and how you enjoy them. Your experience will depend on the quality of the shatter weed and the equipment you use to appreciate its potent effects. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind before you buy shatter online:

Marijuana Weed Leaf on Laptop for buying Shatter in Canada. Speed Greens.

  • Purchase from a reputable dispensary, whether that’s online or in-person.
  • Read the reviews of the product that you want to buy.
  • Research proper dosages and the experiences of people who have taken shatter weed.
  • Ensure you’re enjoying your cannabis concentrates without causing danger to other people.
  • Follow the rules and regulations of your province or city.

Where to Get Shatter in Canada?

The best shatter Canada can offer is available online at Speed Greens! Find unique brands with the right potency, premium ingredients, and the perfect taste and aroma. We maintain a product line that only passes our strictest standards. We provide affordable prices on top of deals and promotions to ensure you get market-competitive prices and great value for your money. Of course, our commitment to customer service helps us prove our authenticity to those buying our products.

Whether you’re new to shatter weed or if you’ve been a long-time customer of this amazing concentrate, choose Speed Greens. Buy weed online from the comfort of your own home! Get started today.

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