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Blackberry OG Strain Review:

Blackberry OG

Blackberry OG Strain Review:

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There is something so nice about putting up your feet at the end of the day, “clocking out” of all of your responsibilities, and enjoying a fat joint. That unwinding time, watching TV or maybe playing video games, is like the “dessert” to your day.  So why not grab a fruity and sweet strain that matches the sweet sensation of winding down and relaxing? We personally recommend rolling a big ol’ joint of Blackberry OG for your evening inhalation. Check out our review of this strain and find out why we recommend this strain for a night in.

Origin of Blackberry OG

Blackberry OG, or BlackBerry Kush, is the child of some of the most popular indica strains in the game. You can probably guess that it comes from Blackberry and OG Kush. While both parents are hybrids themselves, Blackberry OG is an indica-dominant strain that holds all the best qualities of both Blackberry and OG Kush.

Effects of Blackberry OG

Let’s talk about how you feel after smoking some Blackberry OG. You feel pretty good. This strain physically and mentally relaxes you with just a few puffs. The head high comes first, alleviating any anxiety that might normally creep up at the end of the day. Blackberry OG is a great strain before bed – you won’t have any more racing thoughts that keep you up at night.

In fact, you’ll be asleep before you know it. Blackberry OG isn’t just an indica – it’s a strong indica with THC levels that often exceed 23%. After a few silly, carefree musings from your head high, you’ll wake up the next morning and not realized you had even dozed off in the first place.

Keep a glass of water (or some eye drops) nearby. The only setbacks that come with smoking Blackberry OG is that you might experience dry mouth or dry eyes. Some people feel dizzy, but this is usually a result of smoking too much.

Like all indicas, going overboard with Blackberry OG can be a rough time. Remember, this strain is over 20% THC. Take it easy.

Effects of Blackberry OG

Medical Uses

Blackberry OG is a favourite of many cannabis users who want to relieve pain or anxiety. It’s a versatile strain, offering relief for symptoms that affect both the mind and body. Consumers have found that a few puffs can treat any of the following:

  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Migraines
  • Chronic pain
  • Pain from multiple sclerosis

If you experience symptoms of depression, we especially recommend adding this strain to your list. While Blackberry OG won’t have you rolling on the floor in a giggle fit, it will allow you to put off worrying about things and just enjoy an evening in.

Smell and Taste

I bet you’re not surprised to hear that Blackberry OG has a fruity flavour profile.

A long inhale will give you a sweet taste of berries, but not without an initial first hashy taste. (That’s the OG Kush saying “hello.”) This really is a dessert strain; it pairs well with a fruity slice of cake or a bit of chocolate before bed.

A word to the wise before you seek out Blackberry OG seeds. This strain is pungent. While it doesn’t produce a very high yield, it does produce a pretty powerful smell. Blackberry OG plants and buds have a bit of a fruity scent to them, but can also smell pretty dank and sometimes like jet fuel.

Where Can I Buy Blackberry OG?

You’ll be more likely to see parent strains of Blackberry OG at your local dispensary. Blackberry OG is not as easy to find, but once you try this fruity and fun strain, you’ll be asking around for it everywhere.

Your best bet is to grab some Blackberry OG online. Get up to 28 grams of this strain delivered right to your door. Grab some grinders, papers, and other accessories while you’re at it.

Is 28 grams not enough? We also offer bulk deals that mix and match our best strains and save you some cash. You can get 28 grams of Blackberry OG alongside 28 grams of three other AAAA indica strains.

We only sell AAAA Blackberry OG at SpeedGreens. This is the highest-quality flower that you can get.  

Alternatives to Blackberry OG

Alternatives to Blackberry OG

Want to learn how Blackberry OG came to be? Smoke it and compare it to its parent strains, Blackberry and OG Kush. Both strains are popular, potent, and worth trying. Blackberry Kush was mixed again with Platinum OG Kush to create Platinum Blackberry strain. There’s a whole family to try out!

Prefer an indica that feels just as relaxing but without the berry flavour? Death Bubba is another popular indica that relaxes the body and the mind. The smell is more skunky and pungent than Blackberry OG, but still with a touch of sweetness.

Testimonials From Customers About Blackberry OG

Blackberry OG is a must-try indica. Our customers have made it a huge hit! Here are a few things they had to say about the strain:

“It just doesn’t really get any better than this. Every aspect of this flower is the full quad experience.”

“Smooth with a hint of blackberry on the exhale. Smoked before bedtime and it was lights out for me!”

“WOW!!! This is some of the nicest weed I’ve gotten from SG. The nugz are dense and covered in trichomes. You can really taste those blackberries.”

“Amazing looking buds. Seriously this might be the best bag appeal in any strain I have tried.”

Well, we’re certainly convinced.


This is a fruity, uplifting strain that will ease your worries and tuck you into bed at night. It comes from popular and high-quality strains, but its AAAA rating really proves just how dense and great this strain is. Whether you’re new to intimidating indicas or you have years of smoking behind your belt, you’ll appreciate a night in with Blackberry OG.

Try some out for yourself by ordering Blackberry OG today.  

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