Mix and Match

Can’t decide what to buy? We got you! Our Mix and Match Collection offers a wide range of sampler and combo packs to seal your whole cannabis journey! Each pack offers a variety of goodies such as Galaxy Extracts Live Resin, Dried Mushrooms, Edibles, and Pre-rolls! Our packs contain unique and specially-analyzed Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains for you to safely enjoy.

At Speed Greens, we make sure that these Mix and Match packs are carefully selected and patterned to the highest quality standards in Cannabis Canada. Most people associate cannabis with dried flower, which includes both cannabinoids, however, some strains may have a higher concentration of one than the other. With this collection, we can get you sample and combo packs to tend to all your needs. We make buying weed online easy, so you can choose the right package for you in just one click!

Elevate your snack game today and browse through our online weed shop Canada has to offer! At Speed Greens, you can enjoy a combination of unique strains in cannabis products. Purchase a pack today and experience the difference.