Concentrates / Diamonds

Get ready to frost yourself with diamonds! Diamond concentrates are crystalline structures that are dipped with cannabis for a glossy finish. Our Diamonds Collection features the best of THCA and its abundant and intoxicating wonders. From Nektr Extracts Diamonds – VVS Citirique, Diamonds Orange Creamsicle, to a classic favorite, the Nektr Extracts Diamond – Ice Cream Cake, we got them all for you!

Our Diamonds Collection is carefully analyzed and structured to give you the best cannabis Canada! The strains and composition are created with utmost care and to the highest standards. Get to experience the benefits of Diamond concentrates from our Diamonds Collection today! Relax, clear your mind, and perk up your mood.

Get one for you today here from SpeedGreens! Our diamond concentrates are expertly produced and formulated to give you the best results!