Promotional Products

Are you new to Speed Greens or simply unsure of which strain to purchase next? Whatever it is, SpeedGreens Sampler Pack contains different high strains. In our Promotional Products Collection, you’ll get a combination of Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains in just one pack! This is a great way to try some of our greatest packs at a price that is more than 35% or 20% off retail!

Our online dispensary is here to offer you high-quality shrooms, live resin, and edibles with the highest standard possible. Each pack comes with a combination of strains and cannabis products that you can enjoy without having to choose between the products that you want.

At Speed Greens, our promotional products are made of a variety of high-quality strains that are specially curated for you. Buy online weeds from our store and we’ll deliver them to you in excellent condition in discreet packaging straight to your door. Our strict standards ensure that you have the same kind of experience as we do, and more! For your enjoyment of weed or weed-related products, we guarantee that they are of the highest quality. Shop our best sellers now!