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Sampler Combo Pack (AAAA) Craft Top Shelf Weed (4 × 3.5g)



New to Speed Greens or just don’t know which flower strain to get next?

The Speed Greens Sampler Pack includes four different premium AAAA Craft Top Shelf strains at 3.5g each (total 14g). You will receive a mixture of sativa, hybrid, and indica strains.

This is a perfect way to try out some of our best flower at more than 25% discount off of the retail price!


Please note: Limit to one sampler pack per order.  Strains are subject to change and will change periodically based on availability.

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The best weed strains wrapped into one box

The Sampler Combo Pack contains top shelf weed
strains, the best currently on the market. In terms of what you want in a weed strain, it meets some of the highest criteria. It’s both an efficient and terrific way to try products and enjoy a fulfilling experience when you buy weed online from Speed Greens today.


Find out what the best weed strains can offer

Its various benefits give your body the relief that you’ve been searching for

The Sampler Combo Pack provides you with assistance for your physical and psychological conditions. You might find help from temporary (injury) and chronic (arthritis) aches and pains in terms of your physical needs. Some of the best weed strains you get might have anti-inflammatory properties to help with bruising, headaches, and migraines. For others, it might contain powerful psychoactive compounds that make it ideal for treating chronic bouts of stress, mild to moderate symptoms of depression, and fatigue. If you’re having trouble sleeping, you might find relief from bouts of insomnia if you buy weed online! It might also help those with gastrointestinal problems, especially if you lose your appetite.


Discover the fantastic effects of the best weed strains

You will find a jam-packed, full-body experience for your peace of mind

Because you’re getting different strains in one package, you can expect a wide range of effects. If you find yourself with the indica strain, you’re looking at a sensational body high. Its euphoric effects will leave you feeling relaxed and mellow, sinking deeper into a state of bliss. You might even pass out from its powerful properties. The sativa product will give you a boost of energy that leaves you awake and alert. You may find periods of creativity and focus helping you throughout the day. The hybrid strains get you the best of both worlds. If you haven’t passed out from its effects, you best believe that your hunger will start to strike. You’ll find the best weed strains here when you buy weed online and experience a high like no other.


Want to know more about the best weed strains?

Find out why Speed Greens is your premium source to buy weed online!

Speed Greens reserves only the best top-shelf weed for your enjoyment. If your curiosity is bursting through and you want to try more products, this product is for you. Not only are you getting four different strains, but you’re also getting the best the market has to offer. The AAAA Grade Top Shelf Weed label isn’t a joke. These strains rank highly in terms of their aromas, THC and CBD content, aesthetics, terpenoid content, trichome density, and taste. Get the best weed strains all in one box, so don’t hesitate and buy weed online!

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2 reviews for Sampler Combo Pack (AAAA) Craft Top Shelf Weed (4 × 3.5g)

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  1. Its a good way to try different strains. I like love the types i got. Definetly will get again!

  2. This is such a deal, if you love to try new things. This is definitely the way to go. I got this because it’s a LOT cheaper. I gotta to try new strains. I really love the Sherb Face strain. Definitely will get more of that.

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