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What Is Meat Breath and How Do You Consume It?

Macro shot of meat breath. Speed Greens

What Is Meat Breath and How Do You Consume It?

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The Meat Breath strain is an indica dominant hybrid that is a cross of 50% of Meatloaf and 50% Mendo Breath. Meat breath has a distinctive appearance in comparison to other strains. Meat Breath’s trichomes are highly visible, with the leaves a deep purple and the pistils a burnt orange.

How to Smoke Meat Breath Weed

  • Blunt: A blunt is a cigar, but instead of tobacco, it contains cannabis of your choice. Many people prefer this way of smoking indica, sativa, or hybrid weed because it allows them to roll their favourite weed strains.
  • Bong: A bong is a water piper used to smoke weed strains. People who like this weed device claim that it has a more pleasant effect and helps them to achieve a better and higher euphoria.
  • Joint:  A small and portable way to consume sativa, indica, or hybrid weed. You can get various rolling papers from flax, rice, or hemp.
  • Pipe: A weed pipe is a compact, easily transportable device that looks like a chunky spoon. Pipes are available in a variety of styles, measurements, and materials. 

How to Smoke Meat Breath in a Joint

Want a relaxing and simple way to enjoy Meat Breath? A joint is a great way to experience smoking hybrid weed without spending much money!

If you want to have a good time when smoking a joint, it’s best to ease into it by smoking weed strains a little at a time. If you’re a first-time hybrid weed smoker, take no more than one or two puffs from the joint and wait at least 30 minutes before trying again. After that, take as much Meat Breath you feel you can tolerate.

The duration of the drug’s effects increases among heavy cannabis smokers. But, the high you experience depends on the quantity of hybrid weed you smoke. Regardless, don’t worry and take it easy. You’ll be an expert in Meat Breath joints in no time.

Meat Breath in a joint next to a jar. Speed Greens

How to Smoke Meat Breath in a Blunt

You can now enjoy your favourite weed strains in many different ways. The blunt is one of the most common ways to smoke hybrid weed, and experienced users tend to like it the most.

It’s best practice to prepare your blunt station before going all out. You won’t want to look for a tool in the middle of your Meat Breath blunt experience. 

  • You’ll need your favourite strain, in this case, Meat Breath. 
  • A weed grinder (if you don’t have one, your bare hands will do)
  • Good old tobacco leaf wrappers, that’s what makes a blunt a blunt, after all. 
  • A craft knife or razor blade is only necessary if you plan on using cigars or cigarillos. It would be best to open it up to empty its contents and fill it with a sizeable amount of Meat Breath. 
  • Rolling tray for easy rolling and clean up.

Once you have all your tools, get grinding and rolling! 

It’s okay to stop smoking in the middle of your Meat Breath high and come back later. Blunts are large, so we don’t recommend you attempt to smoke a whole Meat Breath blunt on your own. Their typical length of six inches is double that of most joints. Unless you have a group of friends, you probably won’t need to smoke the entire hybrid weed blunt.

Not only that, but the diameter of a blunt is nearly double that of a joint, making it around the size of a dime. That’s why it’s wise to take things easy and quit your hybrid weed as soon as you feel great.

How to Smoke Meat Breath with a Bong

A bong, or water pipe, is a tube-shaped device that filters smoke through liquid before inhalation. The bong is one of the oldest known ways to get high off weed strains. Its history goes back thousands of years.

A bong is a great way to smoke weed strains because it gives you a smooth but powerful high. This experience will open your mind as you sink further into the high. Here’s what you need to do to use a water pipe for your Meat Breath bong:

  1. Fill the bong with clean water almost up to the stem. If you fill it too much, water will bubble into your mouth. We can assure you that it won’t be the best feeling.
  2. Put the ground Meat Breath into the bowl, but don’t pack it too tightly. If you grind the hybrid weed first, the burn will be more even.
  3. Put the top of the pipe to your lips and use one hand to hold the bottom. If you have a finger available, cover the carb with it.
  4. With your other hand, light the Meat Breath with a lighter or match while you lightly inhale.
  5. Maneuver the bowl or the carb to make smoke inside the bong tube.
  6. When you have the right amount of smoke, take your finger off the carb and take a deep breath to clear the pipe.
  7. Breathe out and enjoy the moment you’ll experience from the Meat Breath strain.

Smoke Meat Breath in a bong. Speed Greens

How to Smoke Meat Breath with a Pipe

Most people who have tried weed strains have attempted a joint, blunt, or hit from a bong. Smoking with a pipe is one of the most popular ways to smoke hybrid weed, and once you try it, you’ll probably be a believer.

Once you’ve got your pipe and ground up your Meat Breath, here’s what to do:

  1. There should be nothing in your pipe. If you smoked a bit of cannabis and there is some ash residue, turn the pipe over, press down on the carb and blow. Always clean your pipe over a trash can
  2. Fill the bowl with a bit of Meat Breath. The amount of hybrid weed you use depends on whether you’re sharing.
  3. Seal the carb with your fingertip and hold the other end with the bowl in your other hand.
  4. Inhale while keeping a flame from a lighter or a hemp wick to the bowl of hybrid weed for a few seconds. To finish your hit, lift your finger off the carb and inhale deeply.
  5. Repeat the first four instructions until your pipe is empty.
  6. Remember to throw away the ash once you’ve enjoyed your weed strains. 

How to Properly Dose Meat Breath

One of the best things about smoking or vaping weed strains is that it works quickly. When you inhale your hybrid weed, the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other chemicals absorb rapidly into your bloodstream. How long it takes depends on the strain, your tolerance, and the hybrid strain’s strength.

A standard amount of hybrid weed to smoke or vape is about 0.25–0.5g. Most pre-rolled joints have about 0.5g of dried hybrid weed. A 0.5g joint of Meat Breath would have about 110 mg of THC. Since Meat Breath can have a THC percentage as high as 28%, we recommend first-time hybrid weed smokers to try the lowest potency at a small dose and then work your way up. 

Where to Buy Meat Breath Weed?

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