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Seven Most Popular Marijuana Strains to Grow

Most Popular Marijuana Strains

Seven Most Popular Marijuana Strains to Grow

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Ready to take up a newly legalized hobby?

Most provinces allow people to grow four different marijuana plants in the privacy of their own home. That will yield a lot of weed (if you know how to grow marijuana properly,) but doesn’t give you a lot of options.

Which four strains should you choose? Or, which one strain should you choose and experiment with?

Whether you are just starting out, or want some help from people, it’s a pretty safe bet to choose the more popular strains on the market. Most of these strains are also the most popular strains in the shops, so it’s likely you’ll recognize a few of our suggestions. Give these strains a go first – if anything, it should be easier to find these seeds wherever you live in Canada.

Most Popular Strain For Smoking and Growing: Blue Dream

It’s hard to make a list of any most popular strain without including Blue Dream. It’s by and large the most popular strain in North America, whether you are consuming, growing, or just experimenting with cannabis.

The nice fruity flavour and chilled-out high makes this strain very appealing to smokers. Growers, however, buy Blue Dream seeds for their resilience. You won’t have to worry too much about root rot, mildew, and other common problems that kill other growing strains. Plus, Blue Dream buds are dense, offering high yields for individual plants.

Growing White Widow

Most Popular For Home Growth: White Widow

Unless you’ve got a stunning backyard and pretty chill neighbors, you’re probably going to have to grow your marijuana in the privacy of your own home. This is definitely doable; you can even buy grow houses and hydroponic systems that are all set up and ready for your seeds. But you still might want to choose seeds that are easier to grow indoors.

That’s where White Widow comes in. In just under three months, you can go from seeds to flower with this highly resilient strain. The effects are pretty popular too; smokers often feel a pleasant balance of feeling uplifted and relaxed from this hybrid strain.

Best Option For Ultra-Newbies: Dutch Treat

White Widow is one of the most popular strains in Amsterdam coffee shops – but Dutch Treat is right behind it. This strain offers a light, pleasant high that will convert anyone who might not have been sure about cannabis before. Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself.

This strain is also easygoing and doesn’t mind growing indoors or outdoors. (Yes, even in our Canadian climate – Dutch Treat is very popular in the Pacific Northwest and climates that aren’t so warm!) If you want to try out hydroponic growth, Dutch Treat is one of your best bets.

Most Discreet Strain: Northern Lights

Northern Lights is not known for being a loud, in-your-face strain. The highly sedative indica is very popular for people who use weed to treat insomnia or just like a solid body high. But among growers, Northern Lights is known for its ability to grow without stinking up the whole room.

If your roommates aren’t entirely on board with you growing marijuana, they might get annoyed by coming home to the smell of your buds growing, drying, curing, etc. So be sure to choose a strain like Northern Lights that is more discreet. Most growers have no problems growing this strain indoors, so it’s a great option if you want to grow an indica first.

Northern Lights Strain

Best Medical Strain: ACDC

Okay, so maybe you want to grow cannabis that doesn’t have THC in it. We got you covered. Your best bet is to grab some ACDC seeds.

When it comes to THC, you won’t experience any nasty side effects from smoking ACDC. In fact, you probably won’t feel any effects of THC at all. CBD levels, however, can reach up to 19%. Whether you want to reduce inflammation or just chill out, ACDC is a great strain that you can consume at any time of day.

There are certainly other high-CBD seeds that you can find on the market, but this is certainly the easiest to find and the most popular among consumers.

Award-Winning Strain: Tangerine Dream

This strain has been in the game for a while, winning the Cannabis Cup back in 2010. Since then, it’s won many awards for its ability to ease pain without locking users to the couch. The balanced head and body high can’t be beat.

This strain is also quite famous for tall and fat yields. Flowers will show up in as little as two months after planting this strain. (Indoors, outdoors, in water…you name it, Tangerine Dream will grow in it.) Plants will grow up to a metre in height and, on average, can produce 18 ounces per square meter. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth by buying a few Tangerine Dream seeds.

Award-Winning Strain Tangerine Dream

Most Popular Summer Strain: Durban Poison

Canada’s not exactly the best places to grow marijuana – that’s why a lot of growers have indoor grow rooms. But some strains are worth cranking up the heat and creating a humid, sticky environment. Many growers agree that Durban Poison is one of these strains.

This is one of of the most popular and effective sativas on the market. Want to pump yourself up for a summer vacation? Durban Poison is the way to go. Want to giggle and chat with the partygoers at the next summer shindig? Durban Poison has you covered.

These seeds are easy to grow, but they do prefer a warmer climate. That’s why we’ve named it the strain of the summer – if you plant in June, you’ll have buds ready to be smoked by the end of August!

More Information Buying and Growing Cannabis Seeds

So now you have an idea of what strains you would like to grow. Great. Now what type of those seeds do you want to buy? Auto? Feminized?

If you don’t follow, we’ve got a guide to buying marijuana seeds that you should check out.

Once you pick the type of seeds that you want to buy, you’ve got to figure out what type of growing method you want to use. (It’s more complicated than just indoor or outdoor growth.)

Last but not least, we’ve got a full guide to growing marijuana in Canada. We have information about legalization, where to buy seeds, and how to set up a grow room or space that brings a high yield of your favourite strains.

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