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Canada’s Most Popular Indica Strains

Most Popular Indica Strains

Canada’s Most Popular Indica Strains

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Now that cannabis is legal throughout Canada, Canucks have the chance to really explore this beautiful plant. Instead of getting “whatever you got” from a dealer, consumers have the choice to shop around and experiment with different strains.

But which one do you choose?

Many newbie cannabis lovers can at least narrow their choices down to wanting a sativa or an indica. If you enjoy a body high and want to mellow out after a long day, indica is definitely for you. Explore Canada’s most popular indica strains and get a feel for what you might want to try next.

What To Know About Indicas

Before you limit yourself to indicas, know what you’re getting into. Indica strains tend to produce a deeper body high than sativas; there is typically a higher concentration of CBD in indica strains and a lower concentration of THC. (Still, indicas can get you pretty stoned.) Users tend to enjoy indicas at night or to treat anxiety, nausea, or a loss of appetite.

As you’ll see, not all indica strains are perfect for the nighttime. Learn a little bit about each strain before you purchase it and know that people may experience different reactions to different strains. The best way to experiment is by trying a small amount at a time, especially if you are new to consuming cannabis.

Ready, set, let’s smoke!

Most Popular Indica Strains in Canada


Blueberry is an award-winning indica that helps you rest and relax after a long day. The strain took the prize for Best Indica in the 2000 High Times’ Cannabis Cup. Users with chronic pain tend to gravitate toward Blueberry and varieties that come from this strain.

When growers decided to mix the fruity flavour of Blueberry with energetic sativa Haze, they got Blue Dream. Blue Dream is one of the most popular hybrids throughout Canada and the world. Blueberry is also the parent strain of other popular indicas, including Blue Cheese and Blue God.

Blueberry StrainNorthern Lights

This isn’t just a popular indica strain in Canada…it’s one of the most popular strains around the world. This woodsy strain offers users a calm and happy feeling throughout their body.

Northern Lights is commonly used to treat nausea and anxiety; it’s recommended for night-time use to aid sleep.

Cannabis lovers also love Northern Lights seeds. If you are interested in growing cannabis at home, you should probably think about starting with Northern Lights. This strain is known to be resilient and a good option for growers who might not know all of the ins and outs of personally growing marijuana.

Blue Mystic

If you want to enjoy all of the benefits of Blueberry and Northern Lights, don’t worry. Just buy some Blue Mystic! Users who get a whiff of Blue Mystic will definitely recognize its Blueberry origins, but they won’t be hit as hard.

Growers who need to hide their habits can usually rely on Blue Mystic to keep things under wraps. Blue Mystic is particularly favoured among Ontario smokers but is slowly making its way into homes throughout Canada.

Granddaddy Purple

Need help sleeping? Grandad’s got you covered.

Granddaddy Purple, like Blueberry, has a lovely berry taste, but with a more sedative punch. It’s a combination of the Big Bud and Purple Urkel strains. Users rely on Granddaddy Purple to treat a variety of conditions, including chronic pain and insomnia.


Northern Lights has given “birth” to many top indica strains, including M-39. This strain is especially popular throughout Canada because that is where it was created. M-39 is notoriously hard to grow and not always easy to find. It is another good option for first-time growers are who are just getting the hang of caring for cannabis pants.

When you get ready to sit down and enjoy an evening with some M-39, don’t forget to bring snacks. This strain is often given to patients without a big appetite. Once users satisfy their hunger, it’s time for a nap. There is no better strain for a lazy Sunday.

MK Ultra StrainMK Ultra

MK Ultra frequently makes the list for one of the top searched indica strains throughout Canada. Like Blueberry, this strain has taken the Cannabis Cup prize for Best Indica. (The strain took gold 2003 and silver in 2004.)

When you search for MK Ultra online, you might get lost in information about the CIA’s infamous mind control program. This powerful indica strain gets its name because you may feel hypnotized like the subjects of MK Ultra experiments. If you like the cerebral effects of most sativas but want something for the end of the day, try this strain. Users enjoy a fast-acting euphoric high that is great for lifting the weight off of your chest after work.

Tuna Kush

When you see “kush” as a part of a strain, you can bet that you’ll be enjoying an indica. Tuna Kush is no exception, but it is slightly different than a lot of indicas on the market. Canadians can also take credit for this skunky strain; it comes from the legendary Hindu Kush. Users don’t have to tuck into bed immediately after enjoying Tuna Kush, although they may want to make a list of things to remember once it hits. Unlike most indica strains, you can enjoy Tuna Kush in the morning and feel a limited body high without fatigue.

Not sure which indica to pick? Try a variety pack!

Sure, all of these strains sound great. But there are dozens of indica strains that you can buy online or at any Canadian cannabis retailer. If you want to try a few different strains, consider a variety pack of different indicas. At Speed Greens, we will ship you a set of four different indicas of your choosing. Try MK Ultra, Lindsay OG, Tuna Kush, and many other indica favourites all in one order.

Check out the indica mix and match today; we also offer this package for sativa and hybrid strains. Be sure to keep a log of which strains work best for you and reach out to professionals if you have any questions.

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