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8 Ways to Grind Weed Without a Grinder

Grind Weed Without a Grinder

8 Ways to Grind Weed Without a Grinder

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Picture this:

You just got your order from Speed Greens (of course) and you’re super excited to try out all of the dank buds in your box. The smells hit you before you even see the flower. Your mouth starts to water; you’re ready to pack a bowl, catch up on Netflix, and have a chill night at home. Things are exciting.

You examine the bud, grab your bowl – and then you realize you don’t have a grinder. When you placed your order, you forgot to buy a grinder. Rookie mistake. What are you going to do now?

Don’t panic, friend. You can still grind your weed without a grinder. Impossible, you say? Try any of the methods on this list. They aren’t as effective as your classic grinder, but you’re desperate.

Just remember to clean all of the items you’re using to grind up your weed.

And buy a grinder for next time, will you?

What Does a Grinder Do?

If you’re new to smoking weed, you might find yourself asking why you need a grinder in the first place. For a small accessory, they’re pretty essential to a good smoke.

When you buy weed, you’ll probably get it in the form of a dank little nugget. They’re beautiful, but they’re not very practical. Bongs and pipes have small little bowls that can’t fit a whole nugget. And you won’t be able to wrap a rolling paper around your nugget and smoke it (Although it would be hilarious to watch you try).

You need to grind your flower down into smaller bits so you can pack a bowl or fill a blunt.

It’s easy to feel a bit defeated when you realize that you don’t have a grinder. But don’t worry. With a few household items and a bit of creativity, you’ll be able to break your flower down into pieces that you can smoke out of your piece.

Eight Ways to Grind Weed Without a Grinder

Pestle and Mortar

We know this first one is a bit of a stretch, so we’ll get it out of the way. Do you have one of these lying around your house? Unless you’re living with your parents, probably not. But this is a great way to grind up your weed in the kitchen.

Grinding Weed with Pestle and Mortar

Just pop your flower into the mortar and pestle it up.

Knife and Chopping Board

Couldn’t find a pestle and mortar in your kitchen? We’re not judging you. Can’t find a knife in your kitchen? We’re slightly judging you.

A sharp, non-serrated knife will work just fine if you need to chop up your weed and prepare it for a nice, fat bowl. The chopping board isn’t necessary, but it keeps everything clean and easy to transport into the smoking instrument of your choice.


This isn’t the best method for grinding up weed, but we’re going to suggest it anyway.

If you’re still looking around your kitchen, you can use a blender. This works well if you have a lot of buds to grind up or you have a smaller blender on hand. Putting one little nugget in a big smoothie blender isn’t really going to do much for you. Plus, scooping it out maybe more of a hassle than it’s worth.

Coffee Grinder

A coffee grinder is like a blender, but it’s more suitable for grinding up weed. The blades are usually smaller and it’s easier to clean out a coffee grinder. Even if you don’t get everything out, a little bit of bud in your next cup of coffee won’t hurt.

Shot Glass and Scissors

Hopefully, you have these two items lying around.

Scissors are an easy way to chop up your weed into smaller pieces. The shot glass just helps to store all of the bits of bud that you’re going to pack into your bowl later. If you don’t have a shot glass lying around, any sort of container will do. Just keep everything together.

Hair Straightener

Hair straighteners are already prized possessions, but now you have another reason to shell out for one of the fancy ones. Make sure your hair straightener is off, and then pop your flower in the middle of the two parts. Give it a gentle squish and pop the flattened flower into your bong.

If you’re borrowing a hair straightener from your girlfriend, your mom, or your roommate, make sure to wipe it down when your done. As tempting as heating up the bud on the hair straightener and inventing the next big way to smoke weed is…it’s not going to feel so nice in your friend’s hair.

Grinding Weed with Hair Straightener

Homemade Shaker

This is a cool party trick. Shakers are an alternative to grinders, but if you don’t have a grinder handy, you probably don’t have a shaker. No worries. You can make your own!

Grab an empty pill bottle and a coin of your choice. (Again, make sure both of these items are clean. You don’t want to know where that coin has been, my friend.) Pop the coin and a bit of bud in the bottle and shut it tight. Give it an aggressive shaking for a few seconds. Voila! You’ve got smaller bits of bud for your blunt.

Your Hands

Even if you were stuck on a remote island and all you had with you was bud and a bong (aka, a dream come true) you could still grind your weed. Just pull it apart with your hands. Wash your hands first, of course. This isn’t the most effective method, especially if your nails are cut short and your fingers are large, but it’s something.

These are just a few basic methods for grinding up weed without a grinder. They can hold you over nicely until you find your grinder or buy one online. (We hope you don’t have to consult this list too often). Grinders are a great weed accessory to have nearby, and the latest battery-powered grinders on the market are nice and discreet.

Happy smoking!

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