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How To Buy Weed Online And Have It Delivered

How To Buy Weed Online

How To Buy Weed Online And Have It Delivered

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Are you looking for ways on how to buy weed online fast and in a discreet manner? Here are some tips on where to find one.

There are times when we prefer to stay at home to rest and to spend our time taking care of ourselves or our loved ones rather than going out with some friends. Well, it is a mood most of us can relate too.

We tend to buy our favorite foods online, such as pizza, chicken, and doughnuts, to satisfy our cravings and feel the warm comfort of being at home while eating.

In one click, someone might knock on your door, holding the thing that makes you smile, the appearance of your favorite chicken.

Some of us may think, how to buy weed online just like how we can buy our favorite foods such as chicken?

Do we even know how to buy weed online?

If you are asking the same thing, then you should continue reading this article.

Cannabis legalization in Canada

Canada was the second country that legalized cannabis (The first country was Uruguay). On October 17, 2018, access to marijuana was monitored and authorized by the government of Canada.

Although the legalization of cannabis is a federal decision, in some aspects, provinces, and municipalities are in charge at some point, like having particular rules on where to buy some cannabis.

Ian Power and Nikki Rose were the first two people who purchased cannabis in Canada.

Power stated that it was his dream to be the first person to purchase the legal gram of cannabis in Canada; that’s why he went early. Never-ending happiness can be seen in his eyes and his smile.

Types of Cannabis Products Available online

Before you buy weed online, you should know first what is the right product for you to consume. If you like taking cannabis in a way that no one may notice, you should choose edibles. It may look like you are just eating sweet candy or a baked cookie, but no one knows that you can get some relaxation after consuming it, except you. It takes 1-2 hours for an edible product to be effective.

Another one that is known to be a product that is being used to alleviate the pain in some areas is called Topicals. It usually comes in the form of a lotion that gives us a soothing feeling.

Some people want to feel the effects of a product as soon as possible, so if you are also one of them, you should do the vaporizing method. It was said to be a prevalent method, but don’t worry, even though it is a popular method, there are still some affordable devices that you can consume to perform this procedure.

How to buy weed online in Canada?

As stated earlier, some particular rules are being followed in different states in Canada.

No matter where you go (in Canada), you can buy and bring up to 30 grams of cannabis, as long as you are not a minor anymore.

Now you might ask, what is the legal age to buy and take some marijuana?

The majority of the states in Canada, 19 is the legal age to purchase and take some marijuana, while in Alberta, they considered 18 as the legal age.

In Quebec, the newly elected government decided to raise the age to 21 years old.

You can also visit some websites to avoid the inconvenience that you might encounter when you travel to some places that sell weeds.

Ordering online is more comfortable. You may pick the weed that catches your attention, add it to your cart, and the next scene, and you might found yourself opening the door of your house to receive the weed that you ordered.

If it is your first time buying, some websites teach and guide you on how to order or buy some cannabis on their website.

There is also a particular part on a site that answers the usual or frequently questions that may ask of a first-timer; it is known as FAQ.

You can also visit that place if you have some questions regarding how this works. There are also some websites which state some reasons why you should buy into their website.

But of course, we should always check if they are stating some facts or we are just being fooled by their flowery words to make us fall in their trap.

Where to buy weed online in Canada?

If you want to discover some places by yourself, then here are some places where you can buy some weeds.

The price of a particular product depends on the place where you are going to buy it. It is essential that in searching for some places to buy some cannabis, you should look for a seal that is exhibited on the store, implying that the Canadian Government accepts them.

Buying online is convenient, especially for those people who are going to purchase weeds for medical purposes. Some websites give some points in every purchase you made; one of these websites is named Speed Greens.

It is a website that provides high-quality products at a low price. You can store your points, and if you have decided to use it, you can redeem it for shop credit. Cool, right? They are also one of the most trusted online marijuana dispensaries in Canada.

However, when you are buying cannabis or any products online, you should be more careful. There is a possibility that you might end up being scammed. Not all websites are real.


Discovering and experiencing new things help us in building ourselves.

Let us keep on our minds that there is nothing wrong with trying new things, but we should still know our limitations and follow the rules to avoid such inconvenience and arguments to the authority and the people around us.

If you are new to cannabis, give it a try!

Buy weed online from trusted stores like Speed Greens and get it delivered to your door.

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      awww, this was very sweet.

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    ordering great weed on line is the best way possible. once you have been dealing with a good company like Sg you just get to know what to expect and that is top shelf products.

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    Buying weed has never been easier. No more messing around with unreliable sources, now it’s click-click-click and 3 days later it’s at your doorstep thanks to Speed Greens. It’s truly the golden age of weed, and I love it.

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        This is such a sweet message. Thank you. – Jennifer, Customer Service @ SPEED GREENS

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    Reliable with lots of stock and quick service

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    Thanks for a another great article and being such a reliable source for buying online.

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    Buying online is so convenient during the covid 19 pandemic. Once my stash gets low, I just fill my cart and 3 days later my new supply is at my door, no need to go out

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