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8 Best Indica Strains for Sleeping

best indica strains for sleeping

8 Best Indica Strains for Sleeping

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Marijuana has many powerful medical properties. The CBD and THC in cannabis can relieve pain, help with anxiety, and even prevent cancer.

However, one of the most beneficial properties is its effect on sleep. Smoking weed can help you beat insomnia and sleep problems fast, especially when using the best indica strains for sleeping.

While hybrid strains and even Sativa strains can help relax your body and contribute to good sleep, indica strains are the best. Indica strains generally have potent sedating effects, making them perfect for sleep. Whether you’re trying to beat insomnia or just want to sleep better, here are the 8 best indica strains for sleeping you can buy right now.

Blue God

This potent pure indica strain can help put you to sleep fast. With a 20% THC content, this is a powerful herb that will give you an intense body high. Not only will you feel physically relaxed, but you’ll also get a nice euphoric cerebral high, making you feel happy and euphoric.

It’s fantastic for insomnia. But Blue God can also be used to effectively treat stress, pain, and depression. This is a good nighttime strain, especially with its rich fruity taste and strong aroma.

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Gorilla Glue #4

Original Glue or Gorilla Glue #4 is world-renowned for its sleep-boosting qualities. It’s one of the most potent marijuana strains and one of the best indica strains for insomnia. GG4 will give you an incredibly strong body high- you can expect couch-lock and a feeling of euphoric relaxation. You should also expect the munchies.

GG4 is great for de-stressing and relaxing late at night. You’ll get a long, deep sleep when under the influence of this high-indica hybrid. It’s packed with THC and has an interesting taste thanks to the mix between Sour Dubb, Chem Sister, and Chocolate Diesel.

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Comatose OG

As you’d expect from the name, Comatose OG is a great choice of strain for tranquilizing your body. With THC levels reaching up to 27%, you can expect a deep body high that can leave you couch-locked for hours. Comatose OG has a ratio of around 80:20 indica to sativa, so you’ll also get a nice stimulating head buzz to accompany the relaxing effects.

Comatose OG has a sour citrusy flavor with some earthy notes. It’s an enjoyable strain to either vape or smoke. The relieving body high is great for insomnia as well as pain, while the sativa effects can ward off a bad mood fast.

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Death Bubba

Death Bubba is another strong indica strain with origins in Vancouver, BC. It’s a popular strain for its nice, physically soothing effects. You can expect to feel totally mellowed out, melting away any feelings of stress and pain.

Of course, it’s also ideal to smoke late at night so you can get a good night’s sleep.

Death Bubba is created by mixing Death Star with Bubba Kush. The result is an earthy yet sweet taste with a pungent aroma. It’s a popular strain in Canada and one of the best indica strains for sleeping.

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Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese is a cross between Blueberry and UK Cheese strains. The result is a calming indica-dominant hybrid with up to 20% THC on average. It also has an interesting aroma and taste, with a mix of fruity and cheesy qualities.

Its sativa properties mean you’ll get a nice, stimulating, euphoric head high. This eventually leads into a sweet, mellow body high that’s relaxing without being too overwhelming. For those who want to send themselves to sleep gracefully, this is a nice strain that helps beat insomnia without feeling too strong.

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Pink Kush

Pink Kush is widely known for the calming and comforting body high it gives you. This indica-dominant hybrid is perfect for beating sleep issues. The relaxing properties will also help anyone dealing with stress or pain. The high will leave you feeling happy, euphoric, and content before you drift into a deep sleep.

Pink Kush is one of the sweetest strains thanks to its unique candy-like vanilla taste. In addition to its range of positive effects, anyone can enjoy this strain. It’s perfect for beginners and experienced users alike looking to beat stress and insomnia. It’ll also give you the munchies.

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Romulan is a pure indica strain, although users sometimes report feeling some stimulating mental effects. It’s known for being highly therapeutic, leading your body into deep relaxation. As you’d imagine, it’s an ideal strain for taking away any kind of pain, strains or discomfort. It’s also perfect for getting some quality sleep at night.

This earthy yet sweet strain will hit you hard and fast. It’s best to avoid this in daytime, but for nighttime use, it doesn’t get much better. While it’s widely favored for its medical uses, recreational users will love the intensely soothing high given by Romulan too.

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LA OG is another powerful indica-dominant strain that’s ideal for medical use. It has some sativa effects, so you’ll get a nice uplifting head high before you’re brought down into pure relaxation. It gives you a wide range of medical benefits, including boosting your mood and taking away your stress and pain.

Of course, thanks to its indica qualities and 27% THC levels, it’s also great for sleep. In addition to taking away any late-night anxiety or headaches, it’ll relax your body all over. With a flavorful taste and smooth smoke, this is another top-notch choice.



If you’re looking for a good way to sleep better, weed is the perfect natural medication. These are some of the best indica strains for sleeping, but there are all kinds of cannabis products that can help. You can check out more indica strains online or, for something a little stronger, you could even try cannabis concentrates.

Marijuana has tons of medical benefits, so you’ll help your overall health in addition to improving your sleep. These strains are also perfect for recreational use- although they’re usually best used in the evening.

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