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Four Ways To Grow Marijuana in Canada

Four Ways To Grow Marijuana in Canada

Four Ways To Grow Marijuana in Canada

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The legalization of cannabis in Canada offers many opportunities to consume these wonderful plants. Unfortunately, the presence of cannabis retailers isn’t too strong yet. Some provinces only have one brick-and-mortar location where residents can purchase legal marijuana. Things are moving along, but not at the rate that you might like.

Online retailers are certainly a great way to access marijuana when you need it, but many cannabis lovers have found another option: growing marijuana themselves.

Growing marijuana is certainly a slower process than ordering online, but it can produce plenty of bud for your consumption. (Plus, it’s a fun hobby!) There are many ways to get started and places around your property where you can grow your plants. Before you go planting any seeds or buying any equipment, look at all of these places and the ways you can grow marijuana in Canada.

Four Ways to Grow Marijuana in Canada

Good Old-Fashioned Outdoor Growing

Of course, we should start with the au naturale method. If you just want to buy some seeds and put them in the ground, you still have a chance at harvesting a decent amount of cannabis. As long as you own the yard where you are planting, it’s completely legal to harvest cannabis where you are planting. But before you plant, make sure you have the space and materials suitable for growing cannabis outside.

Here’s what you have to consider before you buy cannabis seeds:


In order for cannabis plants to thrive, you will need to live in an area that reaches up to 80°F during the day and doesn’t drop below 50°F at night. Cannabis generally cannot survive in the winter season, so Canadian growers prefer to plant in the late spring or early summer for optimal growth.

Check the temperatures outside for the next few months; it can take up to a few months for a marijuana seed to grow into a plant that you can harvest.

Sunlight for Growing Marijuana


Winter is a poor season for growing for two reasons. The low temperatures may kill your plants and the lack of sunlight won’t help either. The more sunlight your plants get, the more bud they will produce. If you live in a part of Canada that gets less than 12 hours of sunlight a day, you may want to consider an indoor alternative.


Spiders, gnats, and other pests are more likely to reach your plants when you are outside. You are going to be consuming your cannabis, so carefully consider the types of pesticides you use to turn off pests. A mild, organic pesticide can keep your plants safe from bugs without damaging your plants.

If you don’t think that your backyard is the best environment for cannabis plants, you still have options.

Indoor Grow Room

One of the most popular ways to grow marijuana in a private residence is to set aside a grow room. Why do your plants need a whole room for their survival? In Canada, where temperatures can get pretty chilly and sunshine isn’t guaranteed, they don’t always survive outdoors.

Cannabis can survive on as little as six hours of daylight a day, but more sunlight gives you a better chance at survival. Many indoor growers set up LED or fluorescent grow lights so that they heat your plants for 12, 18, or even 24 hours a day.

Your shopping list doesn’t just stop at grow lights. Humidity makes a big impact on your plants. If the air is too humid, mold or other harmful substances may grow around your cannabis. (This is less of a concern outside where air can circulate.) If you are indoors, make sure you purchase a dehumidifier or a fan that can keep the room at 50% humidity. This equipment will also save your plants as you dry and cut them.

Grow Boxes

Luckily, companies have made it possible to get the grow room experience without clearing your closets for cannabis plants. Canadians can purchase a hydroponic grow box to grow cannabis plants without any mess or stress.

Here’s how it works. Hydroponic systems don’t require soil; your cannabis plants will just sit in water that contains the nutrients it needs to grow. Many grow boxes are automated and come with all of the equipment you need to heat and feed your plants. They will turn lights off and on as needed and also change pH levels when it senses that your plants need a higher or lower pH.

Grow boxes are pretty fancy, and models with all of the bells and whistles can cost a pretty penny. But when you think about the costs of soil, cleaning up the mess of soil, and the overall convenience of a contained, automated system, it may be worth the price tag.

Marijuana Grow BoxesGrow Tents

Grow boxes are a high-tech, new way to purchase an enclosed space that automates your cannabis production. If you are considering a grow box, also consider a grow tent. While these structures are similar, grow tents are usually easier to move and offer more space for growing cannabis.

Growers can order a variety of grow tents and set them up in whatever room they prefer. They can reach up to four feet high, offering more air circulation for the plants inside but less room for human activities in your house. Many indoor growers use grow tents for vegetables alongside their cannabis plants. You can choose to set up a hydroponic system in your grow tent or a more classic system with soil. This may be a drawback in the tent vs. box debate: grow boxes already come with the bells and whistles, including lights. When you buy a grow tent, you need to set this all up yourself.

Grow tents may not be as automated as a grow box and certainly not as sturdy. But if you ever want to move your grow tent or pack it away for a season, you have more choices with your grow tent.

What to Remember Before You Start Growing

Not all marijuana seeds will germinate and become plants that you can harvest, so feel free to plant a handful and try out different methods. Once you have four marijuana plants, it’s time to cut off your other seedlings. Most provinces in Canada only allow residents to privately grow four plants at a time. Review the laws before you start growing and consume your cannabis responsibly.

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