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Why Do People React Differently To Cannabis?

Why Do People React Differently To Cannabis

Why Do People React Differently To Cannabis?

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Cannabis is now more available than ever, especially thanks to the recent changes in the law which make it legally accessible for all adults in Canada. Around 1 in 5 Canadians plan to use cannabis in the next three months according to StatCan. Of course, there are also millions of people who already use. However, one question many users have is why do people react differently to cannabis?

There are many factors which can affect how high you get and how intensely you personally experience the effects. There are many different forms of cannabis, as well as different methods of consumption which can affect how it hits you. Of course, there are also various personal factors which can also have an impact. Even with the exact same product in the same amount, two users may react differently to cannabis.

For the most part, everyone will get effects such as euphoria, happiness, and a pain-relieving body high. But there are differences in how cannabis can affect you. Here’s a guide to why people react differently to cannabis.

Why Do People React Differently To Cannabis?

Any kind of substance that alters the mind can affect people differently. And with many different forms of marijuana and different ways to use it, cannabis is no exception. Things such as the potency of the product and how much you smoke are bound to make a difference. However, even differences in your physical appearance and mindset can have an impact on how marijuana affects you.

Some of the most common reasons for the differences in effects are tolerance levels, differences in body weight, and how you use the products. For instance, a beginner user with a low BMI is much more likely to get an intense high from a small amount of cannabis. A heavier and more experienced user might barely feel the effects. However, experienced users are more likely to use other methods of consumption- smoking out of a bong or taking edibles can result in a much more intense high.

Differences in your brain chemistry can also make a difference. For instance, some users who are prone to anxiety may experience paranoia when they smoke weed. At the same time, some users may find relief for anxiety symptoms when they use weed. With many different types of products, sometimes it’s unpredictable what effects you’ll feel. However, for the most part, marijuana is enjoyable providing you use it in moderation.

Differences Between Cannabis Products

Differences Between Products

One of the key reasons for differences in the effects of cannabis is the kind of products you use. Cannabis is now available in many forms. From strains of weed to edible cannabis gummies to THC tinctures, people have tons of options when it comes to using cannabis.

What’s more, even within these types of products there are differences. For example, an indica strain will have more relaxing effects while a sativa strain will have more uplifting effects. An edible that’s high in CBD will likely give you a milder high than one with pure THC. Here’s a guide to some of the different products and how they generally affect users.

Cannabis Strains – Often referred to as flower, weed or bud, cannabis strains are the most popular kind of product and arguably also the most diverse. You can buy a wide variety of strains, each with unique genetics which can have an impact on their appearance, taste, and effects.

For instance, indica strains are known for inducing more of a relaxing body high whereas sativa strains will give you more energy and mental stimulation. Balanced-hybrid strains mix both sativa and indica genetics. The terpenes and THC content of strains can also have an impact on the effects.

Concentrates – Cannabis concentrates are created by compressing cannabis strains into more potent forms. There are many different types of concentrates, such as budder, hash, wax, and oil. Concentrates contain much more THC than regular strains, and as such, they’ll give you a much more intense high. Many users use these to get more potent effects than usual strains of cannabis. The effects are also likely to last a little longer, especially when you vape them.

Edibles – Marijuana edibles are significantly more potent than other cannabis products due to the way they’re consumed. Edibles are made by infusing food products such as gummies, chocolate bars, and brownies with the THC in cannabis.

When you eat one of these, the THC is converted to 11-hydroxy-THC by the liver- a stronger form of THC which delivers much more powerful effects. The high can take up to a couple of hours to kick in, but it also lasts for many hours afterward. Due to the high potency, these can affect beginner users harshly if too much is taken.

Oils/Tinctures – Cannabis oils or tinctures are easy-to-use liquid cannabis products which you take by applying some under your tongue. These often come in the form of CBD Oils- medical products which won’t get you high. However, you can also use THC Oils which can provide a fast-acting and long-lasting high. These generally offer a more powerful high than smoking cannabis.

Topicals – You can also use topical products infused with cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. However, the interesting thing about these is they will not get you high. Even THC topicals only penetrate the skin, which means they won’t reach your bloodstream or brain and henceforth won’t give you any psychoactive effects. People use these products for effective pain relief and to clear up skin problems. The lone exception is transdermal THC patches- these can offer a mild high that builds up in your body gradually.

Marijuana Potency Differences


Another factor in how cannabis affects you is the potency of the product. Different kinds of strains, concentrates, and other cannabis products have differing levels of cannabinoids which dictates how they’ll affect you.

For instance, high THC strains will give you much more powerful effects of euphoria and enhanced senses. People often seek out strains with high levels of THC to get more powerful effects. At the same time, every plant is different and sometimes THC levels can vary even within the same strain.

The levels of CBD can also make a difference. Cannabis strains with CBD often provide a milder high since CBD can offset some of the harsh effects of THC. CBD can actually reduce the risk of getting anxiety or paranoia while smoking weed. A study on using cannabis for depression found that low THC, high CBD strains were the best at reducing symptoms of depression.

Oftentimes, people react differently to cannabis due to the levels of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids in the product. High THC products will give you more potent effects whereas high CBD products often provide a much more manageable high. Products such as edibles, THC oils, and concentrates are particularly potent.


Personal differences can also make a big difference in how you react to cannabis. In particular, your tolerance level has a huge impact on how you experience effects. Two people could smoke the exact same joint and experience entirely different highs due to their tolerance levels.

Your tolerance for the effects of THC builds up over time as you use cannabis. Beginners may be more likely to experience some anxiety or worry the first few times they smoke weed. However, they will soon become used to the effects. Your body also becomes used to the effects. Over time, frequent use can lead you to need higher amounts of cannabis to experience the same high.

Other personal factors can also affect your tolerance. For instance, when using edibles, users with lower body weights or faster metabolisms are likely to experience the effects faster and get a stronger high.

Method of Consumption Cannabis

Method of Consumption

Even when you use the same product, the method of consumption can make a difference in how cannabis affects you. Some products, such as cannabis strains and concentrates, can be taken in a variety of different ways.

For instance, while many users smoke weed in a joint, they may get even stronger effects by smoking out of a bong. Using a water bong can also clear out toxins and give a more clear-headed high. There are also other methods which may affect how they react to it. For instance, one study found that vaping cannabis generally gives stronger perceived effects than smoking.

The same applies to other kinds of cannabis. Some people use a dab rig or dab pen for concentrates. This is an extremely hard-hitting method of consumption which can get them higher faster. THC Oils can be infused into foods or drinks to make them act more like edibles.

Some products, such as edibles, are more limited in how you can take them. However, with things like strains and concentrates, the way you consume them can have a big impact on how they affect you and how high you get.

Most Potent Forms of Cannabis

Some cannabis enthusiasts actively seek out ways to get an even stronger high. As such, they might look for the most potent forms of cannabis and the best ways to take them. There are tons of options and many ways to enhance your high, but there are a few methods which stand out.

Marijuana edibles will usually deliver the most potent high. They can last for 8 hours or even more for some users. They also convert THC to an even stronger form, which results in some seriously powerful euphoric and psychoactive effects. It’s important to watch your dosage when you use edibles, as even a small amount can result in an intense and long-lasting high.

Cannabis concentrates are also particularly potent. Since they compress high levels of THC into small amounts, you only need a small amount to get strong effects. Some users prefer them over regular strains of weed for this reason. Some people add small amounts of concentrate to a joint or pipe along with weed. However, you can get stronger effects by vaping or even dabbing concentrates.

THC Oils and tinctures can also have strong effects. Some contain very high levels of THC and it’s easy to take as much as you like. The effects are generally fast to kick in and can hit users hard.

Cannabis strains can also be potent depending on which you choose. Some strains have high THC levels, and smoking them in a bong or vaping them can result in stronger effects than smoking them.

Most Potent Forms of Cannabis

How to Reduce the Effects of Cannabis

Although the effects of cannabis are usually enjoyable, some users may experience a bad high. In the case where you’ve taken too much or had a bad reaction to a product, you’ll likely want to try and reduce the effects.

It can take time for a marijuana high to wear off, especially in the case of things like edibles. However, there are a few ways to reduce your high.

Drinking more water can be particularly effective. This will help flush more THC out of your body quicker. Eating more food can also help you sober up. Generally, the best approach is to try and rest so you can sleep the effects off.

Occasionally users will experience negative side effects such as anxiety and paranoia. In these cases, it helps to try and keep a positive mindset, which can help you have a better high. If you regularly experience negative side effects, you may want to lower your dosage or cut out cannabis. Some users with severe mental health issues may be negatively impacted by the effects of cannabis.


So why do people react differently to cannabis? All kinds of factors can come into play, from the way they use it to their personal mindset. The effects of cannabis can be fascinating, and how one person experiences them may be drastically different from another. However, for the most part, you’ll experience effects such as euphoria, happiness, heightened senses, and a strong sense of physical relief.

Differences in your high can often come down to how much you use, what product you use, and how you use it. Some users might smoke more than they realize. Moving up from a joint to a bong can also make a difference. Nonetheless, as long as you use cannabis wisely, you should have a positive reaction.

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  • TerpX

    I’d think everyone can use cannabis they just need to find the right strain and dose. I suggest starting with one puff off a joint and working your way up!

    September 3, 2019 at 10:37 am
  • mrobin

    I have seen some people barely get high their first time. I also saw a guy go into a psychotic episode with his first toke, never had one prior to that day. Everyone is different, and everyone needs to start low and go slow. Beginners should also have higher CBD levels in their cannabis to combat negative side effects of THC, at least until a tolerance is built.

    September 3, 2019 at 7:08 am

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