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8 Tips for Buying Cannabis at an Online Dispensary in Canada

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8 Tips for Buying Cannabis at an Online Dispensary in Canada

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Cannabis is becoming a global phenomenon, with laws and regulations against it lessening or dissolving. Though it might be easier to get marijuana than before, there are still rules against it that you should know. With the pandemic, weed delivery has been making waves throughout the country for its convenience and effectiveness.

Canada is some of the best places for weed delivery. Now, people can quickly grab their favourite products from an online dispensary. Though it’s a possibility you can look into, there are some things you need to watch out for. Here are 8 tips for buying cannabis from an online dispensary Canada offers!

What is an Online Dispensary in Canada?

An online dispensary is a cannabis store that sells a majority, or even all, of its inventory and merchandise through an online store or website. People can search and order an extensive range of products online rather than in-store. Customers can then place it and designate a spot for pick up or weed delivery straight to their door.

If you find an online dispensary in Canada, some have their own delivery services, while others use shipping services, such as UPS, Canada Post, and FedEx.

How to Buy Cannabis Products from an Online Dispensary in Canada

Because online weed delivery is available in most provinces, new or experienced consumers can find what they want conveniently. An online dispensary in Canada will have a certain multi-step process to get their orders done. This process is usually done in three general steps:

  1. Fill Up Your Cart: Surf through the website, locate the items you want and add them to your cart. Some stores might require you to make an account with them.
  2. Add in Your Personal Information: Fill in your contact details, find the summary of your order, and how much it costs. You will likely need to present your ID if you haven’t made an account on their website.
  3. Pay Your Products: Use the payment system of the online dispensary to confirm your order and get your products. They will most likely email you a confirmation and receipt.

Tips for Buying Cannabis at an Online Dispensary in Canada

Before you spend your hard-earned money on your favourite cannabis products, you should understand that each online dispensary in Canada will have its own specialties, products, promotions, and prices. You should also know how to locate safe places to shop online. Here are 8 tips buy weed online in Canada!

1. Read Reviews to Make Sure the Online Dispensary in Canada is Legitimate

Do a quick background check and read reviews to see what people say about the potential online dispensary. People are definitely going to have a say when their money is wasted on products or services that aren’t up to their expectations. Bad online reviews indicate poor reputation and are a huge red flag when trying to find a reputable place to buy weed online.

Alternatively, it would help if you are mindful of fake reviews. If you see 5-star reviews combating legitimate low-star reviews, you can probably conclude that they are trying to save themselves. Many review sites such as TrustPilot, Weedmaps, and Leafy will have records on online dispensaries in Canada.

Person on a bed smoking marijuana joint while using a laptop to buy at an online dispensary in Canada. Speed Greens

2. Take a Peek at the Inventory for Variety

The best online dispensary will have a large selection of marijuana strains and products at your disposal. For any marijuana enjoyer, being able to choose from an extensive collection is heaven. You don’t have to drive across town to find certain products or leave your house to get your favourites. Find the latest products, new drops, highest-rated, and bang-for-your-buck items easily. Look out for these collections when looking for weed delivery:

These players will cover all you need at an online dispensary!

3. Understand the Dosage in Cannabis Products

Not all marijuana products are grown or manufactured alike. There are different strains, potencies, and varieties to choose from, which can make decision-making hard. Two big chemicals in weed (cannabinoids) that you should understand are THC and CBD.


THC, an abbreviation of its chemical name, tetrahydrocannabinol, is the main psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana that makes cannabis known. The amount of THC in a cannabis product is usually measured as a percentage. It’s expressed as a certain amount per total marijuana content.

For example, 20% THC means that per gram of product, 200 milligrams (mg) is THC. Most potent strains sit at or above 20%, with the strongest ones hitting the 30s.


CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is another active compound in cannabis. As opposed to THC, CBD doesn’t have any intoxicating or psychoactive effects. Like THC, CBD is also measured as a percentage, though the numbers don’t reach as high.

CBD amounts around 4% – 9% indicate a high concentration. Get CBD products if you prefer less of a psychoactive experience but want to get the relaxing effects of cannabis. You can get 1:1 CBD to THC products to counteract THC’s reaction.

4. Choose Your Method of Consumption

Depending on the products you get from an online dispensary in Canada, you will need to know different methods of enjoying your weed. Other ways to appreciate your cannabis will trigger particular experiences.

  • Ingestion: Drinking or eating might take longer to absorb into your body. However, this method will last in your system longer.
  • Inhalation: Vaping and smoking are the go-to methods to enjoy your weed. It’s a fast-acting and fun way to capture your cravings.
  • Absorption: This method primarily deals with tinctures and oils. People place it under the tongue, where it’s absorbed into the bloodstream quickly.

Cannabis products available at an online dispensary in Canada. Speed Greens

5. Compare Prices to Get the Best Value

If you want to know the best bang for your buck, you will have to do a deep dive into different online dispensaries in Canada about their prices. The price of weed can vary on various factors, such as quality, brand, and type of cannabis product. Some weed delivery stores will have excellent prices per weight that work for your budget or are better than other businesses.

Keep an eye out for fake or fraudulent websites, as they usually set prices extremely low. See the average price point for the product you want before buying at an online dispensary in Canada.

6. Convenient and Discreet Delivery Methods

An established online dispensary in Canada will have a long-running clientele since people trust how they operate. Try to find one with convenient and discreet methods of delivery. That way, you are confident that the products you order come in safely and without trouble. Take note of an online dispensary’s shipping instructions and guidelines.

The best online dispensaries will offer practical packaging solutions that protect your privacy and guarantee excellent delivery times. They will also assist you during unwanted circumstances and offer reasonable delivery prices.

7. Confirm You Have the Correct Information When Ordering

You should confirm your details before you confirm your order or begin payment. That guarantees you’re expecting your products with the right address, contact address, and delivery methods. If anything goes wrong, you have proof of your order, where it’s supposed to be sent, and what name you ordered it under.

8. Check if the Online Dispensary in Canada is Running Promotions

An online dispensary is known to offer a variety of promotions and deals throughout the year. It’s more than the number of times a brick-and-mortar store can afford to do. Most online canna-businesses will have specific pages dedicated to these deals, so make sure you keep an eye out for them. Here are some popular promotions they might offer:

  • BOGO (Buy One Get One)
  • Percentage Discounts
  • Free Gifts
  • Giveaways
  • Contests
  • Price Drops
  • Events
  • Coupons
  • New Customers

Marijuana bud in a small glass jar to be sold at an online dispensary in Canada. Speed Greens

How to Spot a Shady Online Dispensary in Canada

Your online dispensary businesses can be a front to take your money – watch out! There are some signs that you can spot an unauthorized dealer

  1. Sketchy online cannabis sellers will advertise products at prices that seem too good to be true (extremely low).
  2. They will have unrealistic delivery options, promises, or guidelines.
  3. A fake weed delivery service will have no contact information associated with their business. They might only have personal email or phone numbers to deal with people.
  4. Their policies are nonexistent regarding returns, privacy, and buying options.
  5. They don’t follow the rules and regulations of where they sell.

Buy Cannabis Products from the Speed Greens Online Dispensary!

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Our guarantee is consistent customer service so that you can enjoy your favourite products in no time. We take great pride in providing packaging options that are quick and wrapped securely to seal in freshness. If you’re looking for an online dispensary Canada offers, you’ve come to the right place.

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