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Curious About Cannabis Concentrates? Why You Need To Try Them Now

Waxy cannabis concentrate on stick. Speed Greens

Curious About Cannabis Concentrates? Why You Need To Try Them Now

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Cannabis has started to evolve and grow ever since it became legal in Canada. It has appeared in many forms; nowadays, edibles online have started sprouting. Cannabis concentrates are another popular form because the high THC content acts fast in bringing you the high that you need. 

If this is your first time and you’re curious if cannabis concentrate is for you, you’ve come to the right place. There are many reasons why people are appreciating cannabis concentrates and we’ll cover them all here. Let’s begin!

What are cannabis concentrates?

Imagine a glass of orange juice at the back of your freezer. That is what a cannabis concentrate would look like. It only has the juice but without the most desirable parts of the plant. The cannabis concentrate contains all the cannabinoids and terpenes of cannabis flowers, but you won’t be able to find any plant material in the cannabis concentrate. 

Cannabinoids and terpenes bring the effects and the flavors of every cannabis product, which can be found in marijuana’s trichomes, the small sparking structures that make up the cannabis concentrate. 

Fun fact: Do you know that it is also called 710? That’s the word ‘oil’ backward. Marijuana concentrates are wax, honey oil, butane honey oil, shatter, and black glass. Cannabis concentrates contain extremely high THC levels ranging from 40 – 80%. It is even four times stronger than shelf marijuana which only has 20% THC levels. 

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How are cannabis concentrates made?

Marijuana is celebrated by many. Concentrates of marijuana can be made in a variety of ways. A lot of companies use solvents to aid in the breakdown of plant matter, leaving only the valuable, potent oils behind. 

Rigorous extraction processes include solvents such as butane, ethanol, and CO2. Many people prefer CO2 extractions for their neatness and purity.

To create the solvent concentrates, the first step is to either blasted or soaked the plant in the solvent to destroy all physical plant matter. The remaining oils are put through a stringent purging process to ensure the removal of all the solvents.

There are also extracts that don’t require solvents, such as dry sift resin and hash, which are all excellent extracts. To make rosin, for example, heat and pressure are applied to plant material to literally squeeze out the rosin. It’s made with a rosin press, which is similar to a hydraulic press but with heat plates. 

There are also simpler concentrates, such as hash and kief. In this case, shaking and grinding the trichomes directly off the plant material and collecting them.

The above process allows the plant matter of marijuana to completely separate from hash, trichomes, and, of course, cannabinoids, whether using a sifting method or a flash-freezing technique.

How to use cannabis concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are also called dabs because it is the most common way of consuming them. It is the process of heating the extract until it vaporizes and produces a highly potent vapor that you can inhale with the help of vape pens, tinctures, and more. 

Depending on what effect you want, there are also other consumption methods that might work for you aside from smoking, such as weed edibles. Here are other ways to consume your cannabis concentrates:

Marijuana Products of cannabis concentrates. Speed Greens

Add more potency by topping your flower

If you are aiming for a low-maintenance potency boost, you may add the powdered kief to your bowl around a joint. This can increase the potency of your cannabis concentrate with just very little effort. It is an easy and convenient way, that you don’t even need to have any expensive tools.  

Take a dab for a fast high

This is the widely-used way how to consume cannabis concentrates. It is basically vaporizing the concentrate with the use of a dab rig, followed by applying the concentrate onto the hot surface. Glass, titanium, quartz, and ceramic are the materials that typically makeup dab rigs. Traditionally, you’ll also need to heat the nail using a torch. 

Use a portable vape pen for the perfect high

If your goal is to be discreet and carry something portable, there is nothing more convenient than using a weed vaporizer. Depending on the THC content, you’ll get a smooth high with a simple pre-filled cartridge and a battery.

The heating element in the cartridge activates by powering up the cartridge’s battery, which warms the cannabis concentrates. All you have to do is press the button or drag the pen from the mouthpiece if you’re using one. The disadvantage of using pens and pre-filled cartridges is that they are not refillable, so when the concentrate runs out, you must throw it away. It is preferable to use one with detachable batteries in order to save time and money.

We recommend using a weed vaporizer because it allows you to choose any type of cannabis concentrate and connect a chamber to a battery.

Eat a weed edibles for a long-lasting high

Cannabis extracts can provide a slow but powerful high of weed edibles. Unfortunately, they don’t normally make it to the usual list, but they deserved to be because they don’t need a special tool to consume. This makes cannabis concentrates perfect for beginners. 

Cannabis concentrates and weed edibles on a hand. Speed Greens

If you are aiming for a long-lasting, effect without the smoke, eat weed edibles. It won’t kick right away but give it a couple of hours and it should start to show. The inhalable would kick right away but they’re not as long-lasting. 

Apply topical cannabis concentrates to specific areas

Topical cannabis concentrates, such as tinctures, creams, and more, provide relief but without the head high. Applying topicals onto the skin is easy and usually comes in a nice, portable container so you can bring them anywhere. 

What are the side effects of cannabis concentrates?

In consuming cannabis, the psychological and physical effects on the user may be more intense than with the plant marijuana.

The long-term effects of marijuana concentrate use are unknown at this time; however, the side effects of the marijuana plant may include:

  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Hallucinations

Additionally, do you know that smoking marijuana raises one’s heart rate and blood pressure? So consult your doctor or medical practitioner before trying cannabis concentrates.

What are the types of cannabis concentrates?

In a marijuana dispensary, you may buy weed online for different kinds of cannabis concentrates. Here are the most common ones: 


This is a thin, brittle concentrate that tends to break into many small pieces. It has around 60 and 80 percent THC, depending on the quality of where you buy weed online. Shatter has a balanced concentrate with good flavor and potency.


Budder gets its name from the fact that it has a texture that is very similar to butter. It’s a solid/waxy concentrate that’s similar to crumble but a little thinner and creamier. Badder is similar to the consistency of cake batter.


The process to make distillate is when THC is isolated and separated from the other compounds in the plant in this concentrated oil in an extraction method. This way, it becomes super potent, and it could contain up to 99% THC. However, it has low terpenes, which is the reason why it tastes less flavorful. 

Live resin

Live resin has the intense flavor and smell of live resin so it’s very popular in the market. The process starts with frozen flowers and an extraction method. The result is a THC content of 50–70%. 

Cannabis Concentrate Live Resin at Speed Greens.


This one’s a super tasty concentrate, extracted without the use of solvents. The health-conscious prefer Rosin because it keeps its flavor and yet, without the use of solvent in the process. 


Hash is probably one of the world’s oldest concentrates. It resembles the kief but managed to retain its hashy texture and flavor. 


In this type of cannabis concentrate, the method is the extraction and collection of trichome crystals from plant material. It has a lower THC content than other concentrates, but it’s easy to make. Additionally, kief works great out of bowls. 


Also known as THCA, diamonds are a special concentrate made from crystalline diamonds that stayed after the terpy sauce has been removed. This marijuana concentrate has a milder flavor, but it has a higher potency.


This is a mushy concentrate that resembles apple sauce. And because it contains a lot of terpenes, it is one of the tastier cannabis concentrates. This is best for those who prefer to have flavor than potency. 


It looks like a wet, undissolved sugar. Sugar wax is probably one of the purest weeds online. It has a THC content of 60 – 90% and is popular among users with a high tolerance. This is not the same as shatter, but sugar has a sugary texture and is easier to handle than shatter. 


Another pure form of cannabis concentrate is crystalline, made by refining the cannabis oil into a single compound. It’s similar to coarse sugar that comes with distinct flavor qualities. 

Shop cannabis concentrates from trusted online dispensaries

Online dispensaries, where you can buy weed online have sprouted all over Canada since marijuana became legal. From weed edibles to weed vaporizers, the variety of marijuana concentrates has also increased and without a doubt, will continue to evolve in the future to suit consumers’ needs. 

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