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Learn how to properly store weeds online at Speed Greens.

The Best Way to Store Weed Online According to Experts

Learning how to properly store weed online is as important as knowing your favourite cannabis strains or consumption methods, regardless of how often you smoke. Keep in mind, especially with cannabis flowers, that your product is the result of a plant that went through the standard cultivation, drying, harvesting, and...

Cannabis terpenes with bud, lemons, grapefruit, and pine cones as similar scents. Speed Greens

Everything You Need To Know About Terpenes in Cannabis

Most people can detect the unique and strong odour of cannabis before they even see it. Cannabis gets its distinct odour from terpenes.  Terpenes, which are aromatic compounds, are present in a wide variety of plants but are most closely associated with cannabis due to the high concentrations of terpenes...

Weed online in Canada is available at Speed Greens.

How to Make Sure Your Weed Online in Canada is Legitimate

Even though it's legal to buy weed online in Canada, many people are still hesitant to do so for various reasons. Uncertainty about the legitimacy of the service you're using is a potential issue. Because of the prevalence of online fraud, you might...

Marijuana buds storage in the glass jar for Vancouver Weed Delivery. Speed Greens

4 Benefits of Vancouver Weed Delivery Service

Since the legalization of cannabis in Canada, weed dispensaries in Vancouver have grown significantly. It brought convenience to those who need cannabis products. Additionally, the service of Vancouver weed delivery has been the best solution in providing more safety and convenience to buyers.  If you haven’t tried...

White glass bottle and two green bottles with text CBD Oil. Speed Greens

What’s the Buzz with CBD Oil? Everything You Need to Know

There's no denying that CBD is a popular wellness product right now. You may have the impression that CBD oil has gone from being a little bit here and there to being completely everywhere all at once. From cosmetic products to food, many places are rushing to create products...

Concepts of CBD on the background of cannabis. Speed Greens.

New Studies Show Cannabis Compound CBD May Help Fight COVID-19

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural substance found in cannabis! It is known around the marijuana community for its "non-psychoactive" properties. That way, consumers get all the benefits of enjoying their cannabis product without the associated "high"! People use CBD as a therapeutic against various conditions, whether physical or...