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Weed Grinder: The Essential Tool You Need Now

Close-up of marijuana plant, weed grinder, and joint paper. Speed Greens

Weed Grinder: The Essential Tool You Need Now

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A weed grinder is one of the essential tools any cannabis user should have in their arsenal. Whether you smoke, vape, or infuse your weed into cannabis edibles, you will need to prepare them before consuming them. A weed grinder is what you need to prepare your weed.

If you are new to cannabis, you’re probably wondering why you need a grinder for your weed. Don’t worry, this guide will help you out!

What is a weed grinder?

As the name implies, a weed grinder grinds your weed and turns them into a finer consistency making it easier to smoke, vape, and infuse in cannabis edibles. There are a lot of ways to grind your marijuana. However, using a weed grinder will make it faster, easier, and cleaner to collect all the ground bits. 

Some types of weed grinders have a kief catcher at the bottom chamber. If you want to make your own kief, having this tool is a must. You can easily scoop all the kief out and use it to make your cannabis edibles or your own hash.

What are the weed grinder types?

All grinded weed tools have two perfectly fitted components with small sharp teeth which grind and chop down the weed. If you are using a manual weed grinder, you need to twist these two components in opposite directions with your hands. 

Weed grinders come in different sizes and shapes. That being said, the mechanism of the grinder remains the same. People improved its efficiency and added a few features, such as additional chambers, to make other types of cannabis products, like kief. There are flat grinders and an electric weed grinder. 

  • Flat grinder: This grinder can fit your pocket or even your wallet. They look like a cheese grater. Flat grinders are easy to transport and take up little room.
  • Electric weed grinder: This is a great choice if you have a lot of marijuana to grind. Very convenient, hassle-free, and quick.

In addition, there are four weed grinder types in Canada based on materials:

Metal Weed Grinder

A weed grinder made from metal is more expensive. However, they are the best weed grinder because they are efficient, durable, and long-lasting. The small teeth inside the grinder are sharper and they can easily and quickly break down your weed. Metal grinders are easy to clean.

Ground up cannabis in weed grinder. Speed Greens

Plastic Weed Grinder

This is the most affordable and good temporary weed grinder to have at home. They are not that reliable but if you rarely grind weed and don’t want to spend a lot, the plastic grinder will be able to do the job. Plastic grinders are more challenging to use because the teeth are also made from plastic making them brittle and easy to break.

Wood Weed Grinder

Wood grinders usually come with designs. They are less efficient and harder to clean. Over time, resin and residue will build up in your wood grinders making them less efficient.

Acrylic Weed Grinder

It usually comes with a magnetic closure to ensure the components fit perfectly. Acrylic grinders are compact, portable, and affordable. Just like plastic grinders, acrylic grinders are easy to maintain and clean.

What are the weed grinder sizes?

In addition to materials, a weed grinder in Canada also varies in size. The most common and basic one is a two-piece grinder and can go up to a 5-piece grinder.

  • 2-piece grinder: This is the simplest one, with a lid and a grinder bottom (which also works as a bud catcher).
  • 3-piece grinder: This includes a lid, grinding bottom, and storage chamber.
  • 4-piece grinder:  It includes a lid, grinder bottom, storage chamber, and a kief catcher.
  • 5-piece grinder: This includes a lid, grinder bottom, storage chamber, and 2 kief catchers.

How to use a weed grinder

Using a weed grinder is pretty straightforward. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the lid. Before putting the buds into the grinder, break them using your fingers. Don’t put the buds at the center because this is where the magnetic pivots are located. Therefore, all the buds in the center will not get shredded.
  2. Replace the lid and start grinding. Give it around 10 rotations or until all the buds fall at the bottom or storage chamber.
  3. Unscrew the storage chamber to check the freshly ground cannabis and load it to your joint, bong, or pipe.
  4. You can then collect the kief at the bottom chamber or kief catcher. (This will depend on the type of grinder you have.) Be careful when you are scraping the kief. Use the right scraping tool or a piece of paper. We recommend not using metal scrapers because they can easily scrape parts of your grinder.

Weed grinder steps at Speed Greens

Always clean your grinder after use to prevent residue from sticking to the surfaces. A clean and well-maintained grinder can last long. To clean your weed grinder, you will need to use isopropyl alcohol, salt, and a small brush (toothbrush, stiff-bristled paintbrush, or a clean beard brush).

Rub isopropyl alcohol and salt into the sections of your grinder that have a sticky residue. This method is also used to clean dab rigs, pipes, and bongs. Then, with your small brush, brush off all kief loosely. 

If your kief always sticks to the surface making it hard to remove, consider putting your grinder in your freezer. This will make it harder for the kief to stick to the surface of your grinder. However, for those grinders with very sticky and irredeemably substance, it might be better to replace them all together especially if you are using a low-quality one.

Features to consider when choosing a weed grinder

Here are the features you need to consider when choosing your own weed grinder in Canada:

1. Make and model

Both a manual and an electronic weed grinder are useful. Manual weed grinders are very dependable and convenient. You can grind your buds anytime and anywhere. Meanwhile, electric grinders are ideal if you need to grind a lot of cannabis buds. However, you can only feed a certain amount of buds at a time. 

Check the materials used for the grinders. It should be durable and can be used for a long time. Remember, mass-produced weed grinders might not get a high level of craftsmanship and attention like the grinders that are made locally. 

2. Compartments

The number of the compartments of your grinder will determine its functionality. The most common are 2-piece and 1-piece grinders. They are both affordable and do the job. While a 3-piece grinder provides a smooth grinding experience. 4-piece and 5-piece grinders are called advance grinders which come with kief compartments.

3. Tooth count and shape

Top grinder brands typically have a tooth count of 50. Believe it or not, there are also different tooth shapes to consider. There are rectangular, triangular, circular, rounded, and pyramid-shaped (which is the best one) teeth. 

Always check the grinder if the teeth are razor-sharp. Because this will make sure your buds are properly ground. In addition, you will always have a smooth and uniform grind every time.

Weed grinder, cannabis buds, joints, paper and lighter. Speed Greens

4. Kief catcher

You might think a kief catcher is not important. But it is. It is such a waste of materials if you are not going to collect the kief when you are grinding your buds.

A kief catcher is an important feature you need to consider. When you grind your cannabis buds and use the ground bits for smoking or vaping, the kief catcher will get the kief. This residue contains cannabinoids which you can sprinkle on your food or use as cannabis edibles.

5. Size and performance

The size of your weed grinder will determine how many cannabis buds you can grind at a time. If you are grinding marijuana for your own consumption, you can choose a small weed grinder. However, if you want to increase your grinding capability, check out large grinders. 

The best weed grinder always has an airtight seal which keeps the smell and odor in when grinding. It also keeps your weed fresh.

When choosing a weed grinder, you need to consider its efficiency, quality, and budget. If you are grinding weeds for your own consumption, go for a small one. This way you can always enjoy freshly ground weeds all the time. Find the perfect weed grinder in Canada for your needs at Speed Greens today!

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