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A Quick Introduction to THC Diamonds

THC diamonds on a glass dab tool. Speed Greens

A Quick Introduction to THC Diamonds

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THC diamonds may be new to you. That is completely normal, given that THC diamonds are a relatively new addition to the cannabis industry. But they are one of the most potent cannabis concentrates on the market. They are also known as THCA diamonds and can contain up to 99% THCA.

As a result, THC diamonds are very popular and are only growing in popularity. However, many weed users are curious about what these cannabis concentrates are, whether they can be used, how they are made, what their effects are, and more. There are many unanswered questions regarding THC diamonds! We put together a quick introduction to THC diamonds to enlighten all cannabis users.

Here’s everything you need to know about THC diamonds before you try them.

What are THC diamonds?

THC diamonds have a crystalline appearance similar to granulated sugars or semi-transparent diamond stones. Depending on the concentration and presence of terpenes, their colour can range from white to amber gold. In general, THC diamonds contain almost 100% cannabinoids without any terpenes. If this is the case, your THCA diamonds will be pure white, odorless, and tasteless. THC diamonds can range in size and shape from small to large chunks. The extraction process will also have a significant impact on this.

When processing cannabis buds, cannabinoids are responsible for the intoxicating and beneficial effects. THCA is a THC acid that does not produce a high in the body. It is THC that has not been processed. When THCA is exposed to heat, it will turn into THC. This is also the reason THC diamonds are typically smoked using a vaporizer or dab rig. Bongs and joints will not produce enough heat to convert THCA into THC.

Some THC diamonds can be sold with a saucy substance, called “diamond sauce” or “diamonds”, or without any sauce, called “THCA diamonds”.

Macro shot of THC diamonds sitting on glass cup. Speed Greens

Difference between crystalline and terp sauce

THC diamonds are the crystalline structures that remain after terp or cannabis sauce is removed. These diamonds THC are sometimes coated with terp sauce. 

The main difference between crystalline and terpenes sauce is their extraction and additional processing. However, both the THCA diamonds and terp sauce contain high levels of pure THCA and need to be heated to turn into THC.

How are THC diamonds made?

THC diamonds must first be extracted and then formed under intense pressure. The cold-extraction method is used to extract all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and trichomes from the frozen cannabis buds. 

Cannabis buds need to be freshly harvested and then flash-frozen to protect all the beneficial compounds it contains. Then the specialist uses a chromatography machine to add pressure to the concentrated cannabis oil, causing crystals to form. This is only the first half of the process of producing THC diamonds.

The second part is completed using either the crystalline or closed-loop system methods.

Crystalline method

This method is similar to making rock candies. In the crystalline method, the solvent is combined with THC isolate, resulting in a highly concentrated solution. Heat and pressure are then applied to the saturated solution to form the crystals. Once the solvent has completely evaporated, the concentrated THC diamonds will be visible.

To create THC diamonds in sauce, the extractors will add terpenes or a terp sauce from a specific cannabis strain.

Closed-loop system

Cannabinoids (THC) and terpenes are separated from cannabis buds and plant matter using a liquid solvent in the closed-loop system method. Unlike crystalline methods, the extractors will leave small amounts of solvent to oversaturate the solution. The solution will then be slowly purged for a couple of days to remove the liquid solvent and form THC diamonds. This can take anywhere from two days to a couple of weeks.

THC diamonds delivered in a jar are potent cannabis concentrates. Speed Greens

How potent are THC diamonds?

THC diamonds are currently the most potent cannabis concentrates available on the market. They contain close to 100% THCA. Some THCA diamonds contain as much as 99.9% THCA. As a result, the powerful effects and high the user feels can last for hours without any follow-ups. 

Additionally, THC diamonds are very popular for treating certain medical conditions. THC diamonds are also popular for recreational use because of their potent flavour, aroma, burn, and consistent high.

What are the benefits of THC diamonds?

THC diamonds can boost your mood, treat gum or teeth problems, treat hot flashes, and reduce inflammation caused by a variety of medical conditions. They are also ideal for patients who require immediate and long-term relief. This is due to the high concentration of THCA in cannabis diamonds.

THC diamonds can be beneficial to cannabis concentrate users who have a high tolerance or have been using weed for a long time. The common problem for these experienced cannabis users is that typical weed or edibles do not give them the same high anymore. This is the result of long-term exposure to or use of cannabis. 

As you use cannabis products daily or regularly, your tolerance level will increase, and you may need to consume them more frequently to feel the relief, effects, and benefits. If you have a high tolerance, you should definitely give THC diamonds a try.

What are the uses of THC diamonds?

THC diamonds should be exposed to a certain level of heat in order to feel their benefits and effects. The high cannot be achieved by using rolling papers or smoking joints. This application will not provide the necessary heat to turn THCA into THC

The best way is to use dab rigs or vaporizers. Add THC diamonds to the vape chambers, your vaporizer, or your dab rigs. After that, replace the cap on the vape chambers, inhale, and enjoy!

Remember, you need to prepare yourself for the strong and intense effects if you do this. 

How are THC diamonds different from other concentrates?

The main difference between THC diamonds and other cannabis concentrates is the amount of THC they contain. THC diamonds can have up to 100% THC, while other cannabis concentrates can only have 50% to 90%. The percentage of THC they contain will vary depending on the extraction process used. As a result, THC diamonds are more potent and effective compared to other cannabis concentrates.

THC diamonds compared to other cannabis concentrates visually. Speed Greens.

What is diamond mining for THC diamonds?

Diamond mining is the term used for the process of creating and forming THC diamonds and separating them from terp sauce. It is a technical term referring to the recrystallization process. Depending on the consistency of the sauce, you can completely separate the terp sauce from the crystals.

However, if the terpenes in the THC diamonds are completely separated with terp sauce, they will evaporate faster. It is best to consume your THC diamonds as soon as possible if they are completely separated from terp sauce. Because as time passes, its potency will be reduced.

Depending on the cannabis concentrate used, this process can take anywhere from a few days to three weeks.

Where to find THC diamonds?

THC diamonds are extremely potent and effective compared to other cannabis concentrates. However, if THC diamonds are not handled properly, the terpenes they contain will decrease, especially if they are not mixed with terp sauce. It is important to find a legitimate and reputable online dispensary, like Speed Greens, to buy weed online. 

Speed Greens is an authorized online dispensary that offers quality cannabis products, including dried weed, concentrates, edibles, and other accessories. We also provide discreet packaging and secure weed delivery to ensure that you receive high-quality products when you buy THC diamonds.

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