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THC diamonds on a glass dab tool. Speed Greens

A Quick Introduction to THC Diamonds

THC diamonds may be new to you. That is completely normal, given that THC diamonds are a relatively new addition to the cannabis industry. But they are one of the most potent cannabis concentrates on the market. They are also known as THCA diamonds and can contain up to 99%...

Online dispensary in Canada purchase using a computer from home. Speed Greens

8 Tips for Buying Cannabis at an Online Dispensary in Canada

Cannabis is becoming a global phenomenon, with laws and regulations against it lessening or dissolving. Though it might be easier to get marijuana than before, there are still rules against it that you should know. With the pandemic, weed delivery has been making waves throughout the...

Buy shatter online in Canada at Speed Greens.

How to Buy Shatter Online in Canada This Summer 2022

Are you searching for something heavy-hitting this summer? Want to use that new couch more often? Shatter weed is just the thing you've been missing. This cannabis concentrate reaches remarkable potency, perfect for weed enthusiasts and your most experienced smokers! If you've been searching everywhere for that perfect shatter weed product,...

health benefits of cannabis concentrates

Understanding the health benefits of cannabis concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are currently some of the most sought after marijuana products in the market. Various market surveys show that this is one of the fastest growing sectors of the cannabis industry all over the world. Oils, shatter, budder, wax, sugar, rosin – the pot dispensaries nowadays offer quite an...