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Cannabis Oil

Tincture and marijuana leaf on pink background. Speed Greens.

What is a Tincture? Find Out the Types, Uses, and Benefits

THC and CBD tinctures are becoming an increasingly popular choice for those who want to use cannabis or CBD for its therapeutic benefits. Because they are taken sublingually (under the tongue), the active compounds absorb directly into the bloodstream, allowing them to take effect quickly. Tinctures also offer...

CBD in Canada

CBD in Canada – how popular is it?

With the rollout of cannabis 2.0 in October 2019, selling various derivatives of CBD in Canada is absolutely legal. Earlier, even after the country had legalized recreational marijuana smoking in 2018, only registered medical patients could buy cannabis oil and other CBD edibles from a few licensed dispensaries upon showing...

Weed Online Canada

Weed Online Canada: Buying Tips

There are many products to choose when you want to buy weed online, but how can you be sure about its quality and authenticity? In this article, we will discuss how to buy genuine and legal weed online Canada. Weed or cannabis is a mind-altering drug that came from the...

CBD Vs Hemp Oil

CBD Vs. Hemp Oil – Is There a Difference?

So you want to try out CBD. All of your friends are raving about CBD massages and adding CBD to their coffee in the morning. You start to look around for CBD products, but find that you keep running into hemp oil.  Hemp falls under the umbrella of “cannabis,” but so...

Cannabis Oil Vs. Smoking Marijuana

Cannabis Oil Vs. Smoking Marijuana

When you think of “classic” marijuana usage, what do you picture in your mind?  Maybe it’s a few old hippies enjoying a joint in a circle. In order to roll that joint (or blunt,) you grind green, dried flower up and use rolling papers or wraps to pass around.  But if you’ve...