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One Gram THC weed vape with marijuana buds up close at Speed Greens.

Everything You Need To Know About a Weed Vape

Want to smoke cannabis without the paranoia of smelling like it after? Weed vape pens are the user-friendly solution you’re looking for! A weed vape is a convenient and discreet way to consume cannabis because they are portable and easy to use for users of every level. Vape pens also...

Three Ways to Make Marijuana Oil

3 Ways to Make Marijuana Oil

We love smoking some fresh green nuggets of marijuana. We really do, and we’re sure you do too. But times are changing and you’ve probably noticed that your friends and favourite marijuana enthusiasts are looking beyond flower for their next high. The hottest trend in cannabis is exploring different types...

Cannabis Oil Distillate

Cannabis Oil Distillate: What is it Exactly?

How would you like your cannabis? Back in the day, marijuana was just a crumbly flower that you rolled up in a joint and smoked. Now, you can get a variety of cannabis concentrates that enhance your ingestion experience. These concentrates aren’t green - they might look pretty unappetizing when...