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6 Reasons to Buy Live Rosin in Canada This Summer 2022

Live rosin in Canada at Speed Greens

6 Reasons to Buy Live Rosin in Canada This Summer 2022

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Cannabis concentrates have constantly been evolving to bring you better quality, taste, and aesthetics. One of the most flavourful and aromatic concentrates has come a long way over a relatively short period. Live rosin consistently has high potency because of how well the extraction process locks in the trichomes. Before we start on why you should be enjoying some fantastic live rosin, what is it?

What is Live Rosin?

Live rosin is a type of cannabis concentrate that, unlike its cousin, live resin, doesn’t use solvents to purify the extract. Instead, live rosin only uses heat and pressure to squeeze out the plant’s natural resin. At the end of the process, you’re left with a bright and colourful amber sap-like oil extract, though the colour and quality depend on the extraction efficiency.

Here are 6 reasons why buying live rosin in Canada is something that you should consider this summer 2022!

1. Live Rosin in Canada is a Highly Potent

Live rosin is an extraordinarily pure and high-quality cannabis concentrate. Because of the refining process, the THC levels can vary from 65% to 95%. The fewest unnatural chemicals in this form of THC concentrate make it highly potent. These high levels of THC make live rosin up to four times stronger than the THC content in high-grade or top-shelf weed, which measures around 20-30%.

2. Strong Flavour Profile and Aroma for Live Rosin in Canada

Like in the process of making live resin, the flowers used to make live rosin are flash-frozen to preserve the terpenes. Because it doesn’t use chemicals in the refinement process, the taste and aroma are much more pronounced as opposed to other cannabis concentrates. It has an intense and strong flavour profile that cannabis lovers praise. Live rosin in Canada lets you experience the purest sweetness of some of the finest cannabis the market offers. It’s no wonder it costs a good deal for its weight.

3. A Variety of Concentrates You Can Make with Live Rosin in Canada

Live rosin’s potency, flavours, and aroma profiles make it the perfect addition to various cannabis concentrates and products. Here are some live rosin addition recommendations that will elevate your marijuana experience:

Live rosin batter/budder

  • It is a weed concentrate that contains a high amount of THC.
  • Smooth, silky marijuana product that is reminiscent of butter.
  • Easily enjoyed by dabbing, vaping, or adding it to edibles

Macro detail of hand holding a jar with live rosin in Canada. Speed Greens


  • It is a sticky and liquid cannabis concentrate.
  • Sauce is known for its isolated cannabinoids and high terpene content
  • It provides varying experiences each time you smoke or enjoy the sauce.


  • A glass-like cannabis concentrate with a comparable THC concentration.
  • Undergoing the same process as making live rosin with a high enough temperature will create solventless shatter.


  • A semi-crystalline concentrate that looks and has the same consistency as wet sugar.
  • The perfect ingredient to make baked edibles or as an addition to other cannabis products.

Live rosin diamonds

  • It is a cannabis isolate with a high degree of purity that forms a crystal.
  • It takes the form of its namesake – a diamond.
  • Diamonds are great for smoking, vaping, or dabbing.
  • Diamond’s THC levels are potent and high.


  • A malleable (flexible, able to take many shapes) cannabis concentrate with a dry, fragmented structure.
  • Crumble is an extremely versatile cannabis product that is great for dabbing.
  • It works much better than badder or budder for smoking.
  • You can add it to edibles to intensify its cannabis profile.


  • A highly concentrated form of THC.
  • Perfect for all types of users and marijuana enthusiasts.
  • Great at fighting off various physical and psychological problems.

4. Versatile Ways to Consume Live Rosin in Canada

Live rosin’s main advantage is its versatility. As we have gone over previously, you can already add it to many different cannabis concentrates and products. Here are ways that you can enjoy your live rosin in Canada to the fullest:

Cannabis concentrate live resin in a jar with a glass carb cap. Speed greens

Use a Vape

  • People prefer vaping because of the cannabis experience it creates.
  • Live rosin provides a solventless concentrate that is less harmful than other BHO (concentrates that were processed using a solvent, such as butane).
  • Vaping allows the user to enjoy little harshness through each pull.

Use Dab Rigs

  • If done right, dabbing provides a flavourful experience that intensifies your senses.
  • One of the most common ways to enjoy live rosin.
  • Colder temperature burns are your friends if you’re a flavour-chaser.
  • Hot dabbing temps work if you want to get power-baked and completely ripped.

Add to Your Joints or Bowls

  • Spread the good resin throughout your joints.
  • Add it to your pipe and bong bowls, where it can melt its delicious resin onto your cannabis.
  • You might be surprised to have some beautifully potent resin stuck once you’re done smoking.

Infuse into Edibles

  • Infuse amazing live rosin into your edibles.
  • Simply heat the live rosin before adding its delicious properties to your food.
  • These highly concentrated products will add that level of potency that you’ve been chasing.

5. Live Rosin in Canada is Made Without Solvents and Fewest Unnatural Chemicals

As mentioned previously, live rosin uses a different process than live resin. While live resin uses solvents, such as butane, live rosin undergoes a solventless process. Instead, it uses pressure and heat to extract the terpenes. That ensures there isn’t a trace of chemicals in the final product. It’s a type of cannabis concentrate known for its purity, intense flavour, and potency.

The process starts with fresh frozen flowers to lock in those milky crystals – trichomes. The goal of freezing helps preserve the concentration of these chemical carriers so you can enjoy all the tastes and high that live rosin in Canada is known for!

Trichomes on cannabis used to make live rosin. Speed Greens

6. Live Rosin in Canada is Powerful and Fast Acting

This cannabis hash oil offers what canna-enthusiasts look for – an extremely potent high. Plenty of live rosin’s potency results from a cannabinoid count around and above 75%. That means that its makeup contains a high concentration of THC and CBD. The rest of live rosin’s content deals with the terpenes. These terpenes give this concentrate the aroma it’s known for.

Because of how easy live rosin is to enjoy, smoking and vaping provide the best ways to get a rich high quickly. Live rosin also offers a safe option for your body since you’re not introducing harmful chemicals, such as other BHO concentrates.

Where to Buy Live Rosin in Canada

Finding live rosin in Canada may be a hard match. At Speed Greens, we are well aware of people’s feelings toward live rosin. It’s the reason we go to great lengths to provide top-quality brands that feature the best flavours. Our online dispensary features a fantastic selection of live rosin Canada offers.

Light those concentrates, inhale those aromas, and fulfill your dreams of testing some heavy-hitting products this summer! Order now and set yourself up for success!

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