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Curious About the 420 Meaning? Here’s the Hazy History

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Curious About the 420 Meaning? Here’s the Hazy History

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If you are new here and to the cannabis culture, you might be wondering what the 420 meaning is. And the reason why your weed consuming friends celebrate and smoke cannabis together on April 20 every year. This is considered an unofficial pot holiday where all weed consumers get together to smoke cannabis together. 

There are also people who like to celebrate by themselves. That is okay too! There is no right or wrong way when it comes to celebrating the unofficial marijuana holiday.

Learn everything you need to know about the 420 meaning, where it came from, and how you can join the celebration. Do not be left behind and join the 420 celebrations in this unofficial pot holiday with SpeedGreens!

What is the 420 meaning?

The 420 meaning refers to a cannabis slang pertaining to the consumption of weeds, hashish, and other cannabis concentrates on April 20 at around 4:20 pm. Also, it refers to the unofficial cannabis holiday that happens every year on April 20.

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History of the 420 meaning

There are many stories, myths, and rumors regarding where the 420 slang originated. There is a rumor that 420 started because it was Canada’s state criminal code used to punish all the people who illegally use and distribute weed.

Many people also believed it came from Bob Dylan’s song, Rainy Day Women #12 & 35, and its lyrics. When you multiply 12 by 35, you will get 420. This story is a bit stretched and unlikely.

Then, there is a story about the Waldos. The story started with a group of California high school students who call themselves the Waldos. There was a rumor in their school about an abandoned cannabis stash that the Waldos decided to hunt. They will meet at 4:20 pm near a statue of Louis Pasteur located on one of the grounds in San Rafael High School and start their search from there.

If one of the members of Waldos calls 4:20 Louis, it means they will look for the hidden marijuana and meet at a specific time and place. 4:20 Louis became 420. This code turned into a code for smoking weed.

The cannabis slang 420 would have died but in 1970, the members of the Grateful Dead band moved to San Rafael and picked up the phrase. Because of this band, 420 and smoking marijuana at 4:20 pm, and the stoner holiday on April 20 started to spread and became world-renowned. 

Vintage photo of marijuana sign with palm trees for 420 meaning. SpeedGreens

The story about the Waldos is the most commonly talked and accepted story behind the 420 meaning, even until today.

Why do we celebrate 420?

Every April 20, all cannabis users and supporters celebrate 420 all over Canada and the world. Many weed consumers gather together and smoke pot. This stoner holiday is a fun and exciting day to use and smoke weed with your friends and relax together.

A simple weed hunt turned into an unofficial pot holiday for many marijuana users and consumers. It became an annual gathering where pot smokers collectively smoke weed at the same time and day. 

April 20 became an unofficial stoner holiday.

Ways you can celebrate 420 with meaning this year

To join the celebrations of 420 with meaning, you first need to buy weed in Canada from Speed Greens. You can’t smoke pot if you have no marijuana. There are many strains and varieties of weeds available in SpeedGreens. We also offer concentrates such as hashish, oils, distillates, and more. Choose the one that fits your taste buds and desired effects.

Celebrate 420 with meaning with cannabis, joint, and lighter. SpeedGreens.

Also, prepare all the necessary weed accessories you might need. You can use vaporizers, bubblers, bongs, and joints to smoke your marijuana. Consuming cannabis is not only limited to smoking weed, you can also consume edibles packed with cannabinoids. 

Once you have your cannabis products and weed accessories ready, call your friends over and start the celebration. You can talk all you want with your friends and eat food or you can watch movies and TV series, like Breaking Bad or FRIENDS, with them. 

Or you can celebrate 420 yourself. Smoke weed then read your favorite book or play online games. The choice is yours. There are no boundaries or limitations in celebrating 420. This is also one of the perks of 420.

Prepare for the 420 celebrations this year by picking up your favourite cannabis products at SpeedGreens!

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