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8 Ways to Consume Cannabis

8 Ways to Use Cannabis

8 Ways to Consume Cannabis

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The legalization of cannabis has opened up many doors for Canadians who want to experiment with marijuana and other cannabis products. If you are new to the world of cannabis, welcome! Maybe you are searching for pain relief, a sleep aid, or just want to give cannabis a go. Where do you start? Before you choose a specific strain or make a purchase, you might want to choose the way you will consume your cannabis. The way you consume cannabis can have an effect on how you feel, so as you experiment, try a few of these different methods.

Eight Different Ways to Consume Cannabis

1. Smoking

When you think of marijuana, you probably think of smoking marijuana. This is the most popular way to consume cannabis and get high. Cannabis consumers have a lot of options for smoking: blunts, bongs, joints, bubblers…you name it.

Smoking is a great way to consume cannabis if you want to control how much you take in. Beginners can enjoy a few puffs without the worry of getting too high. This is often the cheapest method, as it just requires flower and some rolling papers.

A lot of people enjoy smoking because they can choose which strain to inhale. Different strains offer different flavours and effects. If you have a specific need (back pain relief, insomnia, etc.) you might get a lot more out of choosing the strain that you smoke.

Smoking Marijuana

2. Edibles

Edibles have been around for quite a long time; there are records of Hindu people drinking cannabis-infused tea as early as 1000 BC. An “edible” is any sort of food or drink that has been infused with cannabis. Most edibles come in the form of baked goods, like brownies or cookies. Consumers can get candies infused with cannabis and cannabis-infused drinks. If you want to cook with cannabis, you can grab cannabis-infused olive oil. No matter what diet you have or what you’re craving, you can probably find the food you want as an edible.

Most edibles have THC in them, but you can also get edibles that only have CBD.

Consumers should be careful when eating an edible. THC goes through the liver when you ingest it – most of that THC is converted into 11-hydroxy-THC. This is an intense chemical compound and gives consumers a “couch lock.” It’s easy to consume too much and feel knocked out for 12 hours. Be sure to read the labels before you consume and give yourself at least an hour for the edibles to “kick in.” If you are making them at home, you may not be able to tell how much THC you are ingesting in each piece or bite, so take things slow.

New to pot brownies and weed cookies? Read our guide to edibles for newbies.

3. Pills or Capsules

Taking a cannabis pill isn’t the most fun way to get high, but pills and capsules do exist on the market. Consumers who don’t want to smoke but still want to know how much they are consuming at a time can grab pills with THC or strictly CBD. This is more popular among people who use cannabis for medicinal purposes.

4. Vaping

Vape devices are a popular way for tobacco smokers to quit their habit, but you can also use vapes to consume marijuana. These devices (typically called “vapes” or “vape pens”) heat up marijuana to a temperature where it releases cannabinoids. It’s a great way to get high discreetly.

Most vape devices only work with marijuana oil, but you can also find a pen or a vape that takes flower. Consumers can buy individual cartridges with marijuana oil, but you can also use tinctures or oils and make your own “vape juice” at home.

Vaping will give you a stronger hit than smoking, but it is typically a cleaner hit. People who feel anxious or paranoid when they smoke might want to try vaping instead.

The “Juul” is one of the most popular vape devices. Learn more about how to consume marijuana oil with a Juul.

Vaping Marijuana

5. Dabbing

The “dab” isn’t just a meme. The now-famous dance move originated from the process of vaporizing cannabis concentrate. Dabbing gives you a potent and strong high; we wouldn’t recommend it for new users. (How potent? Flower contains up to 25% THC. Concentrates contain 90%. Yeah. That potent.) If you regularly consume cannabis and want a stronger high without smoke, give dabbing a try. You’ll need a few different pieces of equipment – including a blowtorch.

Consumers can dab a few different types of concentrates – here’s a blog post about the ones we like best.

6. Tinctures

Consumers have been able to purchase herbal tinctures for quite some time, but cannabis tinctures are just taking off. They are essentially cannabis-infused alcohol…or alcohol-infused cannabis. They are quite different from weed beer and other alcoholic beverages that contain cannabis. Tinctures come in a dropper and are consumed by the milliliter.

Many people enjoy a single dosage – tinctures are another smokeless alternative that is discreet and versatile. They are good to have around the house, because you can use them to make edibles or vape juice.

7. Sprays

Yeah, you can spray yourself with cannabis. Sprays are either oil- or alcohol-based and can deliver the effects of cannabis with just one application. This is certainly not the most popular way to get high or get pain relief, but it just goes to show how many ways you can consume cannabis.

Cannabis Spray

8. Topicals

Consumers can also apply cannabis to the skin through topicals. Most topical products only contain CBD and are used for pain relief or anxiety relief. Topicals are a great way to experiment with CBD. You can get them in balms, lotions, or even bath bombs.

Interested in how to use CBD topicals? Read on.

Time to Get Started!

Ready to start experimenting? Remember to take things slow. One cookie will give you quite a different experience than one hit or one dab. Enjoy the experience, but do so responsibly.

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