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THC diamonds on a glass dab tool. Speed Greens

A Quick Introduction to THC Diamonds

THC diamonds may be new to you. That is completely normal, given that THC diamonds are a relatively new addition to the cannabis industry. But they are one of the most potent cannabis concentrates on the market. They are also known as THCA diamonds and can contain up to 99%...

Buy shatter online in Canada at Speed Greens.

How to Buy Shatter Online in Canada This Summer 2022

Are you searching for something heavy-hitting this summer? Want to use that new couch more often? Shatter weed is just the thing you've been missing. This cannabis concentrate reaches remarkable potency, perfect for weed enthusiasts and your most experienced smokers! If you've been searching everywhere for that perfect shatter weed product,...


What Is “Twaxing?”

There are a lot of ways to consume marijuana. You can order flower or you can order edibles, shatter, budder, you name it. Usually, these individual forms of marijuana or THC are consumed on their own - maybe they’re wrapped up in a joint or added...

8 Ways to Use Cannabis

8 Ways to Consume Cannabis

The legalization of cannabis has opened up many doors for Canadians who want to experiment with marijuana and other cannabis products. If you are new to the world of cannabis, welcome! Maybe you are searching for pain relief, a sleep aid, or just want to give...

Best Concentrates to Dab

Four Best Concentrates to Dab

As general cannabis consumption grows more mainstream around Canada, so do alternative methods to smoking. Cannabis lovers have been dabbing and vaping marijuana for years, but for many starters, they might feel lost when buying products. Why dab? How does it work? And why do I...