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What Is “Twaxing?”


What Is “Twaxing?”

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There are a lot of ways to consume marijuana. You can order flower or you can order edibles, shatter, budder, you name it. Usually, these individual forms of marijuana or THC are consumed on their own – maybe they’re wrapped up in a joint or added to a dab rig. 

But you don’t have to try each new product in your SpeedGreens order one at a time. One of the trendiest ways to consume cannabis involves smoking both flower and concentrates. 

It’s called twaxing. If you’re looking to ramp up your normal joints or blunts, we recommend that you get into it. 

Why Start Twaxing? 

Joints are great. We love smoking joints. But you may be looking for a way to consume marijuana that contains a higher level of THC than your joint can provide you. 

Twaxing takes your smoking experience to the next level. You get all of the high levels of THC without buying a crazy dab rig. You still can enjoy the pure taste of your favourite strain, but with a little something extra. Plus, twax joints often look prettier than normal joints. 

So let’s get started. 

What You’ll Need to Start Twaxing 

  • Rolling papers or a blunt wrap
  • Filters (optional)
  • Bud
  • Shatter, wax, kief, or the concentrate of your choice 

What You’ll Need to Start Twaxing 

How to Twax the Inside of a Joint 

Twaxing doesn’t have to be complicated. One approach to twaxing is to simply roll a joint that contains bud and a small amount of concentrate. These should be added at the same time. 

If you are twaxing this way, the type of concentrate doesn’t matter too much. You can add small bits of shatter to the inside of your joint or add a drop of THC distillate. Just be careful that you don’t add enough to weigh down the joint papers or cause it to rip while you’re rolling your joint. 

(If you need tips on rolling the perfect joint, we’ve got you covered.) 

Roll up your joint and smoke away! 

New to twaxing? Make sure you start with small pieces of concentrate. These substances can reach up to 90% THC, so too much will put you on a wild ride. Keep track of what concentrate you add and experiment before committing to one type of twaxed joint.

How to Twax The Outside of a Joint 

When you wrap concentrates around the outside of your joint, you can make a pretty Instagram post. (Just use #twax on Instagram for inspiration.) 

Roll your joint like you normally would, but keep some shatter or wax nearby. Shatter is usually the easiest concentrate to work with, but again, feel free to experiment. Take a small piece of shatter and roll it up into a thin, long piece. 

We like to twax our joints by sticking one end of the shatter to the top of the joint and then rolling the shatter around the joint in a downward spiral. This way, you get an even amount of shatter throughout the length of the joint. You can wrap the shatter straight around, but then you might get all of your shatter at once or have to play around more with making other rings. If you’re really into this idea, you can create a flat, square piece of shatter and roll that around your joint. 

You can stop here. Or you can add a little more to your twaxed joint. 

The biggest trend in twaxing now is to use the stickiness of the shatter to your advantage. If you have some kief lying around, place it on a small plate. Roll your twaxed joint on the kief so that it sticks to your shatter. 

How to Twax The Outside of a Joint 

Twaxing Tips

Don’t Have Shatter? 

If you don’t have shatter on hand, you can still twax your joint with kief. Just gently lick the outside of the joint and stick the kief onto your joint that way. Just make sure your joint doesn’t get too slobbery. 

Can I Twax a Blunt?

Yes! Blunts allow you to fit a bit more weed in, so go crazy. 

You can also get fancy and try and twax a cross joint. A twaxed cross joint is truly the apex of the vortex of joint engineering. 

How to Smoke a Twaxed Joint 

A twaxed joint looks really pretty once you’ve wrapped your concentrate around your joint. But once you start to light up, things might get a little melty. Embrace it, but don’t let things get too messy and drippy.

Keep an eye on your joint while you’re smoking and turn it around every now and again. The wax will probably start to drip down your joint. If you keep it in one place, the wax will start to drip off your joint. No one wants that. Rotate it here and there to keep the wax around what truly matters – your weed. 

Plus, if your wax drips off your joint, it might drip onto your hand or your leg. Trust us. You don’t want to experience hot wax dripping onto you. It kind of kills the buzz. 

How to Smoke a Twaxed Joint 

Where to Buy Cannabis Concentrates in Canada

A joint without concentrates is not a twaxed joint – it’s just a joint. So make sure you have some concentrates on hand before you twax. 

You won’t be able to grab shatter and kief at the dispensary on your way home from work. Sure, you can grab flower and papers and other accessories, but you’ll still have some items left on your list. Hit up an online dispensary to get a full selection of concentrates and flower for your next twaxing experience. 

SpeedGreens is an online dispensary that delivers a wide variety of cannabis products to your door. Choose from over three dozen different types of shatter and even more types of cannabis flower. We’ve even got rolling papers, grinders, and everything else you need to create the perfect twaxed joint. 

Enjoy your shopping, and share your twaxed joints with us by tagging @speed.greens or using the hashtag #SpeedGreens on your Instagram posts. We can’t wait to see your twaxy creations!

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  • mrobin

    I like to do this, but never heard this term. I like this once in a while as a little treat. I can confirm, hot oil on your thigh when your stoned smoking in your boxers is not fun… PAY ATTENTION haha

    July 26, 2019 at 5:00 am
  • brazdaz69

    Thanks for the read! Never tried adding wax or shatter to a joint but it sure sounds appealing! Cheers

    July 19, 2019 at 1:59 pm
  • Vigilance

    For sure have to try it out, Twaxed Cone Joint here i come, lol. (Inside and Out)

    July 19, 2019 at 9:48 am
  • Natasha Stanley

    Oh wow I never knew that was called twaxing, my friends does this all the time.

    July 19, 2019 at 6:35 am

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