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9 Best Stealth Vape Pens

Nine Best Stealth Vape Pens

9 Best Stealth Vape Pens

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Vape pens come in all shapes and sizes.

Some vapers want to proudly blow clouds and display their mod to the world. Others prefer a more discrete option that blends in with the cigarette smokers on the block.

If you don’t want a clunky vape pen to fall out of your purse or pocket when you’re at work, a “stealth” vape pen may be the best choice for you.

We’ve gathered a list of some of the best stealth vape pens on the market. These models can fit in the palm of your hand and usually offer a disguise that will let you display your vape in public without any questions.

Let’s get started.

Kandypens Special-K

This pen looks like an actual ballpoint pen but is the top-selling vape from Amber Rose’s favorite vape manufacturer.

Special-K is a handmade vape that has won the hearts of many users due to its reliability. The battery stays charged for a long time and is easy to transport without suspicion. Users also enjoy that the pen is relatively silent, making it discrete in more ways than one.

The Special-K pen takes liquids and oil.

Grasshopper Vape

This is another vape that takes the disguise of a pen. Engineers created the Grasshopper after starting a crowdfunding campaign. The design and creativity that went into this pen is clearly the work of professionals who know what vapers want.

One of the standout qualities of the Grasshopper vape is that it heats up fast. Users can adjust the heat settings (it can get pretty hot,) but won’t have to wait around for more than five seconds for the pen to be ready. That’s right…five!

Weighing in at 65 grams, this is one of the lightest vape pens on the market. It is also one of the top dry herb pens on the market. If you prefer to vape with the bud you have at home, you’ll be all set with a Grasshopper vape.

Artery Vapor Lady Q

Like the Kandypens Special-K and the Grasshopper vapes, the Lady Q pen has a great disguise. Once you’re done vaping, you can turn the magnetic tank around and hide it within the battery. The vape looks exactly like lipstick!

The Lady Q pen offers four different airflow settings and a 1000 mAh battery. The 1.5ml juice capacity gives you more room than a lot of stealth vape pens. It’s a simple and discreet vape that perfectly complements a girls’ night out. (Of course, guys can use it too. Who are we to say that you can’t pop some lipstick in your purse?)

West Coast Smoke Executive

Okay, if a lipstick in your pocket would cause more suspicion on a night out, try grabbing a vape pen kit that is disguised as a pack of cigarettes. West Coast Smoke offers two types of Executive vape pens that cater to your preferences. Love indica? Grab the black. Love sativa? Grab the white. This kit comes with three cartridges in a self-charging case. Bring it to your next dinner party or fancy event. You’ll look and feel like the top dog.

Cloud Pens

Cloud Pens is always stepping up their game and adding new vape models to their collection. They’re up to 3.0 now, but many users still prefer the small size and quick charging time of the Cloud Pen 1.0. This guy is only four inches tall and looks like a flash drive or a charging stick. Within two hours, you can charge it up and hit the vape when you’re out and about. Don’t let the four inches fool you; you can rip a mighty hit out of the Cloud Pens.

Sky Extracts Vape Pen

Ready to get knocked on your feet? Try the Sky Extracts Vape Pen and pre-filled cartridges. Users can purchase the cartridges and pop them into any type of vape pen that is compatible, but Sky Extracts also offers a pen and charger that is super discreet. The pen itself looks like a charging stick and only needs about two hours to be fully charged for the night.

The Sky Extracts Vaporizer Kit comes with the following cartridges and flavors:

  • CBD distillate
  • 1:1 CBD/THC distillate
  • Gorilla Glue #4
  • Pineapple Express
  • Granddaddy Purple
  • Death Bubba
  • Super Lemon Haze
  • Durban Poison

Did we mention that these cartridges are potent? We’ll take one of each, please.

Herb-e Vaporizers

Users can easily hide >Herb-e vapes in the palm of their hand. The Herb-e Seven is a wax concentrate pen that allows users to discreetly enjoy wax. Herb-e Dry Herb Vaporizer lets you enjoy…obviously, dry herb.

All of the pens in the Herb-e family are discrete and small, but still long-lasting. Users report getting at least 15 hits out of their wax vaporizer before having to recharge. The 1200 mAh battery is more powerful than most batteries of this size on the market.

West Coast Smoke Gold Digger

Nothing looks sleeker than this vape pen. The Gold Digger gets its name from its beautiful gold color which matches the golden glow of the distillates that you enjoy with it. Only vapers who want the highest quality should go for this pen. Once you’ve hit your .8 grams of organic distillate, you can refill and choose from any of the following flavors:

  • Girl Scout Cookie Mint
  • Grape Ape Grape
  • Jack Herer Mango
  • OG Kush Blueberry
  • Strawberry Cough Strawberry
  • Super Sour Diesel

It sounds like a delicious menu to us.

West Coast Smoke Silver Bullet

If you tend to wear more silver jewelry, you might want a pen that complements your style. The Silver Bullet from West Coast Smoke is a disposable pen that lets you enjoy 400mg of THC. Choose from the same flavors as above without the worry of recharging!

Get Stealthy!

We hope you enjoyed this list of stealth vape pens! There are so many options out on the market, and as more Canadians take advantage of the legalization of marijuana, we only hope to see this trend growing for years to come.

Share your opinions with us! What stealth vape pens are your favorites? What do you think about our choices? Leave some comments and let us know!

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