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Top 5 AAAA Strains in Canada

Top Five AAAA Strains

Top 5 AAAA Strains in Canada

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Sometimes, you just want the best of the best. You want to know that you’re buying grass-fed, organic beef, or that your clothes were made to be high-quality. You worked hard for your money and you want to make sure that you are exchanging it for a worthy product. If you’re the kind of person that wants top-shelf vodka and also top-shelf cannabis, it’s time to start shopping for AAAA strains.

We’ll break down what puts AAAA strains at the top of the marijuana game in Canada and some of the most popular varieties throughout the country. Now that cannabis is legal, it’s easier than ever to seek out high-quality weed.

What Is an AAAA Strain?

We all have tried weed that’s potent and tastes lovely – and we all have got stuck with a gram of dirt weed that makes us wonder why we smoke the stuff in the first place. It was hard to find high-quality weed back in the days of illegal cannabis. Now that weed is available on the market, brands want you to know when they are selling you the best weed that money can buy.

When you go into a marijuana retailer, you may see each flower graded from A to AAAA. AAAA is top-shelf stuff. It was grown without pesticides and has a high amount of terpenes. (Terpenes give marijuana its flavour. You want a lot of terpenes coming through when you consume cannabis.)  Each bud is consistent in size and looks quite beautiful. AAAA strains are frequently the most potent varieties as well; it doesn’t take much to give you a soaring high.

If you want to assure that your marijuana is organic and will give you the highest potency for its strain, grab an AAAA product.

What is AAAA Strain

How Much Do AAAA Strains Run For?

The difference between a top-shelf and a bottom-shelf vodka is usually a big price at the bar – does the same principle apply to marijuana?

Yes and no. AAAA strains are certainly a bit pricier, but not so much that you’ll be taking out a second mortgage just to smoke better weed.

Let’s look at an example on our site; 3.5 grams of Platinum Girl Scout Cookies (AAAA) will run you about $30. The same amount of Purple Space Cookies (AAA) is $28, and Master Kush (AA) is $25. This doesn’t make a huge difference, especially if you don’t smoke a whole lot of bud. The potency of your AAAA strains will probably make your supply last a little longer as well.

Is the AAAA Rating Limited to Flower?

Nope! If you are shopping for shatter or budder, you will also be able to filter your choices and only choose an AAAA strain.

Top AAAA Strains in Canada

Gorilla Glue #4

This strain is so top-shelf it got a shout out from Jay-Z in The Carters’ latest single (“smoking Gorilla Glue like it’s f*****’ legal.”) Luckily, Canadians can smoke it legally and get a great high. Gorilla Glue strains reach up to 28% THC. You’ll know you’ve got a good batch of GG#4 (also known as “Original Glue”) because it’s got a pungent, earthy smell. GG#4 is a hybrid that will give you happy thoughts while you’re locked to the couch. Grab Gorilla Glue #4 (AAAA) in the form of flower, shatter, and budder on our website.

Death Bubba

This is a homegrown Canadian product. Death Bubba was created after Vancouver growers crossed the genes of Death Star and Bubba Kush. The result is an indica that will put any insomniac to sleep. Many Canadians use Death Bubba as a medical strain to treat various symptoms of discomfort or pain. Customers also claim that it’s good for treating nausea. We offer AAAA Death Bubba online as a shatter or a budder.

Death Bubba Strain

Tuna Kush

Tuna Kush is one of the most popular indica strains in Canada. Like Death Bubba, it was born and bred in Canada. It comes from the legendary Hindu Kush strain, so you know it’s got to be good. Indica fanatics tend to prefer Tuna Kush to other strains because it won’t knock you out as soon as it hits your brain. Consumers can enjoy a hit or two in the morning and still have energy to go about their day.

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout cookies and marijuana have always had a good relationship. Even before marijuana was legal in Canada, you could finish a box once the munchies hit. Now that marijuana is legal in Canada, enterprising Girl Guides are making a killing by setting up shop in front of dispensaries. These girls will go far.

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies is one of two varieties that, yes, do really taste like Girl Scout cookies. Both are relatively the same, but we love the look of Platinum. The dark green leaves and bright orange hairs look like a work of art, but the smell is one of a fresh batch of cookies. A few puffs of this hybrid will leave you happier than when you first spot Girl Scout cookies for sale.

Blue Dream

If you want a more dominant sativa with a smoother high, try Blue Dream. This is one of the most popular strains throughout North America. It reaches up to 24% THC, which can still put you on your butt, but not with the power of a 28% Gorilla Glue flower. Blue Dream is a hybrid; the body feels nice and relaxed but the mind is invigorated and ready to take on the day. Many Canadians use this strain to treat a variety of ailments and report being able to use the strain day or night. We offer Blue Dream (AAAA) in flower form on our website.

Where To Buy AAAA Strains in Canada

Want the best product that money can buy? Make sure that when you shop for strains, you stick to exclusively AAAA products. At Speed Greens, we allow shoppers to look through only AAAA strains. Choose a single variety or an AAAA starter pack that allows you to mix-and-match a handful of different strains for your consumption.

Grab a mix of potent, organic, top-shelf strains on our online store today.

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