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The 10 Most Potent Marijuana Strains

potent marijuana strains

The 10 Most Potent Marijuana Strains

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Sometimes when smoking marijuana, all you want is a nice gentle buzz.

Other times, you want the most potent high possible. Potent indica strains can make you mellow out fast, making you feel like you’re stuck to the couch in pure relaxation. Potent sativa strains will perk you up, making you feel energetic, creative, and ready to be productive. Hybrid strains will give you the best of both worlds, often lifting your mood before putting you into a nice state of relaxation.

One way of telling how good your weed will be is by the grading scale. AAAA graded weed is bred for quality, with nice dense buds and potent effects. AAAAA graded weed? Even better. The potency of your high can also depend on how you consume it. Smoking out of a bong will get you high for longer than a joint, whereas edibles will hit you even harder.

But the potency of your weed often comes down to which strain you use. There are many indica, sativa, and hybrid strains known for giving you a heavy high. Here are ten of the most potent marijuana strains that you can buy online right now.

Gorilla Glue #4 (AAAA)

If you need a potent indica-dominant strain, you can’t go wrong with Gorilla Glue #4 (also known as Original Glue or GG4). As the name suggests, smoking this will leave you feeling like you’re glued to the couch with a powerful relaxing and euphoric buzz.

It’s a hybrid with around a 60:40 ratio of indica to sativa. GG4 also has a THC content of 25%-28%, giving you a potent and long-lasting high. It’s popular worldwide and the winner of various awards, including Cannabis Cups and the High Times Jamaica World Cup.

If you need a strain for full-scale relaxation with a range of medical benefits, then you can buy Gorilla Glue #4 starting at $27.

Walter White (AAAAA)

Walter White is a strong hybrid strain that mixes The White with sativa genetics. As such, it gives you some mentally stimulating and creative effects in addition to making you settle into the couch in a state of relaxation.

This AAAAA strain is highly potent, with THC levels of 18-21% and a reputation for powerful stress-reducing effects. It’s great for both day and night smoking and with its citrusy taste and smooth smoke, anyone can enjoy smoking Walter White.

It’s an interesting strain that can both stimulate you and relax you. You can buy Walter White here.

Blueberry Grape Ape (AAAAA)

Blueberry Grape Ape is a great choice for experienced smokers. Made by mixing Afghani, Skunk, and Mendocino Purps, this potent hybrid has average THC levels of 23%. It’ll bring on an intense wave of euphoria, relaxation, and happiness. It’s a go-to for nighttime smoking. It can ease your mind and help put you right to sleep.

The sweet, fruity aroma and flavor make Blueberry Grape Ape a pleasure to smoke. As you can guess from the name, you’ll get hints of grape and blueberry. It’s also recognizable from its distinct appearance with purple, trichome-covered buds.

It’s also hailed for its medical benefits. It can help relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. All in all, it’ll make your mind and body feel good. You can buy Blueberry Grape Ape here.

OG Cheese (AAAAA)

OG Cheese is a potent cross between Afghani and OG Skunk #1. The result is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that will give you a strong euphoric buzz with a sense of happiness and relaxation.

It’s a popular choice for many weed users and one that’s great for beginners. It’s a pungent strain with an earthy skunk aroma and a hint of cheese. You can expect this one to creep up on you after you smoke it, and also give you the munchies.

This is a good strain for unwinding and clearing your mind in the evening. It also has strong medical qualities, helping users with migraines, muscle spasms, chronic pain and more. If you want to try OG Cheese, you can find it online here.

Pink Kush (AAAA)

Looking for a powerful body high that will make you feel mellow and sedated? Look no further than Pink Kush. This is an indica-dominant hybrid known for its highly potent effects in helping people relax and putting them to sleep.

With average THC levels of 20%, expect this one to hit you hard and fast. Most users report feeling uplifted, happy, and of course, highly relaxed. The medical benefits of Pink Kush are also extremely potent. It helps relieve chronic pain, reduce stress, and cure insomnia.

The thick trichome-heavy buds and sweet, vanilla-like scent make this strain easy to recognize. It’s enjoyable whether you’re a beginner or experienced smoker- but best left for later in the day. You can buy Pink Kush here.

Death Bubba (AAAA)

This popular Canadian strain was created by Vancouver’s Sea to Sky by crossing popular indica strains Bubba Kush and Death Star. The result is a smooth, pungent, and highly potent strain of marijuana that’ll make you chill and mellow out fast.

Many people use Death Bubba as a medical marijuana strain. Thanks to the strong indica properties, it can help with insomnia, nausea, pain, stress, and insomnia. It’ll also boost your appetite and make you feel happy and sleepy.

As such, this is an ideal strain for relaxing during the evening and settling down to watch movies or listen to music. It’ll also give you a deep, relaxing sleep. Expect the effects to come on hard and fast. You can find Death Bubba online, starting at $27.

Romulan (AAAAA)

Romulan is a super strong indica strain that’s especially popular across Canada. When you smoke Romulan, expect a deep body high, putting you in a relaxing dream-like state. Romulan is also said to have some sativa qualities, so you may experience a burst in creativity and some a more psychoactive high.

The strain is also heralded as a medicinal strain. It’s particularly useful for reducing stress, anxiety, nerve damage, muscle strains, and chronic pain. It can make your mind and body feel entirely relaxed, giving you couch-lock and a pleasurable feeling throughout.

With THC levels of 20-24%, this is a potent strain that’s perfect for night time. If you need a strain to chill with or a good medical marijuana strain, then buy Romulan.

CBD Medi Haze (AAAAA)

If you like to smoke weed for medical reasons, then CBD Medi Haze is a top quality pick. This is an 80:20 sativa to indica strain that’s infused with rich CBD. It’s potent, enjoyable, and great for your health.

The high THC content means you’ll feel focused and energetic, allowing you to take on productive tasks and socialize. Meanwhile, it has just as much CBD, making it perfect for pain, inflammation, stress, and muscle aches and spasms.

In addition to a spicy and minty taste, this is a fantastic medicinal strain for anybody. Whether you want to get high or alleviate health problems, you can get potent AAAAA quality CBD Medi Haze here.

Hashplant (AAAA)

Hashplant is a strong 90% indica strain that descends from popular strains Afghani and Northern Lights. The result is a strain with a spicy and earthy taste, resinous buds, and intense relaxing effects to help you cool down at night.

Smokers usually feel happy, euphoric, and sleepy. Hashplant is also likely to give you the munchies, so have snacks at the ready. It’s ideal as a late evening strain to wind down and chill on the couch.

Hash lovers will love this strain for the high amount of sticky resin it produces. It’s also great for smokers, giving you a smooth and relaxing high that’s strong without being too overwhelming.


Chocolope is one of the most unique strains out there. It was created as a cross between Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze, making a rich, flavorful strain with hints of chocolate and coffee. It’s also a strong strain with THC levels of up to 21%.

Thanks to the 95% sativa content and high levels of THC, this is a potent stimulating strain. You’ll experience a burst of creative energy and motivation. In addition to the sweet aroma and taste, it makes for a perfect morning strain to lift you up and make you feel happy and positive.

Chocolope can also help with stress, depression, and anxiety. After the uplifting high, you’ll feel calm and relaxed. This strain a good choice both for new smokers and veterans.


Whether you enjoy indica, sativa or hybrid strains, there’s more than enough varieties to try out. These are some of the most potent strains, giving you the best effects of marijuana in full-force. While they’re best for veteran smokers, beginners can also enjoy all of these strains for their pleasurable highs and medical benefits.

Strains of cannabis aren’t the only option either. For an even more potent high, you can try out a range of Cannabis Concentrates or Marijuana Edibles. All of these are available in our online store for delivery across Canada.

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