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Speed Greens Guide to Marijuana

Speed Greens Guide to Marijuana

Speed Greens Guide to Marijuana

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Anything associated with marijuana was a taboo in the past few years. Currently, most people can openly talk about why they use or like it without the fear of being judged wrongly. Various countries have different laws regulating the use, sale, and purchase of marijuana. Where marijuana is illegal, people use different interesting ways to still consume it. In countries where marijuana is still illegal, do not be surprised to see people hiding a roll or two in socks, caps, and shoes. There are those who smoke it for recreational purposes and can do anything under the sun just to enjoy marijuana. There is something that you definitely love a lot, imagine if it was illegal? That’s what those who love marijuana feel.

Recently, people have developed different approaches to marijuana. Its benefits and effects are openly discussed thus ensuring that people are more informed than before. Marijuana has numerous health benefits so it’s important to learn more about them. You might be suffering a disease that can easily be cured by this drug. They say that knowledge is power so don’t underestimate that statement.

Marijuana is one of the most commonly used drugs worldwide. Maybe it is not a surprise to you because you have seen on social media people posting marijuana-related issues. Most parties especially where young people are involved turn into marijuana smoking zone. You might wonder why people are always excited about smoking in a group. There must be something special that they feel after smoking this marijuana. There is that inexplicable buzz that people get after smoking a joint.

Although marijuana has medical benefits, most people use it for recreational purposes. There are different ways of using the drug; some of them include eating in food products, inhaling it through vapor, smoking, and brewing it. It all depends on what works best or feels great to the user.

What is marijuana?

We might discuss volumes about marijuana but you do not know what exactly it is. Well, marijuana is a product of dried seeds, stems, leaves, and flowery tops of the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa).  People have used this product for many centuries for recreational purposes, oil, fiber, and medical treatment. The main psychoactive ingredient in this drug is delta-9-tetrahydro-cannabidiol (THC). Interestingly, marijuana contains over 120 compounds which have varying properties. Some of the effects of marijuana include relaxation, blood pressure reduction, lightheadedness, and increased appetite.

Marijuana Concentrates:

Concentrates refer to the most interesting parts of a product. The cannabis plant also has some interesting parts that make them more valuable. By removing unwanted materials such as stems, leaves, and stems, the cannabis plant can have different flavors and aromas. Cannabis plants have compounds that can be used to make different products. Such marijuana products have different textures, smell, psychoactive effects, and flavor. A marijuana concentrate is a product that is created by large accumulations of trichomes from cannabis plants. These concentrates are quicker in action and have stronger effects. Let’s have a look at some amazing marijuana concentrates.

Dry Sift:

This is a concentrate that has a long history. It is made by rubbing the harvested parts of the cannabis plant over a screen that is made up of fine mesh. The mesh separates trichomes from plant material. This method has been used for many centuries and it is known to originate from Morocco. Dry sift is highly valued for its therapeutic properties and psychoactive potency.

People who are highly skilled at preparing dry sift ensure that trichomes remain intact. However, negligible plant materials still slip through the screen. The best thing about dry sift is that it still retains the terroir and terpenes of the source material. Most people believe that Moroccan dry sift is the best quality.

CBD Oil:

Cannabinoids in the plant are concentrated for their psychoactive and therapeutic properties. In the last ten years, people’s understanding of cannabidiol (CBD) has increased. There has been increased demand for marijuana concentrates that are rich in this medicinal compound. Concentrates that are rich in CBD have anti-seizure properties. Patients suffering from epilepsy use CBD Oil for treatment. CBD also provides powerful anti-anxiety, anti-pain, and anti-inflammation relief. As a result, concentrates that are rich in CBD have become the most popular globally.


This is yet another concentrate that has a fascinating history. Dabs can be inhaled or flash vaporized from a heated surface. Dabs is also referred to as wax, shatter, honey oil, or butane hash oil (BHO). This extract of marijuana has a high concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol that has incredible psychoactive properties. Dabs is brownish-green and thick. It induces a powerful high within seconds when smoked through a water pipe.

Production of dabs is a dangerous process because butane gas is involved. Butane poured over cannabis plant to extract THC. Heating follows to evaporate the gas thus leaving a thick concentrate. Those who are inexperienced often fumble this process. The gas that is left in the air may lead to unexpected explosions.


This concentrate of marijuana only became popular in the last five years. It is prepared by subjecting cannabis plant to high pressure and heat.  Those who do it on small scale using some parchment papers, a hair straightener, and a bud. However, there are machines that are specially designed for the manufacture of rosin. RosinTech has now spread to several countries globally.

Bubble Hash:

Ice water is used to make this marijuana concentrate. You can easily recognize it from its dark brown color and a crumbly appearance. This product is made by extraction of active ingredients (trichomes) from the cannabis plant. Trichomes resemble tiny hairs packed on the flower buds of cannabis. As the name suggests, bubbles are formed when the concentrate is smoked. The best thing about this extract is that it does not contain residual solvents. However, bubble hash is expensive and is not easy to find. Older users like it because the method of extraction used on cannabis is clean.

Marijuana Strains:

Most people ask about the best marijuana strain that they should try. Well, we all have different bodies so how your body responds to a particular strain is different from another individual. Cannabis plants are different meaning that strains also produce varying effect. As a result, these strains are put into different uses. Do you know that there are hundreds of marijuana strains? Let’s have a look at some of them.

Acapulco Gold:

This strain originated from Mexico. Acapulco Gold is highly praised and popular all over the world. Most users like it for its energizing effects. It is also euphoria-inducing. Its medical uses include the reduction of nausea, pain, stress, and fatigue.

Blue Dream:

Blue Dream is said to be a total sedative. It is quite relaxing and soothing. Blue Dream is good for easing inflammation, cramps, and pain. If you have sleep problems, you can as well try it. Additionally, it gives you a euphoric feeling and lifts your mood.

Purple Kush:

This strain of marijuana makes you feel sleepy, happy, and relaxed. Its medical uses include reduction of muscle spasms and pain. It also has sedating effects meaning that you can use it to reduce sleeplessness.

Granddaddy Purple

This is yet another relaxing strain. Most of those who use it praise it for its effective stress-reducing and insomnia-fighting results. There are those who claim that it increased hunger. The fact that it makes you feel euphoria should not be overlooked. If you lack appetite, you might want to try this strain.

Afghan Kush:

Afghan Kush originates from the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, Hindu Kush Mountains. It is praised for its sleep-inducing and relaxing properties. If you have appetite problems, this strain will make you feel hungry in no time. It also has pain relieving properties.

LA Confidential:

Just like most marijuana strains, LA Confidential has sleep-inducing and relaxing properties. Additionally, it has pain-reducing and anti-inflammatory effects. If you have chronic pain, this could be your favorite strain.

White Widow:

This name is quite interesting; it must be a great strain as well. This strain relaxes you, gives you energy, and improves your mood. Its other effects are the reduction of stress and pain. If you have feelings of depression, it can be helpful.

Benefits of purchasing online:

Although the use of marijuana is less of a taboo nowadays, most people still want to use it secretly. There are those who associate it with negativity so you would better keep the secret to yourself to avoid their judgment. You don’t want everyone to know everything about you and your smoking habits. Buying marijuana online seems like a good deal. Let’s find out why:


If you find it difficult to go to a dealer to get your marijuana, purchasing online should be your best option. There is a lot stigma associated with using marijuana. No one likes being judged wrongly or stigmatized. You surely don’t want your friends seeing you coming out of a place associated with the sale of marijuana. You can simply order from your bed and get it delivered to you within a short time. The only person who will know about the deal is the seller.


You are probably busy going to work or running your business. Instead of wasting your precious time looking for a marijuana dealer, why don’t you do it in just a click of a button?  At times, you may spend a lot of time looking for a dealer only to find that they lack your favorite strain. To avoid such inconveniences, it is recommended that you buy the product online. Search for an online store, check on what they offer and place your order. Doing so will give you time to continue with other productive activities.

Wide Selection:

Most marijuana dealers do not have adequate space to display different products. It becomes quite challenging for buyers to make the right choices. Most buyers end up buying only what they see on display. Online marijuana stores display a wide variety of all their products. Additionally, they include a description of their products which makes it easy for you to make an informed selection. If you buy online, you have enough time to select the best product for you.

Marijuana Legalization in Canada:

Legalization of marijuana in a country is a dream of every user. Currently, there are only two countries in the world that legalized marijuana. The first country was Uruguay while the second one in Canada that is making headlines all over. On October 17, 2018, Justin Trudeau made the official announcement about the legal use of marijuana in Canada for recreational purposes. Most countries only legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes. However, the Cannabis Act of Canada encourages users to keep it away from underage youths.

The federal government is responsible for the Cannabis bill that legalizes marijuana sales to adults, possession of the drug, and home-growing. Details of implementation are now upon provinces to formulate their own regulations. Provinces have a different approach towards marijuana legalization in Canada. There are provinces that are well prepared to deal with the issue while others are not. For instance, Brunswick already has its retail storefront built and ready for use. Provinces are expected to continue preparing systems to control the sale and use of recreational marijuana.

Interesting Things you should know about Marijuana Legalization in Canada

Upon full legalization of marijuana, people are expected to adhere to these rules:

  • Each individual is allowed to possess a maximum of 30 grams of cannabis
  • People can share a maximum of 30 grams of legal cannabis
  • A maximum of four cannabis plants should be planted per household
  • Organic solvents should not be used in the preparation of cannabis products at home
  • The federal government is responsible for licensing of marijuana production
  • The use and purchase of marijuana is only for individuals who are over 19 years old, Provinces have the freedom to raise this age limit

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