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Buy Weed Buds Online: Tips for Beginners

buy weed buds online

Buy Weed Buds Online: Tips for Beginners

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Wondering where you could buy weed buds online, then this article is for you!
We are one of the top online dispensaries with a long history in this field that you can trust when buying weed buds online.

Let’s get started with weed buds.

What is Weed Bud?

Weed buds are known as the flower, or more specifically the inflorescences, of a matured marijuana plant that you grind up and smoke. They contain cannabinoids such as the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabigerol (CBG), Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV). Weed buds go into a process of being dried and cured for smoking.

The female bud contains the very best concentrations of cannabinoids within the plant, especially Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). However, the male buds only have an adequate amount of cannabinoids and are only used to fertilize the female bud using its pollen sacs. To know the quality of buds, its’ aroma and appearance are usually indicators to tell the difference between good and bad.

What are the Parts of a Cannabis Bud?

A cannabis bud has five parts, let’s take a look at them.

• Colas

– are a cluster of buds on a marijuana plant, which may have one or several colas depending on how it was cultivated. Cola grows vertically, often in cone shapes. The biggest cola can be seen at the top of the plant and is called the Apical Bud, and it matures faster than other colas due to the benefits it gets from being exposed more to light.

• Calyxes

– it is made up of many sepals that are small with petal-like structures. It emerges first when a bud forms on a cannabis plant, and it contains and protects the pistils and thus including all desired parts like trichomes.

• Pistils

– can be found in many areas of the cola. It functions as the plant’s reproductive organs, and it attracts pollen from insects or the open air and also is covered with resin. Pistils are seen as those red hairs which are called pistillate hairs or stigmatic hairs

• Trichomes

– are small glands that secrete resin. The resin causes the plant’s flavor profile and altering effects since it contains terpenes and cannabinoids.

• Sugar Leaves

– they are covered with resin but are usually discarded before consumption due to them being sticky. These are typically used for concentrates and hash production.

How to Smoke a Bud

There are numerous ways to enjoy cannabis flowers. These methods are dependent on your preference, the environment you are in, and the given situation that you are currently having. Beginners can also perform these methods.

Smoking a Joint

The most common and easiest way to smoke weed is to smoke a joint. To smoke a joint, you only need a rolling paper and your cannabis flower. Also, you can use a grinder for your cannabis flower, although it is optional to use one. Rolling papers are cheap and are available in almost all convenience stores, making it easy to purchase.

They have different varieties, and the most common ones are made of wood pulp material; also, there are longer sized papers, hemp-based papers, and even packages that provide the joint user with extra paper to create crutches with.

Smoking a Blunt

Smoking a blunt is almost the same as smoking a joint; the only difference is that instead of using rolling papers, you use an empty out cigar wrapper.

With it, you put your cannabis flower and reseal it to make it easier to hold and keep the cannabis flower inside. Similar to the rolling papers used in smoking a joint, blunt wrap (tobacco leaves) are also sold in most convenience stores, allowing blunt making accessible anywhere.


This is the most comfortable and most effortless way of smoking weed. All you have to do is to break apart your cannabis flower, fill it in the bowl and light it up.

Smoking in pipes is ideal for traveling since they are small, compact, and are handheld devices; and also, pipes are practical to use and are a reliable tool for cannabis smokers.

Pipes are common cannabis accessories, check out the high-quality pipes here:


Bong or “waterpipe” is a filtration device that is structurally comprised of a chamber, which is partially filled with water, and a down stem that connects the water chamber and holds a bowl (which contains the cannabis).

The liquid in the water chamber filters the particles from the smoke. The liquid should be set just above the open end of the down stem to properly filter the smoke. The length of the pipe helps in cooling the smoke as you inhale through it.

Where to Buy Weed Buds Online in Canada

We recommend you to buy weed buds online at Speed Greens. Being regarded as one of Canada’s most trusted online marijuana dispensaries and having a long history of producing top-quality marijuana products at a reasonable price, Speed Green is known for its trustworthiness and user-friendly platforms that will leave you satisfied with our services. We, being the top online dispensary, aim to help and give our best to our new and loyal customers. We also answer any inquiries regarding our products and delivery process, which is open to all. We hope you will come and visit our stores and become one of our faithful customers!


At Speed Greens, we offer all types of marijuana products and help you buy weed buds online and any of our other products.
We have discussed what a weed bud is and the different ways of smoking it. With the information present in this article, you are equipped with the knowledge necessary when buying your weed bud for the first time.

Also, we now know that the female plants are usually the ones being used when making and processing different kinds of marijuana products, mainly weed buds. The male plants are only used for fertilizing the female plant.
Found these tips useful? Please share it with your friends and help them choose the best weed buds online.

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