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Online Dispensary Canada: A Must-See Guide For Weed Buyers

Online Dispensary Canada

Online Dispensary Canada: A Must-See Guide For Weed Buyers

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Choosing an online dispensary Canada requires experience and good judgement. Weeds or marijuana is now slowly but steadily becoming in-demand in the markets. After its legalization in various countries like in Canada, many people are now starting to see the potential of cannabis, especially its medical properties. And for some, it is also an excellent opportunity to begin their search for the best online dispensary Canada.

But what exactly is an online dispensary? When did it start and how is it able to become the one-stop-shop of many weed buyers who wanted nothing but the most affordable and quality-wise weed for their needs?

Online Dispensary Canada: Your Source of Quality Cannabis

Although the legalization of using marijuana for both recreational and medical purposes was just approved a few years back, marijuana dispensaries have existed for quite a long time now. The first unofficial marijuana dispensaries were traced back in 1970 at Amsterdam in the form of coffee shops where people can smoke weed.

In the year 1992, America seems to notice the demands of marijuana due to its potency in countering several diseases. In that year, the first dispensary in the US called San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club was formally formed even though weed was not yet legalized in that period. The state of Washington followed the said trend as they even created regulatory policies for the dispensaries that are also formed in the said state.

Fast forward today, weed dispensaries are now considered a legit source of every weed product and variety you need. They are run commonly either privately or by the state/provincial government themselves or people have the permission to have their weed garden. These dispensaries look like your usual market shop that offers a wide range of cannabis products.

Thanks to the legalization laws like the Cannabis Act in Canada, which was a recent amendment that took effect last October 2019, buyers can not just purchase marijuana oils and flowers but also edibles and concentrates and other cannabis-based products.
Since most commodities can now be purchased through the internet, online dispensaries in Canada are now also increasing in number to ensure that they can continue to provide their service in the most convenient way.

How Can You Purchase from An Online Dispensary Canada?

Purchasing at an online dispensary in Canada is quite simple. Upon visiting any of their sites, a confirmation window will usually pop-up first to confirm whether your age is 18 and above. From then on, you browse at their vast catalogue of marijuana products with each having their image, product descriptions, as well as prices. After placing the product you want to buy in your cart, you can decide to check out. The transaction process requires you to provide your name, delivery address, and contact number. Payments are commonly made via online or electronic means like mobile banking.

If, by chance, you wanted to visit a dispensary in person, be sure to bring your valid ID all the time to present. A medical dispensary will also require you to bring a prescription from your doctor that shows how the dose of the weed you should only take.

What Can You Buy From Dispensaries?

The inventories of dispensaries are extensive and vary upon browsing at their site. You can always find the most accessible products like flowers and buds, with each, having their indication of the amount of their THC and other essential compounds and chemicals. Besides these, you can also purchase products that are infused with weed essence like oils, edibles, cookies, medicines, beverages, tea bags, and the most popular product today, vape pens. There also products like topical creams and balms that are now being offered, which is bent towards the medicinal properties of cannabis.

Can They Help You Pick The Best Weed?

Dispensaries are famous for having their own “Budtenders” who are the go-to individuals when you need some information and recommendation regarding the products you need. Budtenders offer advice and suggestions so that you can pick the best weed or products from their large pool of weed-based commodities.

As for the online, product reviews from their customers can aid you in selecting nothing but the best and high-grade cannabis product that you can enjoy whatever your purpose might be in purchasing one.

Best Online Dispensary Canada

We at Speed Greens guarantee that whenever you need a trusted and quality online dispensary, you can always bet your bucks on us. Our product choice is not only large but top tier since we practice quality assurance on them before posting on our site and ready for purchase. Our years of experience in the weed industry have given us enough insight and knowledge as to how we can extend the best possible service for our valued customers. But we only provide the best cannabis product; we also offer them to you at the most affordable price plus tons of deals and discounts that you can avail in our dispensary, which can do your shopping here at Speed Greens awesome!

Among our services includes fast and discreet shipping with our odor-proof packaging to keep your products safe and sound. You can also gain points whenever you buy any of our products that you can use to purchase your next edibles or oils. We even have complimentary free 3.5-gram weeds for your first order. Best of all, you can also get a 20% discount on your first purchase just by using our coupon code NEW20. What more can you ask for? Here at Speed Greens, your weed is only one click away.


An online dispensary Canada has the potential to keep on growing, knowing that the majority of the people are now seeing marijuana not as an addictive drug but as an effective alternative medicine as well as a safe and staple companion during a recreational session. As always, buy only from dispensaries who are proven legitimate and have a good record of providing the best and safest weed product. Be sure to always check their customer reviews and study their entire process during your purchase.


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