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5 Homemade Pipe Recipes

Homemade Pipe Recipes

5 Homemade Pipe Recipes

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A lot of smokers choose to reach for the pipe over a joint or a blunt. Rolling is hard and you can’t fit a whole lot of weed in a little joint. We’re not saying that pipes are better, but they definitely offer some significant advantages in the marijuana game.

The biggest drawback of pipes is that you don’t always have one handy. Maybe you forgot it at home. Maybe it was too much of a risk to have it in your pocket or your car. We’re not judging, but we empathize with the pain of not having a pipe nearby.

Luckily, they’re not that hard to make. With a few household items and determination, you can take a big inhale from a DIY pipe.

This is just a short list; really, if you’ve got a big enough dream, you can make a pipe out of anything.

Two Terms To Know Before You Build a Pipe

You’re going to see these terms frequently, so get to know them and how they make a pipe a pipe.

Stem: When building a pipe, you’ll need a place to place your weed and direct the smoke into the body of the pipe. This can be created with a small tube or a little bowl with holes in the bottom. We call the tube shape a “stem.” Just remember that this piece of your pipe needs to be open so the smoke can move and eventually be inhaled.

Carb: Have you ever wondered what that little hole next to the bowl in your piece is called? It’s a carb. The carb isn’t required to create a pipe, but it does make the whole process a bit smoother. When you first light your weed, keep the carb hole covered. Smoke will collect in the body of the pipe. Once you let go and inhale, the carb pushes the smoke into your lungs. When you’re creating your pipe, think about making a little hole that your finger can cover to create an effective carb.

Five Homemade Pipe Recipes

Five Homemade Pipe Recipes

Ready to get started? Let’s go.

Toilet Roll Pipe

This is one of the easiest pipes to make. The mouthpiece and the carb are already made! All you need to do is make your bowl.

Here’s how you do it. (Pay attention; this type of bowl is found in a lot of other homemade pipes.)

Grab some tinfoil and place it over and into the hole to create a little bowl. Poke fine holes in the tinfoil; you don’t want your weed falling through these holes. Make sure the tinfoil is securely covering the bowl; you might want to crinkle the edges a bit to hold it in place.

And that’s it! (You might need an extra hand to cover up your carb or hold the pipe in place.)

Pen Pipe

Just need one hit? This is another super easy pipe to make. Just make sure you can unscrew both the top and the bottom of the pen you choose.

  1. Unscrew the top of the pen and remove all of the ink.
  2. Wave a lighter around the top of the pen so it starts to melt down. This will help your bowl stay in place.
  3. Make your bowl with the cone that you just unscrewed from the top. Flip it upside down and then place it into the top of your slightly melted pen. Use your lighter to melt the two parts down.
  4. Place your weed in the bowl and use the bottom of the pen as your mouthpiece!

Fruit Pipe

Fruit Pipe

Grabbing an apple to make a pipe is a classic stoner move. We’ve all been there. Plus, the softness of the fruit makes it easier to create a carb and a bowl than say, plastic or harder materials. (Fruits that are too soft, like bananas, won’t work. Don’t try and make a banana pipe. Gross. Apples and pineapples work the best.)

Here’s how to make it.

  1. Grab your fruit and poke a hole from one end into the middle. This is your carb.
  2. Scoop out a little bit on the top of the fruit. (If you’re using a pineapple, you’ll have to chop off the top. If you’re using an apple, remove the stem.) Poke another hole until you meet the hole you made in Step 1.
  3. Cover the area that you scooped out with a piece of tinfoil. Poke small holes in the tinfoil. Make sure you can fit your weed in this area; if not, you might need to scoop a little more out of the top.
  4. Place your weed in the little bowl and light up!

Tic-Tac Pipe

We told you, you can probably make a pipe out anything. We love this Tic-Tac idea because it’s versatile and it fits in your pocket.

If you have tinfoil to make a little bowl, you can just use the opening as a bowl and poke two little holes for a mouthpiece and a carb. Easy!

If you don’t have tinfoil, you can also make a little Tic-Tac bong. Use the opening as a mouthpiece and poke a larger hole in the side. Find a stem where you’ll place your weed that you can pop in the hole. (Maybe your pen pipe?) Remove the stem after you’ve lit your weed and you’re ready to inhale!

Lego Pipe

Lego Pipe

Dig up your old Legos to create an epic and silly pipe. There’s no “recipe” for this one because it just requires some creativity and the right holes. A simple hollow tower with a carb on one side, a mouthpiece on the other, and a tinfoil bowl on top will work. If you have a stem, you can also pop one on the side and use the top as a mouthpiece. Have fun with this one!

These are fun, but they’re just a few options. Burning plastic and inhaling from pens isn’t exactly the healthiest way to smoke, so don’t get in the habit of using these pipes every time you light up. After all, Canada has legalized cannabis and you can grab pipes online.

Share your favorite DIY pipes in the comments!

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