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Curing Marijuana Buds: How To Do It The Proper Way

curing marijuana buds

Curing Marijuana Buds: How To Do It The Proper Way

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Curing marijuana buds can be tricky, with this short guide you can be a pro!
There are various ways on how to preserve the best quality of cannabis buds, but the common one is through curing. Curing marijuana buds is a process used by ancient people.

What is a marijuana bud?

A marijuana bud refers to the part of the female plant, which is covered by trichome. The bud is the portion of the cannabis plant which is for smoking. It is usually used for curing.
People in ancient times, including older people, did the curing process to lessen the water potential of the plant and, most importantly, to preserve the quality of the plant.

Parts of the Cannabis Plant

It’s essential to know what are the parts of a cannabis plant when you’re curing. Let’s familiarize the different parts of a cannabis plant.

Male or female

Do you know that cannabis plants can be male or female? In case you didn’t know, you can classify cannabis from male or female, or it can even be both.

Female Cannabis Plant

Female has trimmed round or pointed buds with large resin-secreting flowers.

Male Cannabis Plant

The male plant manufactures a small pollen sac.

Hermaphroditic plants

Hermaphroditic means bisexual plants, wherein it has both male and female reproductive systems, and it is scarce. This kind of plant can pollinate itself.


Cola is the site of the female plant where buds grow tightly together You can also refer to cola as the “bud site” of the female plant. Apical bud is the main cola and is the area where the smaller colas are located.

Stigma and pistil

The pistil is the plant’s female sex organ. In the pistil, you can find a hair-like strand, which is called the stigma which works as the collector of the pollen coming from the male plant.

Bract and calyx

Bract covers the female organ of the plants, which appears as a teardrop-shaped or similar to a leaf that produces high cannabis concentration. The calyx is a part of large cola and the base of the cannabis flower. In other words, bulbs have the composition of the calyx.


Trichome is the crystal resin found in the cannabis bud; the trichome serves to protect the buds against the predator.

Curing marijuana buds

What does curing mean? Cannabis curing is the last step in cultivation, and this process occurs after the cannabis will adequately dry up. Some do the curing to preserve the cannabis for an extended period. Curing can improve cannabis’s potency, taste, and quality. Curing marijuana buds has lots of benefits; these advantages include:

 Division of chlorophyll
 Eliminates odors
 The buds are less harsh
 Lessen unwanted bacteria
 Increased level of potency

These are the things why curing is essential.

Proper procedure of curing

Do you want to do do the curing process yet you don’t know how to do it properly? We have outlined the curing steps for you to understand the process. In just simple steps, you can preserve your marijuana.

Step 1: Hanging

Inside a dark room, hang your trimmed marijuana upside down. After a week or two, make sure that your marijuana stem will easily break when it is bent, and the outer portion of the flower should be slightly crisp.

Step 2: Sweating

After hanging the marijuana buds, you will need to remove the bud from the large stem.

Step 3: Place in the container

After removing from the branches, look for a jar with a wide-mouth and is quart-size. If you can’t find, you may use any ceramic, wood, metal, or plastic jars which are available. After looking for a container, fill the box with cannabis flowers without crushing the marijuana buds.

Step 4: Storage

Seal the container, and store it in a dry, cold, and dark space. On day one, you will observe the changes in the outer portion of your marijuana buds, and it is not as crunchy and dry as it is before.

Step 5: Let the buds breathe

These are the things you need to do in the first week of storage

Let the flowers breathe by opening the jars several times per day. Through this process you allow the moisture of the bud to get out. When you open the container and if there is an odor of ammonia, it indicates that it is not yet adequately dried up. After that, you only need to open the container once every few days. Your cannabis bud can last for 2 to 3 weeks of storing inside the box, but if you want to improve it, you can extend the curing up to 4 to 8 weeks. Curing marijuana buds will be successful if you follow the correct procedure.

Factors that affect the curing process

There are factors that you need to avoid while you are curing marijuana buds. These factors might ruin the entire process.

Light exposure

When you are curing, you must avoid light exposure. Have you noticed that the containers are in the darkroom? It is to prevent the box from the light’s vulnerability because it can lead to the degradation of THC and terpenes if exposed.


Aside from light, heat is one of the factors of degradation of THC and terpenes. If your buds are exposed to heat, it will lessen the bud’s potency. The recommended temperature for curing is around 21°C.

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Curing marijuana buds can improve their quality. Despite the long process, it can give you the condition that you are looking for in a cannabis product. For you to have a complete curing process, you need is to follow the proper procedure and avoid the factors that can destroy the marijuana buds. We are sure that this article is helpful to you, please share it with your friends!

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