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Warmer Weather: 10 Weeds In Ottawa to Buy this Spring

Warmer Weather: 10 Weeds In Ottawa to Buy this Spring

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Warm weather during Spring can be uncomfortable. People who are not used to the hot and humid weather might encounter difficulty in going out and can even experience heat stroke. What more if you need to smoke medical marijuana in Ottawa? 

Smoking weeds in Ottawa during the warm and humid weather is like inviting more heat into your space. This is very problematic if you are planning to smoke cannabis in Ottawa inside a closed and compact space. We highly recommend smoking in an open space or with ventilation to avoid heatstroke.

That being said, if you need Ottawa marijuana for medical or recreational purposes, you should definitely make it more enjoyable for you. If you are already feeling hot, why not add happiness, relaxation, and euphoria to the mix?!

We listed 10 weeds in Ottawa you need to buy from a licensed weeds dispensary in Ottawa in this warm Spring weather. 

Rockstar Indica Strain (AA+)

The Rockstar Indica strain is rich in cannabinoids which fight various health problems such as chronic pain, muscle spasm, tremors, and inflammations. It is also ideal for improving appetite.

When you smoke Rockstar Indica strain, you will experience intense euphoria and make you feel more relaxed and calm. It provides an excellent head high making you happy and elated. For the body high, you will feel relaxed but energized and motivated.

These weeds in Ottawa are highly potent and popular for both recreational and medical purposes.

London Pound Cake (AAAA)

London Pound Cake strain is typically used to help deal with depression, fatigue, mood swings, and stress, and to calm down people with ADD/ADHD. When you smoke this weed strain, you will feel more calm and centered. Your mind and body will be relaxed and uplifted without making you feel sleepy. Also, it can greatly help quiet down those racing and negative thoughts in your head.

These weeds in Ottawa strain are ideal for people who need motivation, focus, and energy but have a lot of things to do and finish. 

Weeds Ottawa stacked in jars. Speed Greens

Laughing Gas (AAAA)

Laughing Gas strain offers excellent body and head highs making them ideal for many health problems. It can help ease headaches, nausea, arthritis, inflammation, and acute pain. Laughing Gas can also help with chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, and mood swings. 

When you smoke these weeds in Ottawa, you will feel your energy is getting replenished. You are more cheerful, happier, and friendlier than usual. If you want to feel good and sociable, Laughing Gas strain is perfect for you.

Blue Dream AA+

Blue Dream strain will make you feel energized and help you get through your day. It is ideal for people with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, inflammation, headaches, stress, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, and bipolar disorder. When you smoke these weeds in Ottawa, you will have no problems focusing on your work while improving your mood, greatly. You will also become more sociable and talkative.

This hybrid strain should be taken in the morning and not in the evening when you need to sleep.

Purple Nuken (AAA)

Purple Nuken strain is ideal for people with anxiety, appetite loss, depression, chronic pain (such as arthritis and neuropathic pain), insomnia, inflammation, and stress. When you light up these weeds in Ottawa, you will become more sociable, talkative, and friendly. If you are going to the party but don’t feel comfortable talking and meeting new people, we highly recommend smoking Purple Nuken before leaving your home. 

It also has a relaxing and calming effect making it easier for you to dance, mingle, and enjoy the party.

Sour Diesel Haze (AAAA)

Sour Diesel Haze strain is ideal for treating pain, inflammation, headaches, arthritis, and chronic pains caused by nerve damage. It is also helpful in relieving anxiety, depression, fatigue, mood swings, and ADD/ADHD.

When you smoke these weeds in Ottawa, you will feel energized, focused, and creative. It is ideal to consume in the morning because you will have a hard time sleeping if consumed at night. 

Sour Diesel Haze strain is also great for parties. Smoke it before going to the party and you will be calmer, sociable, and friendly. If you find it hard to meet new people, this hybrid cannabis strain is for you.

Hand holding weeds Ottawa out of a jar. Speed Greens

Harlequin (AA) 

Harlequin Sativa strain is commonly used as a pain reliever. It works amazingly well with easing headaches, arthritis, nerve damage, and inflammation. These weeds in Ottawa also have amazing psychoactive effects making them ideal for people experiencing anxiety, depression, and stress.

If you are looking for a cannabis strain to boost your creativity and focus, the Harlequin Sativa strain is the perfect one for you. You will feel more refreshed, creative, and focused making it easier to finish your tasks and work. Just make sure you have snacks near you because you might need them!

Purple Lightning (AA+)

If you are feeling down and unmotivated, you can smoke Purple Lightning strain and feel more at ease and content. These weeds in Ottawa strain are popular for their physical and psychoactive effects. They are highly effective in treating anxiety, depression, headaches, inflammation, stress, mood swings, and fatigue.

When smoked, Purple Lightning will boost your energy and make you feel happy and relaxed. However, after a few minutes, you might experience the strong urge to lie down or stay on your couch and pass out. 

Don’t consume Purple Lightning if you need to do something such as working, driving, cooking, etc.

Super Lemon Haze Trim (AAAA)

Super Lemon Haze strain is perfect for relieving fatigue, headaches, nausea, chronic pain, stress, migraines, depression, and appetite loss. When you smoke these weeds in Ottawa strain, you will feel energized, relaxed, and more sociable. 

Because these are just trims, the effects are not as intense as the buds. You can still be your normal self just with an added boost of energy, relaxed, creative, and focused.

Bubba Diesel (AA+)

Bubba Diesel strain has the perfect combination of Sativa and Indica. Because of the 50:50 ratio, the body and head high you will feel is balanced. They are ideal for dealing with arthritis, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. 

Weeds ottawa in a jar. Speed Greens

The best part of these weeds in Ottawa strain is the feeling you get when you smoke Bubba Diesel. You will feel light-headed, energized, confident, sociable, friendlier, and relaxed making it easier for you to meet new people. 

Consume Bubba Diesel before going to your long-awaited Spring parties and you will surely have fun.

When purchasing your weeds in Ottawa, we highly recommend ordering them from a licensed weed dispensary Ottawa. Cannabis consumption for both medical and recreational purposes might be legal in Canada but there are various regulations and laws for each city. You need to familiarize yourself with these regulations to avoid any penalties and/or law enforcement.

Choose a legitimate and reputable Ottawa weed dispensary like Speed Greens to buy weed online, products, accessories, and more to get your Spring started!

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