Purple Nuken (AAA) – Indica Dominant Hybrid

Grade: AAA
EFFECTS: Cerebral, Energizing, Euphoria, Giggly, Sociable, Uplifting
HELPS WITH: Anxiety, Appetite Loss, Chronic Pain, Depression, Inflammation, Stress

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Indica dominant hybrid strains take over your senses

Live life in the fast lane. Get excited as this indica dominant hybrid gives you pleasure when you need it most! It’s the perfect bud for any cannabis hybrid lover looking for a fast headrush and a settling body high. A high so fast you can call it speed weed. Don’t wait, shop now!



Discover the benefits of this indica dominant hybrid

Purple Nuken offers medicinal qualities to ease your aches and pains

Purple Nuken works on your body to provide medicinal relief from your physical and mental conditions. Use this fantastic indica hybrid strain against temporary and chronic ailments. That could range from headaches and inflammation to arthritis and neuropathic pain. Because you feel more carefree, you can ease symptoms of anxiety and depression. You’ll feel more in touch with your body as you eliminate appetite loss and bouts of insomnia. The comforting sensations you feel are exactly what Purple Nuken achieves. Don’t shy away from the relief your body deserves. The high THC level comforts your most stubborn conditions!


This indica dominant hybrid strain has a euphoric effect

Give your body a large dose of feel-good sensations; you won’t regret it!

Purple Nuken AAA lifts your senses into another plain. The high THC concentration sends your mind into a frenzy. You’ll notice that cerebral reaction will cause you to be giggly, creative, and friendly. Striking up a conversation would be easy as you get more comfortable in your skin. The uplifting sensations will cause you to be giggly, laughing at any little thing. As the high settles, you’ll get a relaxing and euphoric experience that spreads through all your limbs. The tingling sensation you feel will ease you for the rest of your high. The indica dominant hybrid is no joke. Grab something good to eat and find somewhere nice to settle; you won’t leave that spot for a while!


This indica dominant hybrid strain might have just what you need

Get to know more about Purple Nuken and see what it’s about!

Purple Nuken is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain with a ratio of 60:40 indica to sativa that crosses the classic Purple Kush and Nuken. This strain has an extremely high THC average of 21-25%. You’ll notice that it has a complex flavour and aroma. When lit, it has herbal and earthy tones, with spicy characteristics. The longer you smoke, the more intense those smells become! It is a super dense spade-shaped nugget with bright neon green with purple undertones. You’ll find amber hairs and a coating of crystal-like trichomes. If you’re looking for quick relief, Purple Nuken might just be your best bet. Fill your mind with giddy sensations and erase negative thoughts! For your choice of speed weed, choose Speed Greens!

5 reviews for Purple Nuken (AAA) – Indica Dominant Hybrid

4.4 Rating
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  1. Another really good aaa looks and effects are there

  2. Good, very tight buds. Almost too tight. dense veg

  3. Smooth and easy on the throat. I found the stone very relaxing and a who cares type of buzz.
    Thanks to SpeedGreens for their prompt and excellent service as always.

  4. very underrated strain. reminds me of the stuff i used to smoke back in the day

  5. Potent smoke , good flavour , would buy again

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