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Rolling the Perfect Joint

Rolling the Perfect Joint

Rolling the Perfect Joint

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So picture this. You just opened your package from Speed Greens and have some high-quality, tasty bud just waiting to be smoked. You’ve been looking forward to a nice joint all day, and the time has finally arrived to kick back and relax.

There’s only one problem.

You don’t know how to roll a joint.

Or maybe, you’ve tried your hand at rolling joints before, but your more experienced stoner friends had to take over. It’s a bit embarrassing, but don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

The team at Speed Greens is here to help. We’ve gathered our collective knowledge (and experience of collectively rolling over, maybe, a million joints) to give you all the tips for rolling the perfect joint.

What You Need to Roll A Perfect Joint

Rolling Papers

Rolling papers distinguish a joint from all of the other smoking mechanisms. If you have a bowl, a set of blunt wraps, or a bong…well, this isn’t the blog post for you.

Do yourself a favour and get some proper rolling papers, will you? This isn’t grade school anymore. Pages of the Bible or your math homework are not as easy to roll and not as delicious to smoke. Let’s be adults her. Rolling papers aren’t hard to find.


Filters aren’t necessary, but we’re talking about rolling the perfect joint here. Filters keep the weed out of your mouth and the flame away from your lips. No one wants to spit out little pieces of weed when they’re smoking.


Obviously. A gram should be enough.

A Grinder

You don’t stuff a fat nugget into a joint. If you want a tight, slow-burning joint, you’ll need to grind up your weed first.

A Pencil, Pen, or a Chopstick

Just trust us. Any of these instruments work.

A Piece of Notebook Paper, Folded Into a V

Again, this isn’t necessary, but we want to roll a perfect joint. Part of rolling a perfect joint is making sure that no bit of bud goes unsmoked. You’ll use this guy to funnel your weed into your joint. Without it, you’ll be picking up, dropping, and making a mess of your bud.

Have everything you need? We’ll wait.

How to Roll A Perfect Joint

How to Roll A Perfect Joint

1. Prepare Your Filter

Start to fold your filter in a zigzag so the long side becomes shorter. Leave a little bit of paper left to wrap around your zigzag-shaped filter. The paper should be tight (it’s going to fit snugly in the end your joint) but not too tight.

2. Prepare Your Joint

Put your filter aside and don’t destroy it in the next few minutes. It’s time to roll your joint.

Rolling a joint is actually pretty easy if you’ve got a pencil or a pen lying around. All you need to do is wrap the long side of the paper around the pencil and start rolling. Once you only have a little bit of paper left, give the paper a gentle lick and seal your joint’s shape. (Leave a little bit at the end open so you can add your filter.)

3. Add Your Filter

So far, so good, right? Now it’s time to put your pieces together. Gently put your filter at the end of your joint. Once it’s snug and secure, lick the last corner of your rolling paper and seal it. You should have a tight-but-not-too-tight filter on one side of your joint and and open end on the other side.

That open end is where the weed goes, but you probably knew that already.

4. Prepare Your Weed

Here’s the fun part!

Grab your grinder and get your weed down to fine little pieces. The finer your weed, the more you can pack into your joint. Finer weed also takes longer to burn, so you can enjoy your joint for a longer period of time.

(Don’t have a grinder? There are a few ways to grind weed without a grinder. But take it from us…just buy a grinder.)

Once you’ve grinded up your weed, place it on top of your paper, in the little fold. This will make it easier to slide your weed into the open end of your joint.

5. Pack Your Weed

Carefully slide your weed into the open end of your joint. It should fill up before you get all of your bud in your joint, but don’t worry. Enlist the help of your trusty pencil again and start to gently pack your weed tight in your joint. (This is also a good time to whip out your chopstick; it’s usually a bit smaller than a pencil.)

Once you’ve packed your weed in tight, you should have more room to add the rest of your bud.

Don’t fill your weed up to the tippy-top of your joint…you’ll need some room to twist the end of it.

If you got too excited and ground up a whole lot of weed that can’t fit in one joint… it looks like you’ll have to practice your joint-rolling skills again.

Pack Your Weed to a perfect joint

6. Twist It Off

You’re almost done! Look at how nice and pretty that little joint looks. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. All you have to do now is give your joint a little twist at the end and you’re ready to go!

We’re so proud of you. For your efforts, you deserve a nice, fat hit of your joint. Enjoy!

Too Much Work?

Does the idea of rolling a joint still sound exhausting? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Speed Greens also sells pre-rolled joints that you can get shipped right to your house. Each joint contains a gram of our high-quality bud and an environmentally-friendly filter tip. No rolling, no twisting, no folding. Just a nice package of joints that you can bring to parties or just enjoy during a night in.

Grab pre-rolled joints, bud, grinders, and everything else you need right on our website. Happy smoking!

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