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Everything You Need To Know About Shatter Weed vs Live Resin

Cannabis concentrate live resin and shatter weed on a dabbing tool

Everything You Need To Know About Shatter Weed vs Live Resin

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As time passes, more types of cannabis are making their way to physical and online dispensaries. A popular form is cannabis concentrates or “live resin”. This is a relatively new cannabis concentrate introduced to the cannabis community as a type of BHO or butane hash oil, that is similar to shatter weed.

If trying live resin vs shatter interests you in the near future, we’ll cover everything you need to know. Including information on how to use live resin and/ or shatter weed, and which one is the best choice. Let’s start!

What is the Difference Between Live Resin vs Shatter Weed

Live resin vs shatter weed, what is the difference? And which one should you go for?

When it comes to popularity, shatter weed wins because of its fragility and glassy appearance. It has a very low terpene content, so if your goal is to feel more energetic, shatter weed is your best option. 

Meanwhile, live resin is very pungent, especially when compared to shatter weed. It is more potent than shatter weed, even if shatter weed contains higher THC percentages.

If you are looking for therapeutic benefits, then live resin is ideal. It has a calming effect that will improve your mood and make you feel better. Generally, live resin is more potent than shatter, and it could help you with pain and sleep. one is better for you. 

What is Shatter Weed

Shatter weed is a type of concentrate that comes from the cannabis plant. It’s an amber-color concentrate made through BHO hydrocarbon extraction that resembles glass and can “shatter” into multiple pieces. This is the origin of its name. 

Instead of using flash-frozen cannabis, shatter weed uses dried and cured cannabis during the manufacturing process. As a result, you may expect to some extent that its flavor and terpenes, and even the beneficial compounds slightly degrade.  

Cannabis oil concentrate aka shatter weed. Speed Greens

Shatter weed is made using a process called hydrocarbon extraction. By using butane as a solvent, it removes all desirable compounds from the marijuana while the plant submerges in it. The remaining butane will then evaporate over low heat, resulting in a golden amber butane hash oil. 

It is also important to know that shatter weed has an excellent high potency, sometimes hitting 80% cannabinoid content, guaranteeing a high that lasts. 

What is Live Resin

Live resin is a cannabis concentrate that is made from live cannabis plants, setting it apart from the majority of other concentrates. It contains a high concentration of terpenes that helps in preserving the plant’s original aroma and flavor. Similar to shatter, the process includes butane as a solvent. 

Live resin is made from the flower buds of still-living plants. Instead of drying and curing the weed, the buds are flash-frozen at harvest and kept frozen throughout the manufacturing process. This removes the beneficial compounds of the plant but of all the other types of cannabis concentrates, the live resin contains the most terpene and cannabinoids.

One of the most popular methods to use a live resin is through dabbing using a dab rig or a dab straw.  Start by taking a small amount of the cannabis concentrate using a stick-like tool. 

When you have the cannabis concentrate of your choice at the tip of the dabber, you may heat up the nail of the dab rig using a torch. Wait until the nail turns bright red to ensure it is hot enough. Twirl the dabber until the live resin vaporizes. Inhale as deeply as possible so it can enter your system and get the full effects. 

Because it can be rather intense, we recommend starting with little dabs.

How to Use Live Resin and Shatter Weed

There are two ways how to smoke shatter. Whether you’re using a dab rig or not, you can enjoy the experience of smoking shatter weed. Using an oil rig for shatter weed is the most popular. It is a glass pipe that looks like a bong, containing a vertical chamber. It comes with a mouthpiece and a hole where you insert a small glass-made or metal nail. 

Once the nail becomes red, use a metal dabber to scoop a small amount of shatter. Dab it onto the nail, resulting in the oil combusting and a thick plume of smoke that the user would inhale through the rig. 

For each dab, you’ll find additional oil on your nail which you may use for heating the nail using a torch until you finish the remaining shatter weed. Alternatively, you can keep waiting until the goop clogs your rig.

If you don’t have a rig, you can simply fill a bowl with shatter weed, then add a few drops of dab on it. Fill the remainder of the pipe with flower and spark. This alternative way of using shatter weed prevents an open flame and also prevents the THC from burning. 

It is also possible to smoke shatter weed in a pipe, bong, and vape. 

Cannabis concentrate live resin in a jar with a glass carb cap. Speed greens

Live Resin vs Shatter Weed: Which Should You Choose

If you prefer a tasty and full-blown experience, live resin is the best option for you. Live resin uses frozen cannabis flower chosen during harvest so you can find that its active compounds are well-preserved. The flavor is also at its best. Because of the meticulous procedure, live resin is normally more expensive than shatter weed. 

Cannabis concentrates, an alternative to smoking, have helped people all over the world by providing relief from PTSD, anxiety disorders, insomnia, and many more. It acts fast and is also easy to consume. Shatter and live resin both have their strengths and weaknesses. Always keep your personal preference and needs in mind when choosing.

Where to Buy Live Resin and Shatter Weed

Now that you know the difference between live resin vs shatter weed, how do you make sure that you’re getting your cannabis concentrates from a reliable online dispensary? Shatter weed and live resin in Canada are getting more popular, so you need an online dispensary you can rely on. 

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