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Buy Real Weed Online: Where To Buy

buy real weed online

Buy Real Weed Online: Where To Buy

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With many new dispensaries, it is hard to find and buy real weed online. Worry no more! This short guide will help you.

Real weed is now available online. Ranging from the oldest to the newest type of weed, they now available online in the most affordable prices.

What are the real weed products available?

The cannabis plant is all good when grown with the most delicate and careful hands. The healthiest cannabis plant indeed will provide you with the best results. Not only that, extraction of this plant can also be done. It can be used in many ways, benefiting not only those who are fond of using it for recreation but even more than ever, in the medical world where it is making a name for itself, and where its effect is most advantageous. With that, the following are the real weed products available to buy;


As the name implies, this product got its name from the seed-bearing part of the plant. Commonly known as marijuana, this flower is a bud that when fertilized, opens and produces a fruit with seeds in it. The flower is part of the cannabis plant that you can smoke and has gone through a series of process of cultivation, drying and curing, which also happens to bear the highest concentration of THC. Its unceasing popularity is due to the versatility of its consumption; you can smoke it using a pipe or a bong, or roll it into a joint or blunt.


It is precisely what it sounds like. You can eat this kind of product with just the same effect as when it is consumed otherwise. The variety of confectionary creations comes with a THC concentration of five (5) to ten milligrams (10mg) per serving. The advances of cannabis culinary arts enable you to find a wide range of selection, from baked goods, brownie mixes, beverages, and cooking oil, to treats such as CBD mints and THC gummies. Although this will take you an average of an hour or two to hit you, the effect lasts longer than when it is smoked.


The reason for the name of this product is because of the process it has undergone in keeping only the most desirable plant compounds that has effects. It has higher THC concentration than most products because the THC is separated from the plant using a solvent such as CO2, alcohol, butane, or ethanol. THC is used to make shatter, wax, tinctures, or oil. Budder, another weed product, is also from butane extraction with more stable consistency and has a yellow hue and crumbly texture.


Achieved through an extensive refinement process to separate compound from cannabis plant matter, distillates are a runny and luminous oil without the presence of waxes or any undesirable compounds from the original plant. It can be consumed as a dab, vaporized, can be mixed as an ingredient in edibles, topicals, and other products which made it desirable because of its potency and versatility.


Named after its fragility, this type of cannabis extract is brittle, and glasslike, with a tendency to break any time. Preferably handled by dabbing, this requires long and delicate purging cycles to remove all the solvents properly during the manufacturing process. While it is well-known to have high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), many producers gamble for a variety of products with a high level of cannabidiol (CBD). The purpose of the CBD type is to primarily target consumers who want the medicinal and therapeutic benefits without the risk of THC intoxication.


The hash or hashish, despite not being separated using a solvent, is technically a concentrate. It is one of the oldest forms of marijuana with flowers traditionally shaken over the silkscreen, producing resin drop to the bottom from the plant glands. With the screen as its filter, it creates the “kief” or the powdery substance to be pressed into a block to generate the hash.

How to buy real weed online in Canada?

Since it is 100% legal to buy weed in Canada, buying it online would be no problem! With these three easy steps, the weed that you desire will be in your grasps in no time!

First, open your browser (google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.) and type on the search bar and wait for it to load to enter their website.

Second, once you see the green visuals of the website, you can scroll to choose the product you want from a flower, shatter, budder edibles, distillates, CBD, to hash.

Third, fill out the information needed to buy the product such as your address, your bank information, and contact number to help them deliver you what you ordered.

Now, all you do is wait, and they will deliver it to you the fastest and most efficient way possible!

Where to buy real weed online in Canada?

Authentic weed is genuinely a problematic thing to look for, especially during these confusing times. But worry not! We, at Speed Greens, Canada’s premier online marijuana dispensary, brings you the best quality and affordable cannabis for Canadians! With 45 years of combined experience, we passionately dedicate ourselves to bring you tested quality products, lets you experience first-hand the work of our most professional cannabis growers, and go above and beyond for our customer’s security.

Worry not for your information, because we, at Speed Greens, will not only delete your data to avoid hacking but guarantee you a secure delivery with Canada Post Xpresspost along with discreet packaging. You may be purchasing a flower, a shatter, a budder, some edibles, distillates or CBD, and it matters not, we care about our customers’ happiness and well-being whatever it is you need. Visit us now at and buy your favorite real weed products.


The joy of purchasing real weed online in Canada, where it is legal, is only in effect when it is brought with the best services and high-quality products. With the utmost priority in security, working with professionals, and laboratory-tested products, it can only be experienced when choosing the best online store for weed. To buy real weed online, you must also be guided within the bounds of the laws of your country and with the assistance of a trusted producer that is expected to meet the expectations of customers.

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    It’s like the wild west out here with online dispensaries. I’ve known so many people who have been burned, so I always recommend Speed Greens. Never lost a single package, always exactly what I ordered, always arrives fast. Not to mention, the website lends some credibility, I’ve never regretted my decision to order from Speed Greens.

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    Speed Greens is awesome and I highly suggest it when purchasing cannabis products online!

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    I have looked at other on-line dispensaries but I always go with Speed Greens. The prices are always competitive and I have yet to buy a strain I did not enjoy. The variety of products they have is amazing.

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    With so many different types of weed at Speed Greens, choosing is the hard part.

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