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Strain Review: Violator OG

Violator kush aaaa 4 min

Strain Review: Violator OG

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Weed is stereotypically a drug to calm you down. Have enough of it and you’ll start to feel like you’ve melted into wherever you’re sitting. “Couch lock” isn’t everyone’s favorite effect of marijuana, but when you’re looking for it, we’ve got the strain for you. 

Violator OG (also known as Violator Kush) is the king of couch-lock strains. This 80/20 indica dominant hybrid is the perfect way to wind down. We don’t recommend whipping this guy out at a party or before a big night out – once you smoke some of this guy, you’re not going to leave the room. 

Effects of Violator OG 

Violator Kush starts out like any other strain.

Once you start to inhale, things feel pretty good. Your eyelids start to sag, but your mouth starts moving at a mile an hour. All of a sudden, you’re the chatterbox of the party. But your social stamina won’t last long if you keep smoking. Within an hour, you lose your ability to form sentences. Focus just melts away. And then the couch-lock hits. 

Keep a bag of chips nearby. We mean within arm’s reach. You’re not going to want to get up after you’ve smoked or dabbed a bit of Violator Kush, but you will want to eat. A lot. 

This is a great strain for the end of the night. But for a wake-and-bake? Stick with a sativa. (Don’t worry. We have some suggestions.) 

Medical Uses of Violator OG 

Violator OG is a strong strain – think up to 23% THC strong. In addition to a high level of THC, this strain also boasts a CBD level that reaches 2%. CBD has a wide range of medical benefits for people experiencing different types of pain. Users in the past have found success using Violator Kush to treat:

  • PMS symptoms
  • General pain 
  • Joint pain
  • Nausea 
  • Loss of appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety and depression 

Violator OG can be a savior on nights of tossing and turning overstress or discomfort. 

Smell and Taste of Violator OG

Did you order some Violator OG online? Prepare to get hit with a dank, dense smell when you open up your package. Violator Kush, like its parent strain Hindu Kush, has an earthy and pungent flavor. You’ll get your money’s worth, alright. 

Violator Kush also has a spicy smell and taste that goes well with herbal tea.

(Tea? Violator Kush? Why not both at the same time? Read our guide on how to make cannabis tea.

Where Can I Buy Violator OG? 

Violator kush aaaa 2 min
Violator kush aaaa 2 min

Violator OG isn’t just a popular bud – you can also buy concentrated versions of Violator Kush that absolutely knock your socks off. 

But let’s start with the bud. It’s available in some dispensaries around Canada, but your best bet will be to find this guy online. Speed Greens sells AAAA Violator Kush and delivers it to your doorstep without any problems. We offer discreet packaging and free shipping on orders over $149.00. If this is your first purchase with Speed Greens, you can use the code NEW10 for a 10% discount. 

The AAAA rating means that this is the best cannabis you can find. This truly is a top-shelf product. It’s got the prettiest crystals, the dankest smell, and the true essence of what Violator Kush is all about. 

Want something even stronger? You have two options for getting the concentrate version of Violator Kush. 

One of these options is the Violator Kush Sugar Wax Budder. Budder is a more waxy substance that you can dab, vape, or even add to your blunts. Concentrates can reach 80% THC or even higher – so take it slow when trying out your budder. 

You can also try out Violator Kush Shatter from Everest Extracts. Like budder, this stuff is intense. Tread carefully with shatter – it has that name for a reason. A little bit of shatter on your dab rig or in a joint will send you soaring (without leaving the couch.) Try 2oz of this guy with three other Everest Extracts shatters with our Mix and Match option.

Violator Kush is also available in our Quadzilla Combo Pack – try out 7g of this strain alongside seven other top-shelf varieties. 

Alternatives to Violator OG 

In the combo packs and mix and match options, you will see a lot of different AAAA indicas. If you’re new to the world of indicas, or cannabis in general, we recommend trying out a few strains and finding out which one gives you the high you’re looking for. 

Lindsay OG is an indica with similar effects to Violator OG. They also share a parent strain (Hindu Kush.) Enjoy the couch lock from this dank AAAA strain. 

Superstar is a good strain if you are looking to transition from the world of sativas and hybrids to a more indica-dominant strain. This 70/30 indica gives users a nice balance of focus and couch lock. Think Violator OG lite – if you still want to form coherent sentences at the end of the night, try this guy. 

Testimonials From Customers About Violator OG

Here’s what our customers had to say about the AAAA Violator OG and Violator Kush concentrates that they got from Speed Greens:

“Just crazy, this thing was coated in crystals.. Got floored from a pinner, worth every penny.”

“Nice great smelling dense buds!”

“Oh boy does this stuff dank, much more than expected of a concentrate. But with great dank, comes great product, 10/10. Comparable to less of a concentrate high and more of a stoner high.”

“This is a great nighttime strain as it definitely relaxes you after a hard day’s work. The stress melts away and you’ll have no trouble getting to sleep.”

“First use I was so high I couldn’t open my eyes! Great taste. Knocks you out the first couple times.”

“This is top row of the top shelf!” 

That’s what we’re talking about.

Don’t forget to leave us a review after you’ve tried our top-row, top-shelf Violator Kush. Happy smoking from the team at SpeedGreens!

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  • Natasha Stanley

    I’ve had the violator shatter before and it put me right to bed, but it’s nice to know that it helps treat PMS symptoms.

    July 13, 2019 at 5:38 am
  • TerpX

    I’m a big fan of Violator Kush, not sure if this is the same strain but if it is it’ll have that classic sweet earthy kush nose with a versatile high. Speed Greens is boss for bring world class cannabis to my door!

    July 11, 2019 at 9:31 pm

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