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Strain Review: Snow White

Snow White Strain

Strain Review: Snow White

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Marijuana isn’t always considered a party drug, especially when the marijuana is an indica or indica-dominant hybrid. You might smoke before bed, to perk yourself up before a day of work, or when you want to bang out a creative project. Couch lock and other side effects just don’t mix with socializing and hanging out with friends. 

This can be tough for users who don’t like to drink or do hard drugs at parties. There has to be something you can enjoy to get the party started and alleviate the awkwardness of parties. 

Well, you’re in luck. Out of the few strains that do mix well with social events and parties, we like Snow White the best. 

This indica (you read that right, Snow White is an indica) is a great option to whip out at parties. It will relax everyone who’s smoking in your circle without gluing them down to the couch or making them paranoid. This is one of our top-shelf strains at Speed Greens. Read more about Snow White and whether it’s the best choice for your next social gathering. 

Origins of Snow White 

Why is Snow White so popular? It has its parents to thank. Snow White comes from White Widow and Northern Lights strains. Both are indica or indica dominant strains that offer relief to many different users without a high risk of severe couch-lock or negative effects. 

Origins of Snow White Strain

Effects of Snow White 

This is a great strain for everyone at a party to try. It is on the stronger side, so make sure you let everyone know to take it easy. After a few puffs, everyone in the circle will start giggling. Snow White takes away anxiety and nerves – even someone who doesn’t always feel like a social butterfly can join in on the conversation. 

This guy is an indica, so you will start to feel a physical buzz from Snow White. Luckily, this guy isn’t too intense. No one will be locked to the couch unless they’ve had way too much of this strain. 

The buzz from Snow White is top-notch. Users may experience dizziness or dry mouth and eyes. Keep a drink nearby and don’t inhale more than usual. Snow White may reach up to 24% THC and overdoing it with this strain will increase the risk of typical adverse effects. 

Medical Uses of Snow White 

Snow White can clearly be used to treat symptoms of anxiety and depression, but what else can it provide users? Users often pick Snow White to relieve stomach issues and bouts with nausea. It’s a popular pick among cancer patients who experience nausea and chronic pain due to chemotherapy. This strain is also known to stimulate appetite – whether you’re at a party or you just want to feel less nauseous, keep your snacks nearby when smoking Snow White. 

Smell and Taste of Snow White

Snow White has a dank, earthy smell that will make you feel like you’ve gone camping. If you’ve got a real good nose, you’ll also detect a bit of citrus in the odour. There is also a burst of sweetness in the taste that reminds many users of its parent strain, Northern Lights. 

Where Can I Buy Snow White Strain

Where Can I Buy Snow White? 

While it’s easy to find Snow White’s parent strains at your local dispensary, Snow White is a little harder to find. 

If you are looking for Snow White in a local shop, you’re most likely to find Snow White seeds. This is a popular strain to grow – it produces dense, heavy nuggets with beautiful orange and brown hairs alongside a high quantity of crystals. 

But if you want to buy the bud itself, your best bet is to look online for dispensaries that can deliver this party strain right to your door.

At Speed Greens, we only sell AAAA Snow White. It’s the best version of this strain that you can buy! You can buy it individually or grab it in a combo pack. Buy 28 grams of four different AAAA strains and experiment with top-shelf strains for a fraction of the price. Order now, and within a few days, you’ll have this high-quality strain delivered with discreet packaging (and maybe a little something extra.)

Alternatives to Snow White

If you haven’t tried Snow White’s parent strains yet, we highly recommend them. Northern Lights and White Widow are both on our “100 Strains to Try Before You Die” list. They’re also very popular strains that are easier to find both online and in dispensaries throughout Canada.

We also recommend Watermelon. (Many users know it as Watermelon Kush.) This is another indica that takes the effect of Snow White to another level. After a big wave of euphoria and chattiness washes over you, your entire body will feel relaxed and you’ll spend the rest of the night with a smile on your face.  

Alternatives to Snow White Strain

Testimonials From Customers About Snow White

What do Speed Greens customers have to say about Snow White? Take a look. 

“I got this as a free gift and I’m SO happy I did. I’ve been wanting to try this stain since I heard about it a couple months ago. The smell is sweet and pungent and nugs are covered in THC. Will definitely pick this up in the near future!”

“This came as a gift from Speed Greens, and I have to say I was definitely not disappointed. I plan on getting more in time.”

“Great strain for a first order! Great taste and good indica buzz.”

“Wow just got this and it doesn’t disappoint, what a nice clean smoke with great taste, got a sample of Pink Kush with my order.”

“I’ve never tried this strain before but it’s something you need to get while it’s still around. Earthy and sweet at the same time, tastes very nice too. The buzz on this is really something!”

Oh yeah, you read right. Free samples. We like to give out some Snow White (or whatever strain we have lying around) to all of our new customers to welcome them to the Speed Greens family. Every new customer gets 3.5 grams free on their first order. Spend over $299 and you also get 3.5 grams of marijuana for free. Try out some Snow White and a new exciting strain with these deals. 

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    Love both NL and WW strains so this one has to be a winner,. Speed Greens does it again!

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