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Growing Marijuana: Canada Cannabis Laws in 2022

Growing Marijuana: Canada Cannabis Laws in 2022

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It’s been over four years since Canada legalized the sale, possession, and growth of cannabis. Since the passage of the initial Cannabis Act, Canada has refined and clarified its laws on cannabis, edibles, and other cannabis products. 

So where does this leave growing marijuana for personal consumption? 

We’ve outlined everything you need to know about Canada’s laws around growing marijuana in 2022. While cannabis laws are subject to change, the guidelines on growing your own marijuana are likely to stay the same throughout 2022. Know how much and how to grow marijuana before you start buying seeds and planting your own stash. 

Why Grow Your Own Cannabis?

It’s easy to walk into a store and buy 30 grams of marijuana with no problems – so why grow your own? For many Canadians, growing and harvesting marijuana is a more fulfilling, easier, or exciting experience than simply picking a strain and buying weed with cash.  

Not All Stores Are Fully Stocked

Cannabis is in high demand. It’s not uncommon for people to head into their local brick-and-mortar store or favourite online dispensary to buy weed online, only to see that their strain of choice is out of stock. 

You can get a good amount of bud from a single plant. You can also store a good amount of bud after your harvest. A home-grown stash of your favourite strain can prevent the disappointment of going to the store and seeing that nothing is in stock. 

It Might Be Cheaper

Humidifiers, lights, and other grow room equipment can be pricey. But so is a pound of weed. To start growing your own marijuana, you just need a few seeds, soil, and a space to grow your plants. In the long run, growing and storing your own bud is worth the investment in grow room equipment and the extra space in your house. 

Growing medical marijuana is an even smarter investment. The price of medical marijuana has spiked dramatically since cannabis was legalized in Canada and the number of users has grown in each province. Growing your own medical marijuana could be crucial to keeping your overall medical costs down and ensure the cannabis you smoke is quality and free of pesticides or additives. 

Hand gently holding rich soil for growing marijuana. SpeedGreens

It’s Fun!

Cannabis connoisseurs appreciate more than just the high they get from marijuana. They appreciate the terpenes, flavours, and the time that goes into growing each nugget of marijuana. Growing your own weed is a great way to build your relationship with your favourite plant (or medicine). And it can be used to make edibles, drinks, or your favourite cannabis products. For many, growing marijuana is just as much of a hobby as it is a way to save money and get high. 

Let’s Talk About Marijuana Laws in Canada

Now that cannabis is legal in Canada, more and more Canucks are growing their own bud. But you can’t just buy a handful of seeds and start growing pounds and pounds of weed. The Cannabis Act lays out specific rules and guidelines for growing marijuana. Grow responsibly and safely for best results. 

Here are a few tips about how to grow marijuana and stay out of trouble, no matter where you live in Canada. 

Tip #1: The Amount of Plants You Can Have Varies By Province. 

Federal laws allow each household to grow four marijuana plants at one time, but provinces and territories have the final say in the matter. If you live in a province where growing marijuana at home is illegal, it’s illegal. End of story. 

Luckily, this rule only applies to two provinces: Manitoba and Quebec. Most provinces and territories simply follow the guidelines set by the Canadian government. 

Find your province to learn about marijuana growing laws and how many plants you can have at once.

Canada map and flag for growing marijuana laws in 2022. SpeedGreens


Legal to grow marijuana for recreational use? Yes 

At what age? 18

How many plants can you grow at one time? Four 

British Columbia

Legal to grow marijuana for recreational use? Yes

At what age? 19

How many plants can you grow at one time? Four

Other rules: 

  • Plants cannot be visible from a public space
  • Can only store 1,000 grams at home at one time


Legal to grow marijuana for recreational use? No

Other rules: 

  • Can grow medical marijuana, but you must have the appropriate license 
  • Must be 19 to obtain medical marijuana license and grow marijuana at home

New Brunswick

Legal to grow marijuana for recreational use? Yes 

At what age? 19

How many plants can you grow at one time? Four 

Other rules: 

  • Growers must separate and lock their cannabis from other rooms in the house, inaccessible to minors
  • If growing outside, growers must keep plants within a locked enclosure that measures 1.52 metres

Shot of a cannabis plants growing in a grow tent during flowering stage. Growing marijuana laws. SpeedGreens.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Legal to grow marijuana for recreational use? Yes 

At what age? 19

How many plants can you grow at one time? Four 

Other rules:

  • Cannabis can only be grown inside
  • Cannabis plants must not be visible from a public place

Northwest Territories

Legal to grow marijuana for recreational use? Yes 

At what age? 19

How many plants can you grow at one time? Four 

Nova Scotia

Legal to grow marijuana for recreational use? Yes 

At what age? 19

How many plants can you grow at one time? Four 


Legal to grow marijuana for recreational use? Yes 

At what age? 19

How many plants can you grow at one time? Four 

Other rules: 

  • Can only store up to 150 grams at home 

Close up cannabis joint and bud on notebook, diary and planner for growing marijuana. SpeedGreens


Legal to grow marijuana for recreational use? Yes 

At what age? 19

How many plants can you grow at one time? Four 

Prince Edward Island

Legal to grow marijuana for recreational use? Yes 

At what age? 19

How many plants can you grow at one time? Four 


Legal to grow marijuana for recreational use? No

How many plants can you grow at one time? None

Other rules: 

  • Can only store up to 150 grams of marijuana at home
  • Must be 21 to purchase or consume marijuana


Legal to grow marijuana for recreational use? Yes 

At what age? 19

How many plants can you grow at one time? Four 

Cannabis seedlings for growing marijuana plants. SpeedGreens


Legal to grow marijuana for recreational use? Yes 

At what age? 19

How many plants can you grow at one time? Four 

Municipalities and other local areas can also set bans on growing marijuana. Check with your local government to see if there are any additional restrictions on growing marijuana at home. 

The Cannabis Act also states that landlords and property owners can legally restrict the production of cannabis. If you live in an apartment complex, check your lease to see whether or not marijuana growth is allowed. 

Tip #2: Be Careful About Where You Use and Grow Marijuana 

Canada’s cannabis laws don’t just regulate how much cannabis you can consume; they also regulate where you can grow and consume cannabis. For the first year that marijuana was legal, the rules about where you could buy seeds posed big obstacles for home growers. 

You can only buy seeds from government-run retailers. Unfortunately, those seeds weren’t in stock for a few months because retailers prioritized dried bud and concentrates. It took until 2019 for seeds to arrive at government-run locations or legal online retailers

When it comes to where you plant those seeds depends on the province. Growers are restricted to growing four plants on the property where they live. You can’t leave your plants at a friend’s house or investment property. Keep your marijuana at your primary residence to avoid confusion and possible tickets or charges. 

If your property also serves as a daycare, you most likely cannot grow there.

Canada and Outdoor Growth 

Most areas of Canada allow outdoor growth, as long as plants are not too close to a school. British Columbia is especially strict about these laws, prohibiting any growth where it can be viewed from a public space. Your front yard is probably not the best place to grow weed in the first place, so move your plants to a more secluded, controlled area where they can’t be found by children, pets, or anyone who shouldn’t be around marijuana. 

Closeup of dried marijuana and handmade joint after growing marijuana. SpeedGreens.

Tip #3: You Can Only Grow Marijuana For Personal Consumption 

If you think you want to grow some weed in your house and make a few extra bucks on the side, think again. 

Once you harvest weed on your property, it’s yours. You can’t sell it, period. Canada strictly prohibits the sale of marijuana unless you have the proper cannabis license and paperwork. People who want to sell marijuana will need to get a license from Health Canada. Growers may also need an additional license from the Canada Revenue Agency. 

These same rules apply to anyone who wants to sell cannabis accessories or cannabis-related services. Just because you decarb your freshly harvested bud and make it into cannabutter doesn’t mean you can set up shop in your kitchen. 

What About “Sharing” Plants and Bud? 

You can’t sell cannabis plants, but you can share them with others. The marijuana plants just can’t flower before you share them. Seedlings and smaller plants without any bud can be given as gifts or loaned to your friend as you head out on vacation. Once you start to see nuggets forming, they’re yours to keep. 

Canada also allows you and your friends to smoke the weed that you grow, just so long as no money exchanges hands before or after you toke. 

How Much Weed Can I Get From Each Cannabis Plant? 

Growing four plants at a time might seem like a rip-off, but not if you know how to properly grow marijuana. Maximum yields for four cannabis plants could reach up to a pound of weed. (Remember, this is over the legal limit that you can have stored at home if you live in British Columbia, Nunavut, or Quebec.) 

Canada originally proposed limits on how high you can grow plants, but those limits never made it into the final version of the Cannabis Act. 

If you don’t adequately light your plants or give them the temperature they need to grow, it’s unlikely that you are going to get a pound of weed. Before you start to germinate marijuana seeds, read up on what you will need to get the most out of your plants. Humidifiers, the right light bulbs, and a proper grow room can make all the difference. 

A jar of cannabis from growing marijuana. SpeedGreens.

Canada’s Guidelines and Tips for Growing Marijuana

In addition to enforceable laws on cannabis, Canada also offers a list of guidelines for the safe and appropriate growth of recreational plants. These guidelines frequently address the type of equipment one should use when growing marijuana. Recklessly experimenting with marijuana plants may result in health problems.


Pests can cause serious damage to your marijuana plants, but pesticides can cause serious damage to you and anyone who consumes your cannabis. “Food-grade” pesticides sound healthy and safe, but they should not be used on marijuana plants. Keep all pesticides off of your marijuana plants. There are alternative strategies for keeping pests from eating all of your weed. 

UV Lights 

Growing marijuana and getting a tan can feel like a win-win, but UV lights do more damage to the skin than you might think. Limit how often you sit under the UV lights attending to your cannabis plants. Use gloves and other protective gear when tending to your marijuana garden. 


Humidity makes a big difference in the yield you get from your marijuana plants. Indoor humidifiers can adjust humidity levels so that your plants are happy. Messing with the air in your home may also have unintended consequences.

Buy a carbon monoxide detector when you buy humidifiers. Read up on any safety guidelines that your specific apartment complex or neighbourhood may have regarding electricity and fire. The more you know about the air around your marijuana (and your family,) the safer you will be.  

Medical Marijuana Growing Law in Canada. SpeedGreens

These Laws May Change

More specific rules and regulations can be found in Canada’s Cannabis Act. 

Cannabis laws have changed since it was legalized in 2018. Additional changes at the federal, provincial, or municipal level are still possible. If you would like to see a change in the way that marijuana possession or sale is handled in Canada, make your voice heard.

Continue to keep yourself educated on marijuana laws to protect yourself and your ability to consume cannabis recreationally

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  • Cofoxl

    Suck you need a medical license in Manitoba hopfully the laws change soon thanks for the information!

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    Great information!

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    I considered myself an educated grower but even I learned more here. Thank you.

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    plant numbers seem arbitrary with the storage limit, having a mom and are clones a plant?

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    Good information; I wouldn’t mind trying to grow some myself but I don’t really have the room or setup. For now, I’ll have to rely on Speed Greens. ;)

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    It’s fun especially when you grow some good stuff and it smokes well you’ll feel good, then start mixing strains cloning and experiment.

    November 8, 2019 at 6:22 am
  • Andrew Fazekas

    So, growing cannabis never occurred to me as something to do. But after reading this I can see some upside to it that I’d never considered. What the article said about specific strains not always being available from retailers is what really caught my eye. Since legalization I have purchased from two online retailers, SpeedGreens and one other, and both sites, despite being major retailers, have been sold out of a cannabis strain that I was intending to re-order. It’s always cool to try new strains, I’ve smoked probably 35-40 different ones in the past year, but when I’m really enjoying one and want to get more it does suck to see it’s not available any more. Unfortunately, personal growing wouldn’t really solve this, it would just make one or two strains of my choosing available once per harvest. Honestly it’s just really not for me anyways, I’d so much rather just buy a bunch. Great info though

    November 7, 2019 at 8:38 am
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    I’m really enjoting growing cannabis and not have to worry about the cops!

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