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Strain Review: Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat2

Strain Review: Dutch Treat

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Sometimes, you don’t want a wild high or a paralyzing couch lock. One of the best parts about consuming cannabis is that you can pick and choose how you want to feel each day. If you just want to take the edge off and have a pleasant smoke without any extreme effects, we got you covered.

We’d like to introduce you to Dutch Treat. If you’ve ever been to Amsterdam, you’ve probably seen (or smelled) someone using this strain to accompany their morning coffee. But this strain wasn’t invented in The Netherlands – it’s a product of Vancouver! It wasn’t long before Dutch Treat crossed the border into the States, and now it’s one of the most popular strains  in the Pacific Northwest.

This is a great “everyday” smoke that is good to keep on hand if you just want to kick off your feet or release some stress. Read on to see if Dutch Treat should be the next strain in your shopping cart.

Effects of Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat3
Dutch Treat3

Dutch Treat won’t knock your socks off immediately. You can smoke a joint while checking your emails or paying the bills. Even strains that are stronger (around 22%) won’t leave you off in a daze.

Dutch Treat is an indica-dominant hybrid, giving you the best of both worlds. Up in your head, you’ll feel pretty chilled out and content. This strain is more likely to make you feel serene than off-the-walls happy, which is just what you need to have a relaxing, productive day.

You’ll get a little bit of a body high from this strain as the effects of the high high wear off, but nothing that glues you to your chair for hours on end. Don’t be nervous about smoking this guy before taking a walk – you can pleasantly go about your day after a joint of two of Dutch Treat.

Veteran smokers who are looking for the next best thing may not be blown away by this strain, but new smokers and casual inhalers will certainly enjoy the uplifting effects without an intense fog that keeps you inside all day.

Medical Uses of Dutch Treat

Patients who suffer from anxiety or depression can get a lot of use out of this strain. It’s also recommended for people with different forms of PTSD. Even if you don’t love smoking cannabis, you can take a few puffs of Dutch Treat and go about your day without any stress or worry.

You can also use Dutch Treat to treat chronic pain and inflammation. Patients with migraines and arthritis have reported getting favorable results with just a few hits of this strain. It’s also used to treat Fibromyalgia. A lot of people use Dutch Treat simply to maintain a stress-free, pain-free way of life.

Smell and Taste of Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat has a really pleasant flavor profile. When you open up your package of Dutch Treat, you’ll be taken on a nice walk through the woods. The scent of pine and eucalyptus is present throughout the strain up until you take your last hit.

The taste reflects the pine and citrusy scents. This is a great strain to show your friend who hasn’t smoked too much – they won’t be overcome with a coughing fit by inhaling Dutch Treat. You won’t be overwhelmed by this strain, but you also won’t need to make extraordinary efforts to cover up the smell of smoking this guy in your backyard.

Where Can I Buy Dutch Treat?

This strain can be found in dispensaries all over the Pacific Northwest, but it’s not as common up in Canada. Fortunately, you can grab Dutch Treat online and have it delivered (discreetly) right to your door!

Dutch Treat AAA
Dutch Treat AAA

We offer two different types of Dutch Treat: AA and AAA. There isn’t a huge difference between these two classifications – you’ll save $3 if you decide to go with 3.5 grams of AA instead of AAA. Either way, you’ll get an easy, happy high that reduces pain and stress throughout the body and mind.

Want to try out Dutch Treat against some of our other AAA strains, like Gorilla Glue #4 or Pink Kush? Mix and Match your favorite AAA strains online. Pick four different strains and get seven grams of each. You’ll be a cannabis connoisseur in no time!

Alternatives to Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat is a direct descendant of Northern Lights, another popular strain. Northern Lights is an indica that is a great alternative when you’re ready to hit the hay. Many users pick up this strain for the same reason that they pick up Dutch Treat: it can treat stress, anxiety, and chronic pain.

Want to stick with a hybrid? Try out Pink Kush. This strain still offers a nice relaxed high without knocking you off your feet. One big difference between Pink Kush and Dutch Treat is that users typically get a big hit of the munchies after smoking Pink Kush. If you suffer from chronic pain and also want to encourage an appetite, try this strain out. (You can pop it into the Mix and Match set that we offer online!)

If you are a veteran smoker who is looking for similar effects, but a heavier hit, try Ghost Train Haze. This is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a citrus and fresh flavour reminiscent of Dutch Treat. Ghost Train Haze strains can reach up to 26% THC, so a few puffs will bring your mood up and keep you focused for the rest of the day.


Want to offer your friend an easy transition to weed? Try out Dutch Treat. Need a strain that you can keep close by just to take the edge off? Try out Dutch Treat. We love this strain for everyday maintenance and a nice way to kick off your feet after a long day of work. This strain won’t hit you like a train, but sometimes, you don’t want that anyway. Give Dutch Treat a try for yourself by ordering some online today!

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