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Strain Review: Alien OG

Alien OG Review

Strain Review: Alien OG

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Alien OG is a hybrid strain that crosses Tahoe OG with Alien Kush. The result is a hard-hitting strain with a lemon and pine taste and an extremely potent high. Alien OG can reach THC levels of up to 28%, making it one of the most potent cannabis strains available. Beginner users would do well to avoid this one, but users who want an intense high will love it.

You don’t need to smoke too much of this strain to feel the effects. You’ll be hit instantly with a cerebral rush and relaxing body effects that will mellow you out fast. It’s best used in the evening as its indica side can leave you locked to the couch.

Alien OG is also a good medical marijuana strain if you need something strong and effective for issues like pain and stress. So what exactly are the effects, how can it help you, how does it taste, and where can you buy it? Here’s our strain review of Alien OG.

Effects of Alien OG

Alien OG is a cross between the balanced-hybrid strain Tahoe OG and indica strain Alien Kush. It gives you a good balance of both sativa and indica effects, although many users will tell you it’s more in favor of indica due to the heavy THC effects.

The high THC levels in Alien OG make it a very sedating strain. A few puffs of this can instantly leave you feeling incredibly physically relaxed and euphoric. It’s a nice, all-over body buzz that might make it hard for you to get up off the couch.

But while it will give you an intense body high, it also has some fun cerebral effects. You’ll feel a burst in happiness and creativity thanks to its sativa genetics. It’s a fun strain for laying back and watching TV shows or movies.

Overall, it’s a powerful strain that’s incredibly relaxing while also stimulating your mind. You should also keep some snacks around- the munchies will hit you hard when you smoke Alien OG.

Medical Uses of Alien OG

Medical Uses of Alien OG

While Alien OG might make for the perfect recreational chill-out strain, it’s also a very worthwhile medical strain. It’s particularly beneficial for those who need super strong effects. If weaker strains aren’t cutting it for your symptoms of chronic pain, Alien OG is a good bet.

The potent body buzz that Alien OG gives you is perfect for taking away all kinds of pain and inflammation. You’ll feel physically relaxed and tingly all over, making it helpful for all kinds of chronic pain, aches, and strains.

Its mentally uplifting effects also make it useful for those trying to deal with anxiety and depression. It will help boost your mood and clear your mind of negativity. However, keep in mind it won’t give you much motivation to get out of the house or even off the couch for that matter.

Alien OG can also help with headaches and insomnia. It’ll make you happy and euphoric, clearing out all kinds of physical and mental stress and making it easy to relax and sleep.

Smell and Taste of Alien OG

Many users also love Alien OG for its taste and smell. It has a fairly unique aroma, with hints of citrus and pine. It isn’t the most pungent marijuana strain, but the scent is very enjoyable without being too overpowering.

The taste is similarly enjoyable. It’s a nice, smooth strain to smoke. You can also vape Alien OG to really savor the flavor. Overall, most users are unlikely to have any complaints with the smell and taste of this hybrid strain.

Where Can I Buy Alien OG?

Marijuana is now legal across Canada. Many citizens will be able to find local weed stores with a wide selection of strains. While Alien OG isn’t the biggest strain out there, it’s still a favorite for many and you’ll likely be able to find it at many marijuana stores.

However, to make things even easier, you can also buy Alien OG online. SpeedGreens offers premium-quality, AAAA grade Alien OG. Every order is sent out safely and discreetly so you can get top-notch weed to your doorstep with no hassle whatsoever.

Ordering online is becoming a popular method for many weed lovers. You can often find better prices and even get customer rewards. With many cities and towns still lacking weed stores, it’s also much more convenient to order online for delivery.

Where Can I Buy Alien OG

Alternative Strains to Alien OG

Alien OG is a strain that can suit many users, both for recreational and medical purposes. However, if it isn’t the right choice for you, there are still plenty of other options. Here are a few alternative strains to Alien OG to check out.

OG Kush is an extremely popular hybrid strain and a grandfather to Alien OG. It’s known for its spicy, earthy aroma and strong effects. OG Kush will melt away all kinds of stress with its euphoric and mellow high. If you need another well-balanced hybrid, this is a top pick.

Krazy Glue is another hybrid strain with great effects. It’ll give you a burst of energy and creativity and slowly lead you into relaxation and bliss. It’s also good for medical use- especially if you need something that will treat pain and inflammation.

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies takes the classic GSC strain to the next level. It’s a former Cannabis Cup winner thanks to the spectacular balanced hybrid effects. It’ll make you feel happy and talkative while also giving you a soothing body buzz.


Alien OG is a great pick for those who want something powerful. It’ll give you one of the most intense body highs thanks to the super high THC levels. Not only is this perfect for chilling out in the evening, but it’ll also help those who need to tackle, pain, stress, and anxiety. It’ll also give you a sharp head high that makes it ideal for enjoying movies, TV shows, and other activities. While beginner users may want something a little weaker, Alien OG is a top choice for those who want to feel the effects of THC in full force.

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