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How to Make Money Being a Dispensary Affiliate

How to Make Money Being a Dispensary Affiliate

How to Make Money Being a Dispensary Affiliate

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You love weed. You love the dispensary where you get your weed. As more dispensaries are popping up throughout Canada, many are choosing to love their customers back by setting up affiliate programs. Customers can make money (weed money, perhaps?) by sharing the love and promoting their favourite dispensary.

How can you get started? It’s easier than you think.

What Are Affiliate Programs?

With an infinite amount of information at our fingertips, the world of marketing and advertising has changed. Consumers don’t need ads to tell them what product they need; they can just search online for the products they want and find brands and other useful information. Businesses have started to use blog posts, online ads, and social media to get the word out about their products.

But one form of advertisement has survived the transition to digital marketing: word of mouth. People trust the opinions of their friends and family. They also trust online influencers – these are vloggers or social media stars who post online about different brands or products that they enjoy. When you tell your friend that you like one brand over another, your opinion has a lot of power.

Brands harness the power of word of mouth through affiliate programs. They encourage people, including influencers or just loyal customers, to spread the word about their product. How? They offer some monetary incentives.

How Marijuana Affiliates Earn Money

How Affiliates Earn Money

Here’s how it works. A customer or an influencer finds affiliate programs online. They may find the program though a brand’s website or through services that connect influencers to brands. The brand and the influencer, soon to be an affiliate, connect. The brand provides the affiliate with a code that they can use to share and promote the brand.

People will start to see the code and see that their friend or favourite blogger enjoys a certain brand. If they are persuaded to buy, they will use that code to make a purchase. Brands keep close track of who uses what codes to make purchases. As a “thank you,” the brand will give the affiliate a commission of the sale. These commissions vary based on the agreement between the brand and the affiliate.

Affiliate program aren’t just for dispensaries. Influencers, bloggers, and loyal customers may share affiliate links that promote a variety of brands and products. If you are an affiliate for a dispensary, you can also be an affiliate for a brand of cosmetics or a company that sells towels.

Where Can You Post Affiliate Links?


If you have a social media profile, you can add it to posts or to your bio. Bloggers can add affiliate links throughout their content. Vloggers tend to post their affiliate links in the description of their videos (just remember to direct viewers to the description so they can start shopping!) If you contribute to forums or discussions about certain products, you can share your link in your comments. (Just be sure to read the rules of the forum first; some don’t allow affiliate links.)

Get creative with your affiliate links!

Tips for Posting Affiliate Links – How to Make The Most Money

Affiliate links don’t automatically make you money. You have to encourage friends and family to click on your link and make a purchase. Use these tips to naturally post affiliate links in the content you share and make the most money from being an affiliate.

  • Tell people what they are clicking on. Next to your affiliate link, write a short post about why you like a specific product or brand and how it can benefit your friends and family.
  • Keep posts relevant. If you are blogging about how much you love your favourite dispensary, add in an affiliate link where appropriate. If you are writing a post about a completely different subject, your link won’t make sense and might be considered “spammy.”
  • Use images if you are blogging or posting about certain products. Images catch the eye faster than words and it gives people a better sense about what they are buying. Bloggers can add links within an image so readers just have to click on the picture and start shopping!
  • Oh yeah, don’t spam your friends and family with your links! They’ll get sick of it quickly. Excessive affiliate links may also send a red flag to Google and social media networks. You don’t want your account to be “shadowbanned” or shut down because you’re trying to make a few dollars as an affiliate.
  • Does your affiliate link look long and clunky? Convert it into a small link using

How to Make The Most Money Being Dispensary Affiliate

About Disclosing Links

As the world of advertising changes, authorities have to change the laws and adapt standards for marketing products. Affiliate links come with rules, especially for high-profile influencers and celebrities. Canadian affiliate programs have to abide by the rules set by Advertising Standards Canada. They say that if you are getting paid to endorse a product, you must disclose this relationship.

These rules aren’t as strict for people who become affiliates through being a loyal customer, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Let your followers and friends know that you are part of the affiliate program, and that at no cost to them, you will make a commission from their purchase. Disclosures don’t have to be formal and long, but they do have to be clear. Even a quick #sponsored or #affiliatelink on your Instagram post should do.

How to Get Started

Interested in becoming an affiliate for your favourite brands? Why wouldn’t you be? It’s time to get started and apply for different affiliate programs.

The process to become an affiliate varies depending on what program you want to join. Individual brands or affiliate networks may want to see where you are going to post affiliate links or require that you have a certain number of social media followers before you sign up. Other affiliate programs may require tax information or bank details.

Many affiliate programs, however, don’t require a large social media following or your bank details. All you have to do is fill out a form with your name and contact information to get started!

Become a Speed Greens Dispensary Affiliate!

At Speed Greens, we know that loyal customers come with social media followings of all shapes and sizes. If you want to share your love of Speed Greens, all you need to do is create a username and send us an email address so we can send you commissions. We don’t charge any sort of fee to sign up either! You can become a Speed Greens affiliate in seconds.

Ready to start spreading the word about Speed Greens and make some money? Fill out our form and start earning!

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