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Using Cannabis Oil for Pain Management

CBD Oil for Pain Management

Using Cannabis Oil for Pain Management

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There are many beautiful things about cannabis plants, but one thing that we especially love is how many ways it can be used. You may want to smoke marijuana or wear a hemp t-shirt; either way, you are enjoying the benefits of cannabis. But one particular use for cannabis oil could change the way that the world addresses symptoms of disease, injury, or chronic conditions.

One of the most popular uses for cannabis oil and CBD oil is pain management. Over six million Canadians reportedly suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain doesn’t just come from one source; from past injuries to fibromyalgia or other chronic conditions, it all effects Canadians in different ways. Luckily, many Canadians have found hope and relief in cannabis oil.

Use this guide to learn the basics of cannabis oil and how you can use it to treat pain management. Now that cannabis is legal throughout Canada, residents have more opportunities than ever to experiment with cannabis oil in pain management and their everyday life.

What is cannabis oil?

Cannabis is a lovely green plant that comes in many varieties. The oil within these plants contain over 100 active ingredients, including cannabidiol (CBD) or delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC.) Remember, THC is the psychoactive ingredient that gets you high. CBD isn’t psychoactive, and many health professionals have found that CBD can treat an assortment of medical conditions and ailments.

The amount of THC or CBD that manufacturers get from cannabis oil will depend on the type of plant they use and where they get the oil from (leaves, flowers, etc.) Many people tend to recommend “hemp-based” CBD oil over “cannabis-based” CBD oil, but it’s important to remember that hemp is part of the cannabis family. If you are concerned about the amount of CBD or THC in the products you are consuming, do some research before you buy. CBD oils generally won’t get you high, although many users claim to feel more relaxed and calm after use.

Using Cannabis Oil

Who can use cannabis oil?

Really, anyone can use cannabis oil for pain management, stress relief, or to treat anxiety.

Studies have shown that cannabinoids have increased pain tolerance or aided pain management for people with the following conditions:

  • Neuropathic pain
  • HIV-related neuropathic pain
  • Pain due to MS-related spams
  • Post-operative pain
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Cancer-related pain
  • Lower urinary tract pain due to MS

Researchers around the world have not always had the access to CBD oil in the past, so many studies still offer unclear results on how the oil can affect other types of pain management. What we do know is that people around the world use CBD oil for many different types of pain management. Users enjoy cannabis oil to treat a variety of conditions, including:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Inflammation
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Erectile dysfunction

Can children use cannabis oil?

Studies provide pretty solid evidence that CBD oil can work wonders treating different types of childhood epilepsy. Children may benefit from CBD oil, but may experienced heightened symptoms of drowsiness or dry mouth after use. Canada law prohibits children from consuming cannabis under the age of 19; talk to a pediatrician about the possibility of obtaining a prescription for your child to use cannabis.

Can dogs use cannabis oil?

Yes, you read that right…and the answer is yes! Many cannabis oil brands offer cannabis oil that pet owners can give to their favorite pooch. Cannabis oil can help to aid in the dog’s digestive process and increase joint mobility.

The entire family can enjoy cannabis oil, no matter what type of pain management they require. Cancer patients and chronic pain sufferers alike can attest to the benefits of CBD oil. It is important to remember that while studies have been done on children and the effects of CBD oil, these have mostly focused on children with epilepsy disorders. CBD oil is safe, but the long-term effects are still relatively unknown.

How to Use Cannabis Oil for Pain Management

Most CBD oil products come in droppers that administer 1 mg of CBD at a time. There is no official serving size for CBD oil yet, so it is important to know how much you are ingesting at a time. Check with the manufacturer for serving sizes and what is most appropriate for your needs. Droppers can be administered orally or directly to the skin. It may take up to an hour for users to feel the relieving or calming effects of CBD oil.

Cannabis Oil for Topical Uses

Consumers can also purchase CBD products as capsules or in edibles that you ingest. However, not everyone who uses CBD oil for pain or relief ingests it. Studies have linked CBD oil to treating scars, rashes, and even acne. Interested consumers can find CBD oil products in balms, lotions, and even a powerful wax. Bath fans can even choose from an assortment of CBD bath bombs that are emerging on the market.

Now that cannabis is legal in Canada, manufacturers have more opportunities to experiment different CBD products on the market. Keep your eyes peeled for new types of CBD products popping up every day.

Do You Need a Medicinal Marijuana Card to Purchase Cannabis Oil?

If you just want to try cannabis oil for general pain management, you can buy it online without a medical card. Now that dried cannabis and CBD oil are legal throughout Canada, you can hop online or into a licensed retailer and take your pick.

Patients who have specific health concerns should talk to their doctor about how to use CBD oil for their specific conditions. Doctors may also start to prescribe CBD oil to patients with chronic pain. Cannabis oil can be pretty pricey for consumers without a prescription and patients may need larger doses in order to treat specific conditions.

Ready to Try Cannabis Oil?

Canada is still adjusting to legal marijuana; this is an exciting time for CBD enthusiasts and the country as a whole. If you have always been curious about trying cannabis oil for pain management, now is a great time to start.

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